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  1. So what you are saying is, compared to games on the Xbox One X or a high end PC in 2019, Star Fox on the snes was a pile of crap?
  2. Not so sure about that. at the time i played starfox, there was nothing like it on any other home system.
  3. The SNES and NES games that use enhancement chips, like Super FX 2, should not be included - of course they have great graphics, because they have a chip on the cart thats more powerful than the processor in the console! /rant
  4. I'd recommend Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. It was so different to anything that had come before it, and was running on a stock SNES too (so none of the cheating nintendo enhancement chips) How about Grand Theft Auto V / Red Dead Redemption on the xbox 360? Still amazing that they run and look great on that console.
  5. does it make up for not being able to jump on them?
  6. I was going to reply, but found you have edited your response. Yes, this is exactly the point i was trying to make. Choosing to include a password system effectively makes the game 10 individual mini-games, that are artificially hard as nails through instant deaths or energy zapping sub bosses. This is not helped by having you start at the first level of the stage when you use a continue. If i quickly lose a life at the start of 4-1, i may as well reset and start again as i will need that life later on. It would be a better game if there we no passwords but a slightly more forgiving difficulty curve.
  7. its a shame they need to harvest your email and address for a free pdf document
  8. The password system is ruining this game. if you have passwords, to get the longevity (and value) from a game, the levels have to be difficult. Castlevania 4 gets it’s difficulty from unfair methods and grinding down your health with sub bosses. im having to grit my teeth and somehow get through level 4. When I do, you never have to play it again. You only have to complete levels once. a very odd design.
  9. I’m finding level 4 every bit as frustrating as level 3. instant deaths from falling or being knocked into pits, and platforming you have to get pixel perfect even with that crappy jump mechanic im not enjoying it so far, even the rotation still in 4-2 and 4-3 is not redeeming it
  10. Changed my mind after reading the reviews, it’s a no from me
  11. Played through to level 4 again this evening. Level 3 is so frustrating and annoying. The design of this game is brutal. Disappearing blocks, being knocked back by enemies, it’s all designed to get you to fall to your death. at least I took a picture of the password this time
  12. That part is also slow in super famicom version, always loses me a bit of energy.
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