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  1. ulala

    PC Engine

    Didn’t they already announce the price?
  2. ulala

    PC Engine

    its got a cart connector as well
  3. they cant even release a scaled back version. just another Vega
  4. this Pinning this group is a game changer
  5. What does “compliments mister” mean??
  6. £135 delivered? Now this has me interested.
  7. did you catch vat/ customs?
  8. Any ideas where I can get the de10 from in the U.K.?
  9. You don’t really want to run pal games, stick to 60hz
  10. It’s an uneven experience for me at the moment, but when it works perfectly, which it has done, it’s fantastic
  11. i believe it’s just a reboot to change modes. but you have to be careful or it will wipe the dev mode files each time. if you just want it to stay in emulation mode, it can be kept that way
  12. Hdmi working keyboard / ports can place own adf files on there id be all in
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