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  1. A little bit of me cried inside. The rest of me almost soiled my keks from the hilarity of the presentations. It really is amazing how inept people can be and still survive in the real world. That guy who did the boys' presentation/sales pitch. He didn't even have a price point when he went in. What did he expect? A blank cheque with the words "Give me 2,000 of your finest desktop published calendars!"? The salesmen in the groups struck me as people who usually sell busines to business. The kind of guys who call from Dell and ask if you need new printers. They didn't sell the products. They just showed them and expected orders to come in. That Ansell guy seemed pretty good though. He didn't seem to give much of a shit about egos and just wanted to get the task done.
  2. Apple and cinnamon. With a big mug of homemade hot chocolate after a meal of okonomiyaki (sp?). The combination of the gods.
  3. P.N.03 or Galleon for me. Both stunningly animated and beautifully realistic and believable in their own way.
  4. Maybe it will arrive eventually. But it will have to be something beyond awesome to beat Shenmue II's third disk. But whoever decided to end the second game where they did was a sadistic fcukker.
  5. No. No no no. That stuff is vile. Just use plum/chopped tomatoes, a variety of herbs, and garlic. With chorizo if you want. So much better, and it doesn't resemble emulsion as Dolmio seems to.
  6. Any old porno will do. Or generally any film other than the Bridget Jones ones. Yes, any film; Even Battlefield: Earth is better than that shite.
  7. Indeed. Now stop being silly, Caspian is cool, and this is obviously a franchise in the making. There will be a Dawn Treader movie, I'm sure. That is, if movie executives like making money, which I am assuming they do. Source.
  8. In my past I may have said: But in my heart its always been: Special mentions to George Costanza and family, and to Hank Kingsley (see the episode "Hank's Sex Tape").
  9. Shadowman. Scariest game in history. An awesome game though.
  10. I also had to get a frozen one in. Basted it with rosemary, orange zest and butter, and made a stuffing with redcurrant jelly, lemon and coriander. It turned out pretty good in the end.
  11. PSP Value Pack - ¥25,900 DS - ¥14,800 You could argue that, at 75% more expensive, the PSP is almost double the price. I imagine that has had a good deal of influence in the sales figures.
  12. UK release in Feb/March, IIRC. Definitely buy it now, if not least because it may well be cheaper with the AUS$/GB£ exchange rate. And because it is effing ace.
  13. See sig for my codes. Would love to visit other towns, so PM me with your code if you add me.
  14. I imagine the development costs of Mario Kart are significantly lower than those of Halo 2, and both cost a similar amount to buy, hence a greater return per unit sold. Also, MK:DS requires a much lower bandwidth to play online. Whilst there are costs involved, I doubt they are evn in the same league as those of Live.
  15. Totally, but at the end of the day, I think that the majority of developers see online play as an extra, not as a core mechanic to the game. the wifi aspect was certainly the game's major selling point, but at present the game seems to integrate the multi-player aspect into a single-player universe. In PSO the online factor was designed to be the core of the game, with offline as a sort of training ground. In Mario Kart, you need to play offline for a while before you an effectively compete with other players, both in terms of experience and ability, and because the unlockables which can give the player an advantage can only be attained offline. Unless the game is designed as an online experience foremost then this aspect will be seen as an extra.
  16. Such a great oncept. Free online gaming on a DS. Featuring all the fun of previous Mario Kart games. So why is it starting to get ignored? Two reasons. The first is Resi 4. Not that I'm complaining about that. More importantly, after the initial few weeks of gaming, the quality of the online opponents seems to hav gone downhill. People on my frinds list evidently have more of a life than I do, and often I just go straight into choosing from the continental option on the online screen. Despite adding numerous users on this forum to my list, I rarely get to play any of them online. However, this inevitably means that now I end up spending five minutes or so finding an opponent, only to get the "Opponent has disconnected" screen if I am in the lead towards the end of the first race. Its frustrating to say the least. It seems that Nintendo's wifi network is starting to become akin to how the Dreamcast's PSO network was after a few months. Overrun by gamers whose main goal was to win instead of play. IMO it seems like an easy problem to fix too. If a player disconnects, record it as a loss on their stats, with the last remaining player as the victor. Or alternatively, create a few classes of players, with the class allocated depending on factors such as ability, number of wins/losses, and number of times the player has disconnected from the network. Hence gamers who want to play will be matched with opponents of a similar mindset. Online gaming is growing. Xbox Live is big, but it is not difficult to envisage that the DS and PSP will have larger userbases and hence a larger uptake of people playing online. Also, the free nature of the DS' netplay will encourage a younger demographic, perhaps more likely to 'play to win'. I believe that when a service becomes subscription-based, it is likely to whittle the number of users down to those who will treat it with more respect, although this brings the subject back to the 'casual gamer' issue. Whilst I have no interest to see the DS' games working online in a pay-to-play format, I equally hope that some measures will be taken to enrich the gameplaying experience. I don't know how many times I can see the 'Player disconnected' message before relegating Mario Kart to my cartridge graveyard in the attic.
  17. Downloaded. It really is quite retro-lovely.
  18. Mine is 090255 198762. Late to the Mario Kart party, but looking forward to it immensely.
  19. With the exception of the dad's deranged ransom letter, it is a complete waste of celluloid and time.
  20. If it stops kids asking for PSP or PS2 stuff, then mission accomplished. I would be amazed if Microsoft do a Christmas launch without loads of stock appearing in stores before the 25th.
  21. Dear Mr Nintendo, Please find out who has the rights to Deathtank, the Saturn game by Lobotomy software. it should be a piece os urine to run o th DS, and would make a gorgeous mini-game in an online games compilation. Half a dozen games of this calibre on a DS card, available for online play, would be the definitive piece of software to own on the console, and greatly help to differentiate the DS from its competition. Sincerely, Excited Gamer Screw Pokemon. I would possibly cream if Deathtank was available on the DS.
  22. A couple of weeks ago I bought two crates of Stella (20x440ml cans) for a tenner a piece at Tesco. They now cost £15 each, but still not bad. Sainsburys are doing a decent port for £6 a bottle, half price. Lots of supermarkets seem to be competing on champagne prices this year. You can get this quite well rated one for £15 per bottle. Should be quite good for the Christmas/New Year celebrations.
  23. Spaghetti Bolognese. I was abroad at the time, and I remember travelling 30 mins by train to find bay leaves, and then having to go another half hour the other way from where I lived to get a decent bottle of red. But it was a few days after the release of the GBA SP, so train journeys didn't seem a problem.
  24. On a recommendation from a friend, my wife and I are going to try Riverford. The price looks decent and the quality and customer service are apparently good.
  25. I mostly shop at Tesco, and find their Finest range to be really good, and often about £4-5 per bottle. On the website you can order by the case, and with ecodes found easily on the net you can get a tenner off if you spend £75, easily done if you buy a couple of cases. I've not really tried other supermarket brands to be honest, so I can't compare. But the Tesco Finest Chilean Chardonnay is devine. As far as reds go, I recommend their Finest Australian Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.
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