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  1. If you want to play Roms, get a pi out of of all the consoles, the Neo geo deserves actual carts
  2. You would think the manufacturer would know about this
  3. From that ebay auction: Please note that I never ever got this cart to work correctly with my AES console. There is nothing wrong with my AES (or this flash cart) it's just that there are incompatibility issues with some models of the AES, this has come from Terraonion themselves they even admitted it to me in my various email conversations with them. It is my opinion that this product was rushed to marked and not tested properly. You might find that it will work fine with your AES, but I never had any joy. All I got was garbage on screen when inserted. If you buy this you will need to register the serial with Terraonion, I will remove the serial from my account so that you will be able to download firmware updates etc. The serial is on the cart but I have removed it from the pictures. I never realised this about the product, that it only works with certain AES models! And you need to register the serial to get firmware updates. All this for hundreds of pounds, forget that!
  4. ulala

    SNES Mini

    I really like the no smooth crt filter mod on the snes mini, can anyone help me do the same on the nes mini? its crt stock filter is horrible
  5. They did get the rewards, they didnt program the game for nothing. It's not harsh at all, it's what they agreed to. If an artist sells a painting at a gallery for £500, then next year the buyer resells it for £3,000 they dont owe the original artist anything! And if the new owner then sells prints or posters of it and makes £100k they dont own the previous seller or the artist anything neither. Why on earth should games programming be considered different? The creative people DID make the money, they chose to be paid up front and relinquish any rights over it Perhaps when i sell my house i should give 10% to the original builder & architect because it 'feels right' ethically to do so?
  6. These games are not Super famicom exclusives I think they meant (i cant write this without looking like an idiot), games exclusive to the Super Famicom and not the SNES?
  7. I cannot disagree more with the above. The owners of the IP are receiving benefit - because they PURCHASED the IP. Its theirs. There is no such thing as "ethics". The whole argument is ridiculous.
  8. Whats the point? May as well get one of those SD carts and have all the games you need.
  9. I have this on XBLA, but from what i remember every few seconds there is a tiny pause in the gameplay (as if it were having streaming problems). Does anyone else notice this on their 360?
  10. Im not sure about ps1, but on snes and megadrive the games run 17% slower than their ntsc version. some games are optimised, but that usually just means speeding up the music and not the gameplay. we also got letterboxing too generally, pal gaming was poor but we didn’t know better.
  11. ulala

    PC Engine Mini

    Why they couldnt release the white version in europe ive no idea will i have to make a japanese amazon account and pay import duty? hmph
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