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  1. Is it easy to get to, from stations in Manchester?
  2. Bury and Leeds is just too far for me to travel, so the mumber of times ive been to arcade barn = 0 How about oxford, reading, southampton? Somewhere with easy transportation
  3. they really need one in the south or if anyone wants to make one, id be happy to invest!
  4. the 6 button controller that you buy isnt the same as the pack in japanese version?
  5. It does look better in white, but at least it’s bettervthan the other abomination
  6. its a marketing move to double their money look at the megadrive mini, Yu Yu Hakusho (and 6 button pads) are only available in the Japanese version! instead of me getting the system i want for £80, i have to buy both and give them £160
  7. lets face it, we are all buying both! (they have done this on purpose)
  8. A new firmware is out, 4.5 which is also available in Jailbreak form very interested in this: > Scanlines have been totally redone. There are now more options to tweak and width is now adjustable
  9. If you want to play snes games, the Snes mini is definitely the way you want to go. Its quality all the way, from the machines UI to the controllers. If you want to play PS1 games, then the PS1 classic is great - if you can resolve the power limitation on the USB ports. However, as an all rounder, the Retro PI is the best solution for me. Unlimited memory storage via sd, USB controllers (or use PS3 wirelessly etc). Stting it all up is not as easy as the other methods.
  10. good question. You have to format a memory stick to FAt32 and rename it to SONY then its a case of extracting a zip of windows files onto the stick If you can do that on a mac, you are good to go
  11. its actually pretty disgraceful for Amazon to be selling things like this (or allowing them to be sold on their site)
  12. its pretty good actually, im using autobleem and it runs games good enough for a £20 bit of hardware its no fpga solution, but if you want to run ps1 games via hdmi with really nice controllers (sans analogue), you cannot go far wrong.
  13. im having great trouble reading any memory stick ive put autobleem on once its been in the PS mini. When i put it back in my pc to add more games, its unrecognised (doesnt even get a drive letter). This has happened with two memory sticks now, any ideas why?
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