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  1. Fieldini

    Nintendo Switch

    It's notable that a lot of the members saying that £20 a year is a negligible amount to pay for an online service haven't been able to stretch to £5 a year to support the forum.
  2. Fieldini

    SNES Mini

    I managed to get a pre-order in with Nintendo directly as well as Smyths. As long as one of those comes through I'm happy to let one go at the original price (£69.99) plus postage (or pickup east lancs)
  3. Fieldini

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    After playing through the trial and enjoying it despite it's quirks I picked this up off Amazon on PC for £17.50 (origin code) https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06XHT8364 Xbox One for £19.99 too.
  4. Fieldini

    SNES Mini

    Managed to get a preorder at smyths. Seems like it keeps popping into stock, worth a refresh or two.
  5. Fieldini

    What are you reading at the moment?

    I read this based on your post, I quite enjoyed after the crash so I was interested to read something else by Bussi. I'm very glad I did! Though I purposely tried not to unravel the twist before it was made obvious and although I had some inklings about what was going on, the reveal when it eventually came was very satisfying. Have to say I figured out what would happen in the end but again it was so good to see if confirmed. So thanks for bringing it to my attention, and to add to your list of things that might help you to work things out -
  6. If there are any codes going for PC then I'd be happy to take one - uplay - fieldini
  7. Fieldini

    Fire Emblem Heroes - swipe away those tears.

    I'm not on iOS but I'm sure it said something about linking with a nintendoid to enable sharing save data.
  8. Fieldini

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Check out a D3-FNC gear set build, allows the SMG with the ballistic shield in 4 piece set. Makes soloing Tier 4 stuff pretty easy. Been playing a lot of solo survival though recently. Was so close to extracting for the first time with the antivirals, had to rush a bit as I was a bit unlucky picking up painkillers and medicine so I was close to dying from infection. Only had blue weapons and it was just too hard to take the hunter down.
  9. 1990 1. goodfellas 2. tremors 3. total recall 1991 1. silence of the lambs 2. terminator 2 3. delicatessen 1992 1. reservoir dogs 2. waynes world 3. hard boiled 1993 1. schindlers list 2. demolition man 3. nightmare before christmas 1994 1. shawshank redemption 2. pulp fiction 3. leon 1995 1. the usual suspects 2. toy story 3. heat 1996 1. fargo 2. the rock 3. matilda 1997 1. the fifth element 2. con air 3. gattaca 1998 1. the big lebowski 2. run lola run 3. blade 1999 1. fight club 2. the mummy 3. the green mile Going off what I have seen above there are one or two movies I need to catch up on.
  10. Fieldini

    The Ultimate Burger

    Yes I understand there are risks involved. But you are just as likely to pick up food poisoning from salad. Washing a salad just doesn't cut it. The advice should be to make sure all salad leaves are cooked thoroughly before serving too! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-36718347
  11. Fieldini

    The Ultimate Burger

    That explains that then. But still you can have a 'properly' cooked burger that can still be soft and juicy. The Ed's on the occasions I have been have been very dry. I've just come back from a long weekend in Cork, I guess the food regulations aren't as demanding in Ireland. Had 3 pretty decent burgers, one at '32 Marlboro', quite a massive choice of burgers to go at. Had a burger loaded with BBQ sauce, cornichons, cheese and crispy onion. Patty was medium. Think the best ones were in a place called 'Son of a Bun' and a couple of doors down from that at 'BBQ Bad Boys'. The latter came pink as default and was great with the home made lemonade they serve. The former will cook to your preference. Had the bleeker black rip off with clonakilty black pudding, pretty good!
  12. Fieldini

    The Ultimate Burger

    The burger's have the potential for being good, just the patty is way overcooked. I watched the guy in the kitchen grill the patties and stack them up on the side of the hot plate before they got stuck into a bun. If I ever went back I'd ask if they could cook one to medium, not sure how cooperative they would be with that though.
  13. Fieldini

    What are you reading at the moment?

    That would be me, I've also recently read 'The Bottoms' and 'Edge of Dark Water' by Joe R. Lansdale. Though they could be said to share some similarities I really enjoyed them both. Glad you enjoyed 'The Thicket' anyway!
  14. Fieldini

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Looks like they are doing the separate order of the gwent decks again for those that bought the expansion pass. http://redeemgwent.com Last time I did this it worked out at £12.80 including delivery and it didn't arrive for ages. May as well buy the full thing and sell on the DLC key really.

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