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  1. Enduro Racer on the Spectrum was top notch.
  2. Daemon X Machina is a very nice freebie. I already have it on Switch - if you like the Armored Core games then you'll like this.
  3. Likewise. My wife has zero interest in games but is always fascinated by the fact that I play Japanese games (with Japanese voiceovers) - I make sure that Yakuza is a laptop only job - no big TV Yakuza for me I justify this to my wife (and myself I guess) by saying 'it's only zombies right?' but Days Gone is a violent game, no doubt about it. Is it any different to watching a horror movie though? It's escapist entertainment - who would really want to be stuck in a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare?
  4. Wordle 215 4/6 Narrows it down a lot when you get down to only one vowel!
  5. Only if you buy the box set. If you buy the base unit on it's own (and any of the add-ons) the shipping is much more reasonable. Counter intuitive but much cheaper to order everything separately. You miss out on some of the extras (tat) in the box set though.
  6. Been trying to get hold of a good quality trackball and/or spinner controller for a while and have come to the conclusion that the only realistic option is to build one myself. This would fit the bill perfectly.
  7. Wordle 214 3/6 I'm 9 for 9 so far with a mix of 3s, 4s and 5s.
  8. First purchase of the year and it's not a new game and it's also one that I have played to death already 1. Capcom vs SNK Card Fighters Clash (Nintendo Switch) Only cost £4.19 with the judicious use of some Nintendo points though and it is one of my all time favourites so it will definitely get plenty of playtime. In terms of the backlog I am working my way through Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch) and Pathfinder: Kingmaker (PC). Early days but going OK so far.
  9. Oh man, this is great news. I'd been hoping for more NGPC games and this is the one. The amount of hours I put into this game is scary (owned both versions, played both to completion). I also remember jumping through multiple hoops to bypass the game breaking bug in the DS sequel (patching the game to fix it). And if there's a physical Switch Volume 2 around the corner then Faselei and Biomotor Unitron must be nailed on surely? Not much chance of Pac-Man sadly (remember the plastic ring to lock the joystick to 4 directions?). I don't have many regrets in terms of selling off old systems/games but I really do miss my Neo Geo Pocket collection. Had pretty much a full set of PAL games and a number of consoles that I sold off for bobbins years back.
  10. There's definitely a common theme here. I played this on PS4 soon after release but like many in this thread I bounced off it pretty quickly. I picked it up again on PC just before Christmas and this time I loved it. Maybe down to it running a bit smoother on PC, maybe because I picked it up on sale (and subconsciously the value/expectation ratio was re-balanced) but also I came prepared this time and ground my way through the early game until it opened up a bit and became more interesting. The characters grew on me as the game went on and the drip fed story cut scenes became something to look forward to rather than dreaded. A reminder that sometimes the problem is you rather than the game perhaps! There are definitely some 'good' games that I haven't got on with - maybe time to re-visit some of them.
  11. I played this on PS4 originally and bounced off it pretty quickly - for very simlar reasons to you. Picked it up on PC and played it throught to completion over Christmas, really enjoyed it. I think it helped that I ignored the 'gotta collect 'em all' aspect and just played through the story without worring about anything else.
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