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  1. You dont need one, with a mega sg at your disposal. £50 seems to be the going rate
  2. nobody knows but all we know is that all the other devices have jailbreak firmware released so far
  3. please tell me thats gone! i want tactical ones back asap
  4. i narrowly lost to the last human player, and it told me i came 26th! how did that happen?
  5. i love the scanlines on my mega sg, they are perfect on a modern flatscreen tv anyone thinking of getting one should do so now before they sell out
  6. isnt fantasy zone already on the md?
  7. They definitely had lots of ads in magazines, I’ve seen more imported pc engines than I have pal nes consoles in the U.K.!
  8. rainbow islands is fantastic on megadrive. Definitely get it! its ridiculous that it never got a western release
  9. sorry, you are absolutely correct, it wasn't necessary. The Mega SG works out of the box, but you can really tweak it to your own tastes. Perhaps for me, say i dont want scanlines so the RetroUSB AVS doesnt work for me out of the box. perhaps we can both agree that anyone spending so much on the Mega Sg prehaps doesnt mind the setup. Just like anyone who buys a retropi or a MiSTer doesnt mind it - we know what we are getting.
  10. wrong. you are able to change settings with an analogue console to get them to your own personal preference. There is no "just right". For example You may hate scanlines, i love them. It cannot be set up right for both of us right out of the box.
  11. Well whats going to blow your mind, is that the pocket, with its reference quality screen and a battery and TWO FPGA chips also sells at the same price. The Duo is going to be released with a cart port and a cd drive at the same price point too.
  12. Your reply does confuse me. Analogue doesnt create a cart adaptor to play NES games on the Super NT because it would be leaving money on the table. They are a business, and there is a huge market for another FPGA based NES console at the cheaper price of $189. Im pretty sure they will do this in the future. Who cares how easy it would be for them to knock up a cart adapter, we both agree that it would be a poor financial decision. The Analogue consoles use the same FPGA processor. So of course the NES "core" will run on any of their FPGA consoles. They can just run the
  13. that would be a terrible business idea. i assume the thought was there is not a market for a MasterSystem fpga, and there is (clearly) for the nes. if they made an fpga nes out of plastic and sold at $189 I’d buy it instantly.
  14. matter if time Sega cd add on to Mega Sg first, then Neo geo!
  15. stop telling everyone or they will sell out!
  16. The postage gets you a machine delivered across the world within 3 days. The customs charge isnt "unknown", you can calculate it yourself, with a vat calculator. Do you think they make this up? And of course you have to pay VAT when you import things to the UK. I have to pay it from the USA, from Japan, from Andora. Its not a shock. your take on this is laughable.
  17. Absolutely incorrect. The mega SG was available to pre-order for a month after it was first announced. Since it came back in stock, you can buy it for the last 18 months. You can still buy it right now! If you want one, get one. Its $189 plus $35 shipping plus UK VAT. That's its price. I think its a bargain and paid it, if you don't, dont. But dont start moaning when it does go out of stock and you didnt get one, cursing out Analogue Interactive. Same with the Super NT. When it was first available, it was £110 and it DIDNT SELL OUT!
  18. I can’t believe this thread, and I’m supposed to be the negative one around here! analogue products are fantastic. if you want a Mega Sg, buy one. Don’t then complain if they sell out. whatever this new product is, I’m in day one
  19. open it up and check all the wires for the two mods look ok, and are still connected
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