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  1. It always shocks me that the UK press are not all over this. In fact, i'm going to tip them off to try and get them banned from being imported
  2. I've spoken about this many many times. The long and the short of it is, there are games that cater for pedophiles. Now they may not want to call themselves that, but that's whats happening. Games for adults that sexualise minors for their arousal and pleasure.
  3. true, that's why you have to take care its easy to unlike something you have done by mistake, you err unlike it.
  4. It was quite the blunder though, and too a while for Mark to explain. If you like awful tweets by JKR, is it not right that you get some shit?
  5. Then you had better read up on how HP is full of shit like this.
  6. Well, other people do X so I’m going to support JKR who actively wants people not to exist. /s
  7. but it will broaden her reach cognitive dissonance, which has been used to describe emotions above in this thread, really does apply here.
  8. There has to be a line somewhere For some, it seems that JRK being a hateful bigot and the game funding that abuse/ highlighting her is crossing a line. If for you its not, then so be it. Where is your line?
  9. they are all classics, but i only really like 2 of them (COI and SOR2)
  10. They will win if people keep giving them money. Literally, here, take my money.
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