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  1. Anyone who dislikes Casablanca or Lawrence of Arabia is just plain wrong. Same goes for Its A Wonderful Life. I think to find a truly universally great film you have to go back at least 30 years. Is this an indicator of the quality of modern film making? Why do we have so few genuine classics these days?
  2. Nicholas Cage. Captain Corelli's Mandolin was a shambles thanks to his 'Italin' accent. He should never be allowed to make a non-Bruckheimer movie.
  3. I think I would prefer 2 pints of cyanide and a packet of anthrax. Theres too much emphasis on trying to be funny, and not enough genuine laughs.
  4. I think this forum needs a Ghibli folder.
  5. In The Mood For Love Very nice use of colour.
  6. Watch out, monkey-boy isn't taking his medication.
  7. I have faith in Darren Aronofsky. I hope that his directing will make this machine have the impact that it should when it appears on screen. I think the idea is that Batman should be starting a bit 'rough around the edges', and should later evolve into the debonair, aristrocratic bondesque style guru. The car fits this style.
  8. The Seven Samurai. Any action scene therin. Also, Bond's fight with Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun. Please note Hollywood, a good action scene should use more than CGI effects and guns.
  9. I remember that Sonic 2 kept my sister and I amused for a long time. Linking up X Wing versus Tie Fighter was an important stage in my youth too.
  10. Vids > Harry Hill > TMWRNJ Nige's rants about TV/students/anything were scripted genius.
  11. On the other hand, the Imperial Leather advert with the dancing duck is back on. That still raises a chuckle. Possibly due to the 'mentally challenged' guy in one of my university groups doing a rendition of it a while ago during a lesson. I know I'm a bad person. Those adverts which try to con old ladies out of their money and house are bad though. But the look of joy on the face of the old bloke in that walk-in bath almost makes up for it. Phones4U have lost any chance of getting my business with the shiteness of their ads.
  12. The Vicar of Dibley was in the top 10. Alan Partridge wasn't.
  13. Spaced. Its Friends, but funny. Simple concept, perfect execution. Tim > Joey Brian > Ross Mike > Chandler Daisy > Phoebe Twist > Rachel Marsha >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Monica Brian > a gay duck and a gayer chicken
  14. http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0108308/ The Turtles would be my special subject in Mastermind.
  15. Kiki is good, but its no Laputa. And Naussica beats them both by a long way.
  16. My buddies at the cinema I used to work at told me they are getting it. And they are going to save me one of the theatrical posters! Happy MrMonkey.
  17. Such a great game. Can somebody make it as a freebie for Xbox Live please?
  18. I'm sure some women would find this attractive.
  19. I thought the end was nice. But, I was screaming for the sequel. One of the few games where I felt such a strong connection with the character that I need to know the inevitably generic storyline.
  20. BossSaru

    bond games

    The way that I see it, when I see a Bond film all of the set pieces look like they would be excellent in a game. Its just that Rare were the only developer to be able to make them any good as a game. TWINE on the N64 wasn't bad though.
  21. It also proved that flamethrowers are sick and fun in any game.
  22. Click here to play. Nice prize, happy competition.
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