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  1. “Gambled” is often used as code for given to another person, so you declare bankruptcy , and effectively keep the money that was stolen. im sure this is not the case here though, it’s all above board , absolutely
  2. you have to pick out the cream really, before you sell you would be leaving money on the table if you didnt
  3. You cant be serious? Hit Squad? How much are these going for?
  4. Selling in bulk to a reseller is going to cost you a fair bit of money. i absolutely hate them.
  5. oh boy are those numbers cynical
  6. you are right, its perhaps a bit harsh. but you say it yourself, its "great for collectors" and that's the sentiment that i really wanted to express.
  7. i'm the same, i just don't get it at all, its not for me - i think people are being grifted. But if you get something out of it, fair play.
  8. You are asking for trouble if you sell them as working. prepare to refund the item and postage
  9. I like people who actually play the games, it’s not just a front to get popular or gain followers on twitter
  10. TSS is absolutely excellent. but the absence of U.K. based retro channels is stark. We have to resort to Bloggo’s pow
  11. Joe from GameSack is excellent
  12. It is tricky, as you start out liking the youtubers for their content - but things definitely change when it becomes a "business" and their only source of income. Its basically glorified pan-handling. Same applies to retro gamers on twitter.
  13. Well of course it feels like he is begging viewers to send him games how do you think he got that collection?
  14. Super Aleste is great even on pal
  15. I lost a bit of faith when he started a patreon to fix his basement - then sold the house!
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