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  1. Can anyone suggest a decent couch multi-player game that I can play with my wife, who is not hugely into games but knows her way around a controller? Ideally co-op or competitive in a way that does not punish novices, and not 3D as she gets a bit woozy watching FPS games. Mario Party would be ideal if something similar exists; Phogs was a good laugh before it got pulled from the service, and Minecraft Dungeons is probably the best alternative I know of.
  2. I used the conversion trick, but even at full price it represents value for money. Before Game Pass I probably spent about £20 per month on games, and had less to play, so I would be getting my money's worth. With EA and Ubisoft games on the service there is always something to play. If it were just big-budget titles I would find it worthwhile, but the constant stream of newly released indie titles is also great. Vampire Survivors this month has been a great addition, and would likely have been overlooked if I could not simply try it out as part of the subscription. My gaming behaviours are better as a subscriber as well. No buyers remorse making me feel that I should be completing a dud game; when the game stops being fun then there is always something else waiting to get started on.
  3. Klara and the Sun is 99p today.
  4. I'm well up for a series of It is easy to pick holes in the show but at the end of the day prequels are really hard to get right. I think they have done a good job - enough new stuff in there while being true enough to the original films. It is all about the dwarves though. They are the best think in the Tolkien universe by a country mile. Like the Jedi in the SW universe, the elves are so overpowered in most situations that they just seem dull by comparison.
  5. Some better suggestions:
  6. I loved everything about that trailer except for Mario.
  7. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure has also just been added to Prime.
  8. If we are doing best Frasier quotes then this one has always stayed with me: Frasier runs into Lilith and her new boyfriend on holiday Lilith: Brian is a seismologist at MIT. Frasier: Oh, well, that's perfect - Brian being a seismologist and you having so many faults.
  9. The setting for Parasite was practically a character for the film itself, to the extent that the slum areas became something of a tourist attraction and their standards shamed the Government enough that a massive urban regeneration project was undertaken to improve them.
  10. Not doing a proper headcount of your kids when your previous holiday was ruined by accidentally leaving one at home.
  11. Its great. Probably the least effort ever made in a war game to pretend that that bad guys are imaginary villains and not Nazis though, given that the enemies are dobermans in Wehrmacht uniforms referred to as the 'Bermans'. My guess is that the developers got to a month before release before someone pointed out that a game where the intro story was basically 'Nazis murdering children' might be a tough sell, so they decided to stick furry ears onto everyone.
  12. Rather than graphics, controls, or frame rates, the thing that turns me off old classics tends to be outdated gameplay design. Random battles, for example, are incredibly frustrating in games where the combat is dull or becomes formulaic (such as where you end up using the same tactics in every fight), and were likely to lengthen games in an era when they cost a lot more and needed to represent value. In addition, overly long or prescriptive intro sections where you spend your time watching FMV instead of playing, or running an assault course, can turn me off a game immediately. It is not that this was inevitable a few decades ago. Goldeneye, for example, did drop you straight into a decent mission for your training, there was no real intro for Doom before you started killing stuff, and after waking up Master Chief was straight into the action in Halo: CE. In contrast, playing a Final Fantasy game now feels masochistic. Take three steps, fight a battle. Only use physical attacks to conserve value MP. Win after a couple of rounds. Take three steps. Begin identical fight. Repeat for 20 minutes.
  13. Cage of Souls is my favourite Adrian Tchaikovsky book. It is endlessly inventive and paints a really detailed science fiction setting.
  14. Really looking forward to this being released on streaming services. My local cinema is showing the original and this as a double bill later in the month - very tempted to take my son, wo has seen neither, so that I can see it for a second time as well.
  15. Your view is that it is the responsibility of the audience to be aware of who they are seeing before they attend. My view is that the audience should not have this responsibility put on them. Sadowitz's secretive behaviour that you mention is a double-edged sword in this regard. It grants him greater control over how he is portrayed in the media, but on the flipside people will find it harder to know what they are going to see before they attend. That is how he chooses to manage his brand, which is of course fine, but with that come the greater risk that people who attend will be genuinely offended by what they watch. If cinemas decided to show films without trailers, film posters, or age certificates then they should hardly be surprised if someone watched something like The Human Centipede, not understanding it was a horror rather than a Pixar film about an arthropod who wants to become a person. The scenario of someone booking a show, hiring a babysitter, and so on, is AFAIK a construct you have built for this situation. From my understanding we do not know if this is the case here, as those offended may just as easily be a couple of tourists who were walking past the venue and went in on a whim. As mentioned above, the question of whether a white person be able to use racial slurs is very important to hold in mind as well. Whatever the context, if it is deemed acceptable for this, but not acceptable for other acts, then a sliding scale exists of when it is and is not right for white people to say racist things on stage. The point of 'acceptability' on the scale would move over time as cultural shifts take place, and we are now possibly seeing this performer being deemed over the line where previously the context of his act was seen to justify his performances. I'm all for this debate, but not if allowing racist language 'where appropriate in the context' creates a situation where minority groups feel unsafe in entertainment venues or where this entertainment creates an environment where hate speech is allowed to flourish under the guise of being ironic or self-deprecating to the artist or racists.
  16. A ridiculous statement. People always have a right to complain about material that they find racist. People should not be expected to 'know what to expect' when they book to see a show, especially where the performer is clearly very secretive and actively prevents information on his acts being shared online. Its the same old argument of what constitutes hate speech. The solution should not involve telling people that they should just accept what they feel is racial abuse because the person spouting it is on a stage.
  17. 5 is an unexpected treat. It must have been developed as the 'final' Yakuza game at the time, and the developers clearly had so much love for the franchise and characters that they went all out with it, and created a little-known masterpiece.
  18. Assuming reports like this one are accurate, it is easy to see why people are offended and the show deemed unacceptable for the venue. White, rich men doing a comedy routine that relies on racism and misogyny should be as careful in their job as the person in charge of the electric fences at a brand new dinosaur theme park, which is opening on the site of the previous dinosaur theme park that closed in mysterious circumstances. Its easy to ask 'what were they expecting?', but anyone who has suffered racial abuse or sexual assault, be they in the audience or a staff member in attendance, could be harmed by jokes of that nature. Of course, context is important. And that context, in this case, needs to include 'joke being told by a wealthy old white guy', which is an immovable obstacle to the content being deemed acceptable in the current day and age.
  19. Will Arnett is the best movie Batman.
  20. I have recommended this book several times on here and for 99p it is a bargain. A really well written book not only explaining race in the UK from a Black perspective, but also the cultural and historic elements which have led us to this point. If you want to get a sense of the author's knowledge of the subject and ability to articulate his points then there is a great presentation here that is well worth anyone's time:
  21. Death and the Penguin is in today's deal. A surreal Ukrainian novel. I enjoyed it and it is not overly long - a good book summer holiday book that is easy to read but not in a trashy way.
  22. A good day for the daily deal, as Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race is also available for £1.19.
  23. Anthony Starr is simply channelling himself in his Homelander scenes. Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/boys-star-arrested-spain-over-26373692
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