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  1. Shopto are selling MK8 with 12 months Switch Family Online for £50, if that works better for gift giving.
  2. It has been a while since I read the books, but it was a bit spoilery.
  3. They could have kept costs down by using the Harry Hill method:
  4. I liked the show - good to see a more faithful setting than the majority of adaptations of the book. That said, I spent half the episode trying to work out which British person in a black suit was which - damn penguins all look the same!
  5. Likewise - as soon as the 'next week' message appears the TV goes off. I have read the books and know what happens (with the exceptions of the deviations from the texts, of course), but I want there to be a bit of a surprise to look forward. That said, the next episode is apparently called which gives a pretty heavy clue as to what will take place.
  6. Maybe go full circle - have him moving in with his son and seeing the world through his father's eyes?
  7. Anyone watching the show and wanting to re-read the books might want to know that the original trilogy is on today's Kindle Daily Deal for £3.99.
  8. I would go for the simple life. Taking out a huge loan from Tom Nook, paying it off with apples, corresponding by letter with rabbits and filling my home with Gyroids laying down a base beat. The occasional train journey to visit my wife in a nearby town.
  9. Great to see Nioh there - the type of game that I am interested in but never on my buy list. I enjoyed (if that is the right word) Outlast when I played it a few years ago - hopeful that the sequel will have enough nope to it to justify the download.
  10. I've not seen the trailer, and I'm planning to avoid it and as much as possible on the film for the next two months. Booked tickets for my wife, son and myself for the local Vue on the Friday 20/12 evening showing (at £5 per ticket, which is pretty cool) so something to look forward to just before Christmas.
  11. Jon Ronson's So You've Been Publicly Shamed is only 99p right now.
  12. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isabel_Hardman#Personal_life I'm not sure that I trust Hardman's view on who the right politicians are.
  13. BossSaru


    If you think season 1 is good, you are going to love season 2.
  14. The Lite looks like a decent handheld. But has there been any word on where'er the issue of controller drift has yet been fixed? At least with the OG Switch you can replace the controllers if they start malfunctioning. The controller drift problem is the only misstep for Nintendo this generation. When my first controller started showing signs Nintendo's repair centre refused to fix the problem for free, expecting about £30, for repairing what seems to be a defect with the device.
  15. Three (what should be) simple policies would support this out: Firstly, a console-wide block on in-game purchases, which can be activated through the dashboard. Secondly, 2FA on all purchases made. Thirdly, and this is the most important. An upper limit for in-game purchases for each game, set at a fixed amount (maybe £40, for the sake of this debate). Once that limit is reached, the player gets access to everything that paid-for loot boxes can contain. Characters, outfits, the lot. Loot boxes could still exist, but they could not become a bottomless pit into which addicted gamers could end up pouring money in the hope of getting an elusive item. And there is no reason why developed can not include loot boxes with rare items that are awarded on in-game activity, rather than for cash.
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