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  1. Their website and contact number are just the worst. you cannot get through to anything that can actually assist , I would never ever use curry’s/ pc world again
  2. I am in the exact position dispatched has changed to “order received”. no way of knowing what’s happening, or contacting them. But they have taken £450 from my card.
  3. When I got my analogue consoles the courier paid the vat so there was no delay in shipment, then invoiced me afterwards. do fedex do things differently?
  4. of course it’s not. They don’t get to charge you whatever they like. and it’s not owed to them, but the U.K. HM Revenue and Customs. Panay FedEx what you actually owe, minus their charge (you had no contract with them).
  5. the customers owe VAT on shipping and purchase price, no more If FedEx have overpaid, then that's on them. Offer to pay them what you actually owe, and thats it. Ask for an invoice for the correct amount, and pat that.
  6. sorry you are correct, £430 is the estimated cost and shipping, the vat is a little high
  7. It worked out perfectly in my example VAT is 20% of £430 Of course the exact amount depends on the individual shipping cost (they vary)
  8. Cost of console = $500, so lets call it £430 Shipping, lets call it £50 Import Duty = 0 (As stated on the fed ex docket) VAT is 20% of £430 +£50 = £96 Fed Ex fee = £12 (which you can claim back, as you didn't have a contract with them) So what are the "other Taxes"?
  9. Don’t you get a shipping/ tracking email from them?
  10. Take the console back and say what, you have broken it? unless you took out accidental damage, you have just lost £450
  11. ulala

    Xbox Game Pass

    IVe got a stupid question. i haven’t had an Xbox or gold account for ages, but ive realised I have two accounts left over from 360 days. each has games associated with it, that were free with gold. when setting up my series x, I guess I will choose one and get GPU associated with it. my idiotic question is, can I then set up my extra account on the console and download the 360 games and play them on there?
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