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  1. Start getting the roms now, it’s a slow process
  2. depends completely on what you want to emulate
  3. Olympics - Daley Thompsons Decathlon (ZX Spectrum Baseball - World Series Baseball (ZX Spectrum) Tennis - Final Match (PC Engine) F1 - Formula One (Playstation) Table Tennis - Xbox 360 Karate - The Way of the Exploding Fist (ZX Spectrum)
  4. plug in that lovely usb Amiga branded keyboard
  5. But aren't we all, by definition "content creators"?
  6. when do stores charging a massive mark-up actually become scalping?
  7. Any "reviewer" who gets sent free samples, and who also has an expectation to receive free items from the same company in the future cannot produce unbiased results. This is especially so, the smaller the reviewer's profile. We all know "reviewers" who have been sent free items that were later accepted to be utter trash, give them very positive reviews. The very idea of a company sending out free stuff is that you get positive reviews from it. Its a quid pro quo. Gaming media is full of this. I just have to look at social media timelines or youtube. Want me to plug your kickstarter constantly on my social media? Sure, just send me a free copy of your 'Movie'- right? Want a good review of your new console? Sure - just send it to me. A crappy poorly emulated mini console? no problem. 5 stars. A podcast that gets sent free game codes just to talk about them for 5 minutes? whats the harm. We need to know where there is this QPQ relationship. Half of "big" twitter should have "Ad" next to half of their posts.
  8. I don't trust any review of the console because of this.
  9. but then we are back into those old SNES and MegaDrive games still being sold via Sega and Nintendo. With their classic mini consoles and compilations / e-stores. to me, it’s the same. you either accept everdrives or you don’t. But it’s a personal decision. play games how you want. If someone wants to use an everSD then more power to them.
  10. Isn’t the role of almost every everdrive purchased to load games that you didn’t purchase?
  11. is that F18 free to GamePass?
  12. seems fixed, just tried
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