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  1. Your money is just in here...Oh look, a bunch of baby kittens.
  2. Saw it a couple of days ago. The Hasselhoff[\COLOR] cameo is ace, and the shot of the "All Male Carwash" is genius.
  3. My son is called Ren. The next one will be called Stimpy.
  4. I'm going to visit it next month when I am in Tokyo. I look forward to seeing the giant robot model, as featured in Laputa. I'll take sloppy seconds then.
  5. If Monsters Inc had been around when I was a kid I would have needed therapy. So comical. And then at the end
  6. Sites like cd-wow.com sell region 1 and 3 dvds for much less than high street prices. For example I picked up Lost in Translation for a fiver. Also, multi region DVD players cost about the same as region-specific ones. Region 1 releases appear before those in the UK too. Am I missing something? Why do people who are supposedly 'into' films want to limit their dvd collections by buying inferior players?
  7. People who don't want to see old films are not worthy of Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia, Bringing up Baby, and so on. TRUFAX
  8. Bubble Boy. An absolutely appalling film with one funny gag in it. In the movie the titular Bubble Boy has run away from home. The police will only search from him if he has been kidnapped, hence his parents are trying to write a fake ransom note. The father's effort reads: Give us $100,000 or you will never see your son again. Signed The Jews
  9. Click here to find The Returner for 4 quid delivered. I liked the film quite a lot, and at that price, no one's complaining. It manages to be lighthearted at just the right moments, and the lead character is uber-cool. Warning, it is region 3 though, so anyone who doesn't have a multi-region player (why?) misses out.
  10. I was recently rewatching Totoro again. God, I love that film. One of the things that amazes me about Miyazaki's work is the insanely imaginative worlds he creates. The true beauty is that in Totoro the actual setting is 100% regular, but the tapestry is enriched by the way that his vision perfectly integrates itself into the real world. I don't want to say too much as there would be obvious spoilers, but anyone who has seen the film should be able to understand what I mean. Another inspired piece of film making was (IMHO) Fight Club. In reality the film's direction could have been lazy, and the inclusion of Mr Pitt's chest would have guaranteed a healthy return at the box office, but certain scenes such as the Narrator's catalogue-style description of his flat and the shaking camera during Tyler's speech stand out as clever twists that really made me sit up and take notice of Fincher's approach. Obne of those situations where the director's vision was better than the one I had when I read the book. I watch films to relax and to give me new outlooks on subjects on which I have a limited knowledge. If a director or writer can hook me with their imaginative style then I will be much more attentive to the film's message. Can anyone recomend any films where the imaginative style is as powerful, yet sublimely balanced? (Oh, and Amelie has this in bucketloads as well, but I've tiraded enough)
  11. Alan vs The Farmers. Can't be beaten. Although his description of the Irirsh stereotype does come close.
  12. A great film, but if you are feeling at all down, avoid at all costs. It really is unbelievably powerful, and will affect you deeply.
  13. Knight Rider. It does rock, in a £20m-camp-car and mulletty kind of way. I dabbled in Team Knight Rider for a while, until I realised that I wasn't enjoying it.
  14. Hana Bi is quite literally the perfect blend of comedy, sentimentalism, beauty and action I have ever seen in a movie. One of my top movies ever, and a definite recommendation. And my wife is a complete Naussicaa otaku, so I've been drawn into that too. A fine anime film and comic series. And Totoro, just for the cuteness factor.
  15. Gladiator was definitley not up to the hype though, and the last 3 Bond films have been piss-poor efforts, regardless of their success at the box office.
  16. Is there anyone on this forum who doesn't like porn movies?
  17. Anyone who dislikes Casablanca or Lawrence of Arabia is just plain wrong. Same goes for Its A Wonderful Life. I think to find a truly universally great film you have to go back at least 30 years. Is this an indicator of the quality of modern film making? Why do we have so few genuine classics these days?
  18. Nicholas Cage. Captain Corelli's Mandolin was a shambles thanks to his 'Italin' accent. He should never be allowed to make a non-Bruckheimer movie.
  19. I think I would prefer 2 pints of cyanide and a packet of anthrax. Theres too much emphasis on trying to be funny, and not enough genuine laughs.
  20. I think this forum needs a Ghibli folder.
  21. In The Mood For Love Very nice use of colour.
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