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  1. I have one of these also, that’s temperamental on booting. I should have just got a Japanese Saturn in the first place, I do t run that many pal games and usually at 60
  2. it sounds terrible to me, but then all loot boxes do.
  3. ive has so much absolutely wrecked from them doing this never again
  4. Where are people buying the de nano from?
  5. salvo mode is written in the instructions on the lid of the mb board game I still own from the 70s
  6. This will be worse, if possible, that that dara O’Brien utter crap show, with z list celebrities. 8 bit something.
  7. the U.K. always paid customs from Andorra, nothing has changed
  8. so you are not even buying the ip that they don’t own, just the licence to use it ? but the nature of the games, with other trademarks, means you could never use it. its a scam
  9. You wouldn’t own anything, and even if you did ,you couldn’t do, anything with it apart from say “I own it” i could say “I own Turbo Esprit” and then what? Are we going to court to fight over essentially the rights to nothing? yet again, it’s money grabbing. The only proof is a link to an interview, I doubt that’s legally binding.
  10. I don’t buy this, how many more times are we going to find that this is like selling an acre on the moon?
  11. Each console version is a completely different game
  12. err who had an rgb tv in 1997? My friends all had rf tellies in their room with small portables, cables didn’t even come into it.
  13. So if demand outstrips supply then that’s a botch? most odd
  14. Seems like peeps would benefit from a Super NT it solves all these problems
  15. but it’s just plastic and metal ! unbelievable
  16. I think it’s a little bit more than that.
  17. I’m in the pro Thunderforce 3 camp
  18. ulala

    PC Engine Mini

    I use the tv usb power for mine
  19. The first GA is where it’s at
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