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  1. Not “now”, it’s always been racist.
  2. it will be a lovely machine, but I wonder how many of the 5000 will be used to their full potential or just be ornaments. there will be people regretting missing it in future, but also people regretting their purchase - just marry the two together.
  3. oh I’m all for people buying games they don’t want
  4. wow, just wow. This is like a cult rather than gaming. I have to hand it to evercade, they are pulling off a blinder. Release a game cart per month, around £15 quid. A load of filler games, perhaps one or two will keep you entertained fir 30 minutes till its put away forever. To put this into perspective, for an extra £5 a month You can get an Xbox series s and game pass ultimate!
  5. this is their business model. they have a group of customers now committed to getting a complete collection too. Again, great marketing.
  6. With this targeting 1440p, does this mean is can support other resolutions for monitors and TVs? how would this play on my Ultra wide monitor?
  7. think of it like Kay’s catalogue from the 80s, just in 2020
  8. amazon would have replaced it within days, with a new console. what happened here?
  9. you wouldn’t see 75% of its pixels
  10. that guy is worse than John Hancock at the moment. did he get a free machine or are they actually paying him to tweet that crap?
  11. remember to rip all your carts to it
  12. Lots of blatant shills on social media with this device now.
  13. it will be hacked eventually, and that's all that matters. it will become the simplest and best way to play the entire PC engine back catalogue in a wonderful mini shell and great controllers.
  14. Completed the series last night - it wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t flow. too many inaccurate statements, too USA focussed, and a bit all over the place. Why waste 3 minutes of watching an esports team faking doing exercise? a missed opportunity
  15. “Mystery house was the first video game that had graphics” riiiiiiiight
  16. ive seen the first episode, and fear that we are about to have the "video game crash".
  17. i guess the Seedi didnt actually come to fruition?
  18. The usual YouTube shills are out in force for this one. it seems ok, it seems like it works. But paying next gen prices to do what a pc has been doing for 12 years seems a bit much. if it were half the price, or 1/3 the price that would be more reasonable.
  19. but at that point it just becomes a pc doesn’t it?
  20. it copies the disc or cart, to an iso file or a rom image that sits on the hard drive of the machine. it can only play roms, it cannot live read from the mask rom like a regular console does. once it’s ripped as an iso or rom, you do not need the original disc or cart to play. you cannot install roms or ISO’s from memory stick, but you can make a burned disc and it will read that and copy it. if a game isn’t in its database of supported roms and ISO’s, it will not play it - even if it’s an original game cart or disc. I think the idea is th
  21. you definitely rip the carts too it cannot not rip them, as it plays roms not actual carts
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