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  1. we need a magic thread!
  2. I never realised they were using vfx in post on bgt. What’s the point? i know they used very favourable cuts and editing, but vfx is going too far. A very interesting video
  3. on SNES, r type is a definitive shooter. on Megadrive, it would be lost in the many other great shooters
  4. there is always a risk, but using stooges is a poor form. the second Tyra was not allowed to say the number you knew it wasn’t a good trick, it was just the above. Variations of which happen in maths class everyday. he did just the right amount of showmanship to get away with it. But it was still a terrible trick. If that’s the best he has for a tv illusion, lifting a school calculator trick, a career in Vegas is not beckoning
  5. it’s not impressive, it’s really simple - a mobile phone calculator trick. the trick is to preload the calculator with the number open calculator app and type 73928547 into it then press + 0 X And minimise the app. When it opens again, it looks like it’s on 0 but it has the maths still entered into it. whatever you type next doesn’t matter say 100x 59x 345.6 when you press equals, you still get 73928547
  6. Quite a horrible story of family manipulation and exploitation and just for money.
  7. ulala

    Megadrive Mini

    720 seems to scale precicely to 4k
  8. ulala

    Megadrive Mini

    i think it changes the games region, but not the games that are actually on the console
  9. This game is getting more love now its 'last month's game' !
  10. its a load of rubbish!
  11. Had a quick go on the snes version this evening, never having played any release previously. First impression, the gameplay is rough- and it’s difficult
  12. But most people are not "removing all the games" are they? Most people who hacked the snes mini just did so to put their favourite games on there. Im sure _some_ also put some megadrive games on there too, but it seems in the minority. And the experience of playing snes roms on the snes mini is so much better than playing snes roms on a wii, a Pi or PC. The machine, its controller and interface are full of Nintendo charm and magic. And the process is easier, no letterbomb hacks, no unix commands... anyone can do it with hackchi. It's really, really odd and ironic that you, champion of using other machines to load emulators and roms, see this as "grubby", "grey" and you want to keep them as "nature intended". I thnk you have misjudged this, and with the greatest of respect, have come across as a hypocrite.
  13. I modded my SNES mini so that i could put the games i wanted to play onto it. The original list of 20 was great, but i wanted my favourites on there too. You get the official nintendo hardware, the lovely snes pads - a fantastic interface (both audo and visual), save states, rewind features - everything you can wish for. I could not do this better with anything i own, like a Pi, its good but not as good as a moded snes mini. Just think of it as nintendo releasing it with 100 of your favourite SNES games rather than 20. Same with the Megadrive mini - with three regions varying in the games available, with some notable exclusions, of course prople are going to want to hack it to place their own favourite games onto Sega hardware. Just because you dont seem to understand why anyone would want to do this, doesnt mean its grubby, or anything lesser. Im just glad people can still buy official SNES and megadrive hardware and have a fantastic experience with a game collection they love. And if i want to put castle of illusion rom on the Asian version through hacking, so what?
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