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  1. All that episode process was that the writers have never really watched Star Trek. I can forgive the odd little plot hole, but... It's just really sloppy. You would get better editorial standards in erotic fanfic. This show is so clearly not written for fans. See you all again next week.
  2. One thing I will give a little credit to is trying to use the format for social commentary. I've not seen much Discovery, but what I saw felt like it was just trying to create flashy spectacle rather than anything deep and meaningful. For its flaws, Picard is trying to address themes of ageing, environment, and race. The problem is that it does it so bluntly. Age, for example, is an issue covered by the films extensively. Kirk unable to accept that he needs to step aside for a younger crew, Picard dealing with mortality and his legacy, and so on. Race is also covered all the time - from the diversity of the original Enterprise and the treatment of refugees from Bajor to O'Brien's attitudes of the 'bloody Cardies'. Even the environment gets covered, with Kirk saving the whales and Starfleet limiting ships to warp 5 protect their 'environment' in TNG. In contrast, Picard shows us that in 2024 the world is burning, migrants are being banged up by ICE, and so on. Its not subtle, and it fails to take advantage of opportunities to use the sci-fi setting to explore these issues in a 'safe' way. Instead, its just a bunch of starfleet officers dropped into present-day LA to complete a mission. Why even bother wrapping the plot in a sci-fi package?
  3. The RLM summary articulates my feelings on this better than I can. The overly emotional responses to situations to create cheap drama, rather than drama being something earned from writing and characterisation, is a perfect illustration of the problems with the show. A good Trek show would show a muted sombre reaction to death, because you know that under the facade the character is having to suppress their feelings. In Picard, we need to be explicitly shown that a character is feeling angry, because they do not have the writing skills or enough respect for their audience to do so subtley.
  4. How did the unhinged killer scientist 'interface' with the Borg Queen? Did Picard just like a USB into her neck?
  5. Wow, I checked and the canon is even more deranged than you suggested. Harry Potter fan community: "..." JK Rowling: "In the olden days Wizards just used to shit all over themselves in the street"
  6. "Make sure that there is at least 0.25s of gameplay footage in it. Oh, and it must terrify small children." Genuine 10/10
  7. Probably the best laugh to come out of this film, and you don't even have to pay for the ticket. I'm all for sending the other Gavin and Stacey guy into a warzone, but this just seems needlessly cruel.
  8. I do feel sorry for the show's writers though. Trying to follow TNG is never going to end well. I mean, compare the quality of what we have now than this: If such a scene were to happen in Picard it would need to include at least one of the following: A shoehorned reference to a previous event to excite the faithful ST fans Swearing Something exploding or being broken for dramatic effect Picard being hit on by someone no more than half his age I do like that the show makes it very clear that, in the future, French people talk with an English accent. A vision that I am sure we can all get behind <unfurls flag>.
  9. It was fine. Better than Series 1 but not as good as The Lower Decks. I wish that they went for the lower-key alternatives that they seem to suggest, like Picard running Starfleet Academy. Now that's a show I would watch happily, with Jean Luc discussing ethics with future officers and getting to the bottom of such mysteries as which cadet was responsible for making the replicators only serve Klingon food. Maybe Dr Crusher visits to give a seminar on field medicine, and she and Jean Luc uncover a plot to... oh, you get the idea. A few annoyances:
  10. Good Morning Vietnan Citinan Kane Is sequels ensue then we should also get Bride of Nankenstein followed by The Third Nan.
  11. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Nan The Silence of the Nans
  12. Someone asked him about the sensitivity of how he approached Trans issues in an IT Crowd episode. His response led him down a rabbit hole which saw him becoming an anti-Trans rights campaigner, getting divorced, and burning every bridge he had amongst his professional peers.
  13. The Khan remake was the weakest of the trilogy. It just felt needlessly slapdash with plot holes that could have been fixed with some decent writing. The guy was a war criminal from Earth's history. Even if they did not know his name someone must have said "hey, doesn't he look a bit like that evil villain from the past who we learned about at school?". I can forgive the sloppy physics to fit a plot. After all, the Enterprise managed to get to the centre of the galaxy pretty quickly in STV. But dodgy physics, inconsistent characters, and bad writing together do not get overlooked for some neat effects. With the remake I guess the writers have decided to mix things up by making the even numbered films the bad ones.
  14. Piracy was generally a bit of a faff in older gens, as it relied on physical measures (chips), downloads of large ROMs on slower connections, writing to disks, and (as manufacturers wised up) custom firmware. And if you got it wrong there was the risk of bricking your machine. I wish I still had the time that I needed to flash mod my PSP and regularly update it with new custom firmware. Piracy became mainstream on the PS1 and NDS, which was when I was most likely to do it - the setup was simple and, particularly with the R4 cart. It also meant that I could play games that were not easily available in the UK. Today, games are more affordable, generally available globally on multiple platforms at launch, and the infrastructure is generally very stable. Instead of faffing about with .iso files I can be playing games in minutes. The shift in gaming follows on from Netflix, Spotify and the like for other industries. These days, the only time I would even consider pirating content is if it is unavailable through legitimate means. Even then, I am drowning in content anyway. Where is the motivation to pirate when I can just play/watch/listen to something else of equal quality through one of the many channels available to me?
  15. This is great. Giving an AoE character like the mermaid poison abilities and the ability to detonate poisoned enemies is so delightfully twisted.
  16. Yes, if you stick to the plot things tend to be okay (although playing Yakuza without the side quests is like going to a steak restaurant and ordering fish). But the series has plenty of little sidesteps into embarrassing plotlines. You can be chasing a hitman through back streets one minute, and then suddenly find yourself running a hostess club and having to decide whether the girls are going to wear schoolgirl outfits or swimsuits for their shift, purely from the organic developments in the storyline.
  17. Yakuza. I love the games, but some of the side quests are definitely not for when the missus is on the sofa.
  18. Acclaim needed game designers who understood what a demonic hellscape looked like.
  19. It's accurate satire.
  20. Just to add my two cents on Don't Look Up. If you liked it then maybe try reading Neville Shute's On The Beach for something thematically similar (but, I should warn, with added 1960s misogyny), which can be picked up on Kindle for 99p.
  21. I'm genuinely impressed at Nick Ferrari's commitment to efficiency by engaging his mouth box before waiting for his brain to switch on.
  22. It seems like Amazon is expecting a sizeable shipment of Series X consoles in the next few weeks, for anyone wanting the console on its own at RRP. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/microsoft-xbox-series-x-amazon-3854752 appeared this morning and if you go to the page (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Xbox-RRT-00007-Series-X/dp/B08H93GKNJ/?tag=pepperugc03-21&ascsubtag=2283155023) they are still available for delivery this year.
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