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  1. region free doesn’t mean 50 or 69 hz switching though
  2. you don’t think retro gamers are interested in making games look like they did back in the day?
  3. I mean both mods in one console, works great. plays pal games at 50 or 60, and us/ Japanese games. there are sellers in this forum, and eBay too.
  4. I have a region free Saturn and a 50/60 hz switchless modded Saturn. they are not expensive to buy
  5. short answer - you will not have to pay capital gains tax. long answer, if the item is £6000 or less, no cgt. if the item is mechanical, like a car or arcade cabinet, you don’t have to pay cgt at all, no matter what the price. its the same as selling your car and if you and your wife co-own the item, it’s 12,000 before cgt kicks in note that this is all per individual item.
  6. its not academic, there is a huge difference in purchasing something and pledging via Kickstarter .
  7. Wait what? you can buy them instead of Kickstartering them?
  8. YES YES YES Its not my favorite SOR, but its not quite as bad as reviews suggest. Its in its best form as Bare Knuckle 3 - that's why i have that copy
  9. Well, if you are definitely going to pick up a pal copy of SOR3 then that's fine, but it will change my perception of you as a gamer to a collector - and thats ok. I'm the biggest PAL collector of mega-drive games, and i dont have SOR3. I don't want it. It's broken. And that's ok too. The UK didnt really have much of a games rental market back in the day - especially when compared to the USA. Its just that sega screwed the UK yet again.
  10. no, avoid the PAL SOR 3 at all costs - its not multi-region. The Japanese Bare Knuckle 3 is far better
  11. great to see people enjoying the MegaDrive !
  12. my pal sor2 works fine as bare knuckle at 60hz, and as sor2 at 50hz
  13. sega rally pole position spy hunter please outrun 2 is the dream
  14. both were my picks for the game of the month, glad you enjoyed them!
  15. "demand has outstripped supply" that could mean, 10 people want want, and they haven't actually built any
  16. No evidence, but after the announcement of the cd Duo, I think Analogue would naturally do a CD add on for the Mega SG. Its a prediction. I love the analogue products, as they allow me to play my original games. A CD fpga based add on to the mega SG would be perfect for this. If they don't release one, then the Everdrive Pro looks like a good plan b
  17. no protection, burn away. the idea of burning your own at home I guess wasn’t thought about back then
  18. £170? id be interested if I were not convinced that analogue will release a Mega cd add on next after the duo
  19. how does this work with the Mega Sg? really interested in this (until analogue release the add on)
  20. It’s an odd game now, in the circumstances.
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