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  1. open it up and reflow the connections?
  2. The original is ok, but it has a lot of pop-up - definitely could have done with more development time. It's so cheap to buy that there is no excuse not to have the original Daytona in a saturn collection.
  3. what are the symptoms of your saturn problem?
  4. ive had terrible trouble with Saturn rgb leads, they are usually the problem with noise / buzzing
  5. A standard mono to mono cable will work , and you don’t have to use tape players these days - phones and iPads will work fine too. rf is rough, I think you can mod the spectrum to give composite fairly easily which will imprive things. does the +2 have rgb / scart out? That’s the best you can get.
  6. I think in many cases it borders on something obsessive, a need and perhaps an illness. i include myself in this.
  7. true, but that 8bitdo WiFi pad takes care of things
  8. i agree, very easy to import - and the white version is great!
  9. you can still save the game though, if the cart originally could even when using a rom
  10. just to confirm, jail-breaking the analogue consoles is as straightforward as it comes, its officially unofficial. Also worth noting, that the latest Jailbreak adds support for loads of assist chips for the SNES, aside from Super FX and that weird one in Street Fighter Alpha. So things like Pilotwings and Megaman run fine from SD
  11. super grafx is a lot of money for 1 or 2 games, both of which are on the pc engine mini
  12. Factor in 25 years to play SOR 2 and you can play part 4 in 2045
  13. yes, all 8bitdo wifi pads are great, the bluetooth ones are crap
  14. we need to make a pact, not to bump this thread until it’s hacked. and yes, it’s worth it without the hack
  15. yes, £220 for a ps4 slim???
  16. that should be the starting point of entry, to weed out the weak.
  17. 50 quid for a mastersystem seems like a bargain!
  18. I know what you mean, I use Segaretro.org you have to look at individual games, rather than a list, but it is comprehensive and accurate.
  19. stupid noob question: Will my digital purchases / games with gold games on my xbox 360 work with series s (as long as they ae on the back compatible list), for example Dirt 3? I just re-download them?
  20. I don’t want to derail this thread, but this is a really poor take. Don’t believe for a second that lazy stereotypes are ok, a joke, and are not “real racism”.
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