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  1. I can vouch for this too - I imported Darius Cozmic Collection (wanted the physical version) and it's brilliant.
  2. Played through the first two investigations (2/3 of the game?) and I'm enjoying this. It's not a full fat XCOM (very little in terms of a strategy layer) but the individual missions scratch the itch and the 'breach' mechanic is great.
  3. Planescape: Torment What can change the nature of a man?
  4. He's great. I have him matched up with RTTF Allan in midfield and they mop up pretty much everything.
  5. I am a long term StS addict so have a free Steam copy up for grabs from the latest Humble Bundle - link below: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=D3YGpvKxcsMAzz4k Enjoy, and post if you claim it!
  6. System Shock 2. Even now, some 20 years after the initial release it still looms large in my consciousness. The experience was so visceral that it has been burned into my brain in some way - to the point that I even have dreams about it from time to time (creeping through the MedSci block with only a wrench for self defence mostly).
  7. I had an email from Nintendo customer service today. They will be sending me the Majora cover plate which I ordered but didn't arrive and I can keep the Triforce cover plate as a gesture of good faith. Hopefully they will be doing the same for anyone else affected by the mix-up.
  8. Cheers, just signed up to the club. Waited for the server issues to be sorted before picking this up and looking forward to getting stuck in now.
  9. Looks great, would love to help out. iPhone 4S, iOS 8.1.1. Cheers.
  10. Well played strawdonkey. My driving wasn't that great but a solid short game saved me. You were very unlucky with some of your putts, 2 or 3 lipped out and you could have a few chip ins too. Looking forward to the next round now!
  11. I've set up the match and sent out an invite. Ready to go whenever you are :-)
  12. We'll played Fuddle, very unlucky with those putts. I got off to a great start (4 under after 3, could have been 5 under with a bit of luck!) and managed to hold it together after that.
  13. I'm fine with that of course but it's a bit rough on my opponent - it would mean that I won the first round match by the grand total of 5 points! (1400 vs 1395) smithstock, do you want to do a sudden death playoff instead?
  14. First round completed (well played smithstock) and I've updated the spreadsheet with the raw scores. After handicap is taken into account it comes out as a tie! Did we decide on what the tiebreaker would be?
  15. I'm going through and adding everyone in the first post, would be great if you could add me back! 3437-3037-3242
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