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  1. One thing ive always wanted to know is, wht hasnt someone come up with a better list that the 161 in one cart? We have had those games for decades, are we stuck with them forever?
  2. thats interesting, does anyone have one?
  3. Are you collecting loose pal carts?
  4. how much is that? is is software or hardware emulation?
  5. Both the Super NT and Mega SG cost around £145 , and yes, you have to pay post and import costs on top of that. But thats true of anything that you import, i go through the same thing when i import consoles or AES games from japan. Yes, its a shame that Analogue dont have european distribution, but then again we would probably be paying the dollar price in pounds - like Apple and Nintendo do - so it doesnt change anything. Of course, the wow factor for you has evaporated, because those products do not appeal to you. However, if you have a large collection of game carts, what use is the MiSTer? The Mega SG provides me with a great way to play my game cart collection from all regions, it does it very well indeed. In fact, its great on a modern flatscreen tv, and i can set it up just how i like it. It also provides me, out of the box, with a way to play my Master System game carts too - all pretty much perfectly. (Yes, i wish analogue had released its gamegear and SG1000 adaptors before moving on to other projects.) With an official unofficial firmware upgrade, you can negate the need for everdrive things too and use it to play games from an sd card, plus an FPGA colecovision too. Its a great machine. The Super NT too is brilliant. Its my goto way of playing my PAL and NTSC carts. Something thats absolutely impossible with a MiSTer. And as for controllers, i simply plug in my original ones! The hype for the Analogue Pocket, to be released this year, just goes to show that the demand for thise machines has only increased.
  6. get a super nt and never look back. its amazing
  7. expensive? I remember picking mine up from game station for £1
  8. The retron machines are a great compromise between quality and price! im interested
  9. they should have made that book sprite much more obvious. like moving or sparkling!
  10. I'll print you off some horrbile screenshots of games you dont like - and charge you money! Its like paying for an amazon delivery and not using it. I think us fans have jumped the shark
  11. What a shameless cash in by Royal Mail
  12. I have a feeling that this game is a lot shorter than I imagined, it’s definitely more arcade game than home console game there is a useful level select on the MegaDrive version (a+b+c together and start)
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