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  1. Trevor Noah's autobiography, Born A Crime, is 99p today. I really liked it, not only as a first-hand account of life under Apartheid, but also of being a mixed race person in such a society.
  2. As much as I know I should manage my expectations, Christopher Guest also produced the sublime Waiting For Guffman and Best in Show, so he has enough skill with mockumentaries to (hopefully) not let this go wrong. And if it is terrible then we can just advertise it below the puppet show and deny its existence.
  3. If I could add one feature to Game Pass it would be an indicator of games' lengths. Game companies must have tonnes of data on how people play. Some race through to the end, others collect every orb and Riddler trophy. It would be helpful for there to be something to tell me, based on my normal play style, how many hours a game would take me to complete. I often find myself on howlongtobeat to get an idea of completion time before I download or begin a game.
  4. I enjoyed it, but it could have lost a few hours from the first few hours and been a much better game for it. The enjoyment comes from combos of cards. It's nowhere near as sophisticated as other games where you can combo moves for added effect, bit it does the job. Trek To Yomi was fun as well. Short enough that the simple combat did not become a nuisance, and stunningly produced. I'll never play out again though, having seen all of the vistas and important scenes.
  5. Stream it to a phone or tablet via Xbox Cloud Gaming?
  6. Awful. No wonder Picard got captured given that he constantly stopped during an assault to chat about his childhood. And if the hologram space elf needs to avoid capture, why not simply dematerialise? It's not as if the Borg Queen can get into the computer.
  7. Star Trek 3: Spocksavers So yeah, this show is genuinely terrible. Just an unconnected series of set pieces without a clear purpose. In the last two episodes we've had... ...none of which went anywhere, or seemed to have any notable impact on the plot, but just appear to exist to give the impression that events are moving forward. If this was not attached to the Star Trek brand nobody would even give it the time of day. It works be seen as a dismal effort with no redeeming features. And, as mentioned, it bluntly and insensitively handles the issue of mental illness. I'm guessing Patrick Stewart sat down with the writers one morning, rattled off a load of things he wanted to do in this series, and then walked out leaving them to string then together into a coherent narrative as best as they could.
  8. The Bond films certainly have scenes that are questionable by today's standards, from Bond's treatment of women to Connery's 'transformation' to being asian in You Only Live Twice. What really stands out though is how they have persisted with this trope even as the rest of the world moved on around them. Skyfall, for example, was released only 10 years ago to critical acclaim but features Bond forcing himself on a woman whom he knows to be a sex slave. The media will freak out if the next Bond is more progressive than the misogynist he has been throughout the series' history, but the Clarksons of the world already have 20+ films where Bond was allowed to make any woman his property.
  9. Great news for Alan Partridge that he can do a Bond marathon over the bank holiday weekend without the risk of a Sunny D-related mishap ruining his video's.
  10. That looks awesome. And if I get bored in a few hours, no frustration from having bought it at full price. Game Pass delivers again.
  11. I presume that your second Xbox would plug into a TV, but if you have the option of a PC there you could also try streaming games via Game Pass Ultimate, without the need of any new tech.
  12. Her obituary took a turn that I had not expected.
  13. Weird West seems like a winner. Very dark though. I've certainly not found myself 'helpless with laughter' so far. The opening cutscene of the game, for example, involves The mechanics look lots of fun though. A levelling-up tree and potential for some loot grabbing for the endorphin rushes. And enough options to allow the player whether to go in guns blazing, pick off enemies stealthily, use tools or the environment to achieve your objectives, or simply sneak around avoiding combat. The game is clearly designed for fast combat, but I feel that an option to freeze time and plan your attacks, like in Desperados III, would add to this game.
  14. In which case, the temptation from my PoV is to buy a PS5 towards the end of this gen, subscribe for a year to mop up the first party games that will be on the system by that point, and play through them then. MS have made it hard for Sony - GP is constantly throwing new games at me. Its not like GP subscribers will have any shortage of new titles to play for the rest of this gen, if things continue like this, so there is no incentive to subscribe to two services and buy new games.
  15. I'll admit to using the 'No Fail' mode quite freely towards the end of the game. I loved the look and feel of it but some of those bosses are too unforgiving and I do not have the time to invest in getting good enough these days. That said, I did beat unaided on my second attempt, which I was happy with. Really good that the accessibility options can be switched on and off, so you can challenge yourself without ever feeling that you are unfairly stuck on a boss or section.
  16. It looks great for those who are solely on the PlayStation platform, but on comparison with the Xbox's offering it seems underwhelming. First up, I've not seen any reference to EA Play games being included, which (if not) means an additional charge for these customers. Secondly, is there any confirmation that PS5 games will launch on the service? If not, gamers are forced to either pay more to play a game on release, or wait for it to appear on the service. Like I said, it seems like a good deal for those gaming on PlayStation systems. If/when I get a PS5 I am more likely to get the digital-only unit and subscribe. But it feels like a halfway house between Microsoft's Netflix-esque approach, and Nintendo's pay-per-game model, which carries the criticism that it does neither effectively. The naming completely sucks though. PlayStation Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Premium seem likely to confuse. The customer service lines will have a great time trying to explain to parents that they bought the wrong subscription, meaning that their child can not download the game they want or the dad ends up frustrated that they spent £50 more than they thought. And we all know how good Sony are with refunds!
  17. Things were much easier in the olden days. We could overlook that many actors and directors had dodgy pasts and views simply because nobody talked about it, there was less public outrage, and we lacked social media to share information so freely. These days, however, Mel Gibson's rants are easy to find and are indefensible to non-racists. Details from Johnny Depp's court cases relating to Amber Heard were live-Tweeted. And the Weinstein revelations have shown a number in the film industry in a very bad light, even if they were not directly involved, for the blind eye they turned to his behaviours. The Harry Potter series' popularity is also tainted by the views that its creator has freely shared on Twitter. On the smaller screen, Graham Linehan has burned his bridges with the creative industry, even if his catalogue of work remain broadcast. And Laurence Fox may find it hard to get a serious acting gig in the future since becoming an anti-Woke/vaccination/BLM campaigner. Does this affect people's habits with regards to what they watch and enjoy? Do people find themselves feeling a bit awkward watching The IT Crowd now, or would they avoid a new Mel Gibson film at the cinema as he starts getting starring roles again? Or is the view that we should not conflate the art and the artist? Acceptance that the creators can be seriously flawed, and concerns that expecting moral standards from creators could see the works of Disney and Wagner being removed from the marketplace? Of course, this topic can relate to any form of entertainment, film, TV, music, games, and literature. But, given the very public face of film and TV stars it feels most appropriate to use this as the focal point.
  18. David Lynch's Dune is better than Denis Villeneuve's.
  19. Of course the statistics are relevant. This is, given the lack of cases of its occurrence, a non-issue created by bigots to encourage fears of a victimised minority. We can not create policy purely on 'what if' arguments if we want to have a free society. It is much like voter fraud being used to justify voter ID. Something that you agree has led to a disproportionate response to the actual issue. An issue in which the Tories have created a fear amongst the public, and then created a solution that does not fix anything, but instead helps to further their own goals.
  20. Yeah, that makes sense. Does that mean that in this timeline spooky temporal aliens are still running around Earth's past stealing souls?
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