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  1. I mostly shop at Tesco, and find their Finest range to be really good, and often about £4-5 per bottle. On the website you can order by the case, and with ecodes found easily on the net you can get a tenner off if you spend £75, easily done if you buy a couple of cases. I've not really tried other supermarket brands to be honest, so I can't compare. But the Tesco Finest Chilean Chardonnay is devine. As far as reds go, I recommend their Finest Australian Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.
  2. My wife and I are currently thinking of subscribing to a scheme whereby every week a local farmer delivers a box of organic vegetables to your door, hand selected from his crops. It sounds like a nice way of promoting local produce, and for about £8 per week it wouldn't be much more expensive than the local supermarket. It would also enforce some variety on our eating habits. Having used a local butcher for the last year or so, I'm keen to buy more locally produced food as he quality has been consistently excellent. Has anyone had any experience of these schemes, and would you recommend them? Going to the supermarket and buying food having been sent from Israel/USA/Africa seems completely wasteful to me, and it would be nice for my boy to grow up with a understanding of how organic food doesn't have to be expensive and imported.
  3. Thats how I read your post, and to be honest it would make the film better. Can you imagine the hilarity?
  4. Something travel-based, each week focusing on a different country. It could cover aspects such as food, entertainment, customs, history, language etc, and thus be mildly educational. A bunch of b-list celebrities could sit around with coffee and discuss the daily exploits of the presenter on-location, and on Friday one of the c-lists is nominated by the public to travel to a different country next week, also chosen by the public. It would be like: "Next week - Frank Bruno visits Taiwan."
  5. Agreed. Brilliant balance between the action and the politics of the war. Whoever mentioned Das Boot is right too. Wolfgang Peterson at his best. Avoid his later shite-fest lie, U-571.
  6. I used to hate long train journeys. Now I look forward to them. Thank you, Mr Nintendo.
  7. At the moment its handheld, but as I'm using my PSP to play games from the SNES from 10 years ago I'm not sure which is better. If I had to choose a format I'd probably go with handheld. Both the PSP and DS are moving in very different directions style-wise, and it means that I always have a nice variety of things to play. I find that, in general, home consoles have become a little stale as of late. Games like Seaman and Animal Crossing are becoming rarer on the home console front, whereas on handhelds creativity seems to be more abundant.
  8. Fucking hell! Congratulations. Try chopping fruit or carrot sticks, and carry them around in a plastic box.
  9. My hero: Shenmue 2, like Shenmue 1, is the balls.
  10. Thelma And Louise - Lesbians fall off a cliff.
  11. Delicatessen - French cannibals try to eat retarded circus freak Escape From Precinct 13 - Basra: The Movie Titanic - Irish pikey bones upper-class English girl, then drowns with many of his countrymen
  12. I remember getting the first disk (of 4) of Panzer Dragoon Saga on the cover of Sega Saturn Magazine. That made me get the game. And they also gave away Christmas Nights too. Thats about as good as cover disks get. For a while, tere was a rumour that they would put Deathtank on one of their cover disks, but they never did. Shame, as it is an awesome game that deserved an audience of more than about 20. To sum up, Saturn demo disks were tops.
  13. Its always been Soul Calibur for me. The game just got everything right. It was intuitive and the movement and attacks flowed really well for combos. Also, it allowed noobs to compete, making it good for when mates came over, without giving them any advantage. And the single player game was very polished for a beat-em-up. Its still the benchmark for fighting games for me. I also really liked Powerstone. It was brutal, and was a great 5-minute fun game.
  14. Boyce is no Frasier, thats for sure. I envisage this to be painful, trying to do all the old gags but without the old Del-Boy character to get into scrapes, relying on his charisma and smarts to get through. This will be worse than the 'Saved By The Bell' spin offs.
  15. That bint could fuck off if she was going to get me to sell my XBox. If she wants to help perhaps she should stop spending so much money on pies and donate that to the chav-family looking to raise £2k for their dream holiday/patio/new car. Its a dire show, but strangely watchable. If only for the mum every week who thinks it is economically sound to spend £400 per week on finest ready meals, and the kids who are always sent out car washing.
  16. The jokes with no buildup just get me. With thew running gags ("I'll give Larry a call, he's tremendous fun.") you prepare yourself, expecting something surreal as a twist. But when I see something like this: It just sets me off fer a good few minutes. And that shot of Brennan running after Ted with the huge cloak really is awesome. Does anyone have a high-res one I can use for a desktop shot?
  17. Absolutely ANY gadget that Q gives Bond will come in useful. MI6 is very tight on their budget, apparently. You know that Bond is not safe until every facet of his watch/glasses/belt has been used. Also, unless you actually see the baddie being gruesomely deathified, he will be back to try to kill James in disguise as he is getting jiggy with the lady he rescued in the film's closing action scene. Any chick who is fit will get pounded by James. Especially if her name is rude.
  18. Get a full-time job driving a forklift truck or running a lucky hit stand. Then you can live the Shenmue experience every day for the rest of your working life.
  19. BossSaru


    Japanese people love Nato. I feel that they should apologise for its invention more than they should apologise for Nanking. It truly is beyond description as a vile foodstuff. I think the odour is 'old man's sweaty feet', with a flavour that is worse. Sour plums, on the other hand, are lovely. Have them in onegiri (rice balls) and they are awesome.
  20. She should be sterilised, as she is obviously without the soul required to be a decent mother.
  21. Anchorman had the best sex-scene and fight-scene ever. "That escalated really quickly"
  22. Finding controllers that aren't buggered. It can be a right buttock-pain at times.
  23. I'm playing Tales of Symphonia at the moment, and I must admit that I'm very impressed. The manga style is beautifully refreshing, and the game just 'clicks' for me from the outset, with the big old tree and all.
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