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  1. Been mulling getting on board for a while but this has pushed me over the edge.


    Evercade + carts 1-16 being delivered today and VS Founders edition pre-ordered.


    Any recommendations for where to start with the games? Any hidden gems?

  2. 10 minutes ago, Wiper said:

    Oh shit, I didn't realise Grindstone was made by Capybara Studios - best known for Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery and Super Time Force, but who should actually be best known for the incredible Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, aka. quietly one of the best single-player puzzle games I've played (and also among the odder spin-off concepts for a series that I can think of).


    What I'm saying is, Grindstone is getting bought.


    Wow, I did not realise that. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is a stone cold classic - they can have my money for Grindstone too!


  3. The 500 item limit is nuts (and annoying). By the time I was approaching the end of ME1 I already had max credits (9999999), omni-gel coming out of my ears and was seemingly giving the stuff away for free to vendors, just to get it out of my inventory....

  4. Well, I loved it. A perfect mix of 4 and 7 and I immediately fired up NG+ as soon as I finished it - always a good sign.


    Currently working my way through a Village of Shadows run; it does ratchet up the difficulty a fair bit but a magnum with unlimited ammo is a pretty nice equalizer.


    The nostalgia of RE1/2/3 means that they are difficult to beat in some ways but this is top quality entertainment. I'd much rather play a tightly focused 10-12 hours game than any of the many 100+ hour open world bloat-fests out there....


  5. OK, so I know I'm not comparing apples with apples (as I'm comparing PS5 with PC) but:


    Pay £70 for Returnal




    Pay £70 for Resident Evil VIII + Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered


    Which of these is the better value proposition?


    £70 might not be too much in terms of inflation but it is too much in terms of what £70 can get you in the marketplace.

  6. On 25/04/2021 at 11:53, bplus said:

    Unfortunately I was trying to play this on the dolphin emulator. Bit glitchy. Think I'll ditch it for now.

    Any other action RPGs with sorta baldurs gate setting worth playing?


    There is a new Dark Alliance game being released in a couple of months but no idea yet whether that will be any good:



  7. 1 hour ago, bplus said:

    Can anyone explain how real time / action style RPG works while using DnD rules? I was gonna try this game out. I find the turn based play on the original to not be my cup of tea!


    You don't really need to know the D&D rules for the Dark Alliance games, they play like any other action RPG. Abilities/Spells are assigned to the buttons and you can mash merrily away!


    If you do know the rules you'll recognise the spells and abilities and know the lore but none of that is essential to getting started.

  8. I would think that £70 takes a game out of the 'impulse buy' zone for most people.


    I have spent that much before on single games but only on Kickstarter projects that I was keen to support (e.g. Battletech, Shenmue III) and where I knew I was paying over the odds to help get the game made.


    I guess we'll find out over the next couple of years if there is a market for a premium price point of £70 but like most, I'll wait until the price drops to a point that I'm happy to pay.

  9. Just now, Stopharage said:

    You know who I feel most sympathy for at the moment? 
    The official tractor partners. They never signed up for this shit.


    Dulux sure as shit didn't know what they were signing up for as Spurs official paint sponsor!

  10. 7 minutes ago, Dudley said:


    My Spurs fan cousin wants them to be last to pull out so he can claim they won the competition.


    Listen, we only need a handful more to quit before we become the inaugural champs :eyebrows:


    What? It's been a long time alright!

  11. 2 minutes ago, Adrock said:


    Comparatively there are plenty of rich clubs in the Premier League, by European standards. Tottenham aren't particularly well supported around the world either.


    I don't disagree with you (lots of very rich clubs in the PL) but year on year, City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs are in the top 10 clubs in the world in terms of revenue worldwide so to suggest that Spurs aren't able to compete *on a financial level* is nonsense.


  12. Agreed. Investment in players has been badly needed for a while now. Whoever comes in has a job on their hands and will need a decent transfer budget.


    I have no great hopes for the weekend but if Ryan Mason were to be in charge when we finally win something (not 'Arry, Poch or Mourinho) then that would be in keeping with the strange times we find ourselves in!

  13. 7 minutes ago, Adrock said:

    Just to state, Tottenham fucking Hot Spur are a part of Europe's "elite"! :lol:


    Absolute joke.


     But that's the thing isn't it - in terms of money Spurs are.


    The fact that the club haven't been able to leverage that advantage into trophies doesn't change the fact that they are (relatively) loaded.

  14. 13 minutes ago, Oh Danny Boy said:

    In the end people will forget and fall in line to supporting their clubs, spending their hard earned money and feeding the greed of those who run the game. The Super League in the grand scheme of football’s exploitation is barely a drop in the ocean. We are about to heading to a World Cup literally built upon the corpses of slaves. Do the general populace care? Do they fuck. People are already cheering their nations on, paying to see the games and looking forward to a tournament that’s responsible for horrendous abuses of the basic human rights. Qatar 2022 is football‘s low.


    This is on the money.


    The Super League proposal stinks but this stinks worse. UEFA and FIFA are corrupt institutions and in no position to lecture anyone on anything.


  15. I grew up close to White Hart Lane and have been a Spurs fan for over 40 years now. Used to work at the ground on match days when I was a teenager. Been to hundreds of matches home and away. Old enough to remember the teams of the (relatively) glorious 80s and persevered through the barren times of late. This is a very sad day.


    If this isn't brinkmanship (and it doesn't appear to be) then this is going to run and run as the legal challenges rack up but when it comes to it, will the Premier League kick out the 'big 6'? I'm not so sure. It would devalue their 'product' and I'm not sure they would take the risk.


    And will FIFA really stop Super League players from appearing in Internationals? Again, I think that's quite a risky strategy. How many of the world's top players won't be at the next World Cup if they did? And not just the European teams either - lots of high profile African and Asian players at the Super League clubs now, not to say Messi, Ronaldo, et al.



  16. I'm 48 and trod a similar route to many in this thread (ZX81 -> Spectrum 48K -> Atari ST -> Consoles). I've never stopped and still play games pretty much every day (currently mid way through a full Yakuza runthrough). I'm an outlier amongst my peers though, none of my friends are gamers - they either never got into it or left it behind at some point. I guess that Gen-X caught the first wave of video gaming and not everyone held the wave.


    I can't imagine a world without gaming; I'm certain that however long I live I will be playing something. One of my fears is that I will lose the ability to play games as part of the aging process - my world would be a much greyer place without video games.


  17. I think the point about diminishing reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination is a good one.


    Like @Unofficial Who I am getting on a bit now (48) and whilst I used to live for the twitch mechanics of the 80s arcade (and I was definitely no slouch back then) my reflexes have definitely dulled over the intervening years.


    I love the Souls games for the purity of their vision (Bloodborne especially) and I still find them accessible now but I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up in 10/15/20 years time? Maybe we just have to accept it as a part of the aging process, our relationship with games will change as we age and not every game is designed with us in mind?


  18. 21 minutes ago, Vemsie said:

    I remember getting the shotgun pretty early by sequence breaking, which is one of my favourite things about it.


    Much later on I got in a tough spot - played on Hard - where I faced a couple of tough opponents with hardly any ammo left. Trying to fight them kept resulting in me getting killed. Managed to escape by dumping my remaining points in stealth options, some sneaking and good timing and then some creative platforming with the makeshift platforms I made with the GLOO gun. Managed to bypass the enemies completely and it felt so good to solve a problem by just experimenting with the stuff I had at my disposal.


    Similarly, I reached the 

      Reveal hidden contents

    fake ending much earlier without using the elevator and using the GLOO gun to reach the shuttle instead.


    Amazing game.




    The payoffs for messing around with the GLOO gun are just outstanding. Level design on another level entirely to most games.

  19. I can't believe I missed out on Prey a few years back. Played through for the first time a few days ago and loved every second of it.


    Massive System Shock vibes - if you like/love the System Shock games like me then this as close as you'll get to a modern update (well, until the remastered System Shock or System Shock 3 roll around, whenever that might be).

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