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  1. Free updates = we ain't finished it yet guv but we have to release it now otherwise there won't be anything at all for the summer.
  2. Wow, I didn't know that. That really sucks. No Metal Slug for me then
  3. OK, this is why I'm still watching.
  4. Fucking Hell. Are they going to desecrate everything I love?
  5. I have no words. I wish the same was true for these guys.
  6. I like D&D, and the Forgotten Realms in particular but that is not the way to sell a game. Put me right off it to be honest.
  7. The Vampire: The Masquerade game that nobody asked for and nobody wants.
  8. I mean, I loved Painkiller, but that was not great.
  9. As soon as I saw the SNK logo I was in. Metal Slug Tactics? Yes p-lease!
  10. Been mulling getting on board for a while but this has pushed me over the edge. Evercade + carts 1-16 being delivered today and VS Founders edition pre-ordered. Any recommendations for where to start with the games? Any hidden gems?
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