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  1. BossSaru

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    It seems that the save is tied to the version on which you played. So if you are trying to play the a different version then you might need to start a new game. Which sucks hard. If you want to play the expansion and played the base game on a vanilla version, then you would be best off getting hold of the original disk and downloading the expansion when it is next in a PSN sale. I would not worry too much though. I very much enjoyed the Frozen Wilds, but it is not nearly as good as the base game.
  2. I agree with most of the criticism above. The game can get slow, but I find the rule to win most maps quickly is to identify the key structures (usually the barracks furthest forward that you can get to first) and sending a unit in a wagon to capture it whilst the rest of your force captures the buildings behind. And you can always spam spearmen to allow down the enemy, just as you could do with bazookas in AW. The game does suffer from a terrible last level though, which does not reward good tactical so much as hoping not to get an instadeath. I completed it, but through brief teeth after several attempts. At the end of the day, though: A strong, flawed AW clone. Good, but not the second coming that many of us were excited about.
  3. Gave this game a go. Seems well put designed, but I keep getting out into squads with people who want to go solo. Good gunplay though, and sets the bar high for F2P BR games.
  4. Hitman. A setting level with about a hundred NPCs doing their own thing. Something like an office building, or a party. A dozen or so of these NPCs are actually player controlled, and the last player alive wins. Here's the thing though. You need to act like an NPC whilst trying to spot which characters are the other players. If you kill an NPC then all the other players can see you on the minimap briefly. If you kill another player then you get to see every other player on the minimap for a few seconds. Or an Alien game. You are on a spaceship and there is only one escape pod. The first one to get to the pod survives. But if you go too quickly, get in a fight with another survivor, or draw attention to yourself then you may be spotted.
  5. BossSaru

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    You went for Parks and Rec and doors not pick this comedy dead zone? Shame on you.
  6. The second hand market beckons.
  7. I know that Activision make some of the biggest games out there. But in an entertainment medium where there is so much supply of high quality products I will certainly be less inclined to but Activision games in the future, without it having any impact on me. I am perfectly happy to play Generic Shooter 2019 from a company who have not just shafted their employees instead of supporting Bobby's next multi-million bonus. If the company was struggling then one could understand. But they are not. And they probably owe a lot of their success to the hard work (including unpaid overtime) from the 800 employees who are being told to clear their desks.
  8. BossSaru

    Cross platform/progress thread

    A crying shame, for sure. Wargroove is a game that deserves to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. And in an ideal world would be on the Vita as well with crossplay/save.
  9. BossSaru

    Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare 2

    I'm predicting that it will be, or include a mode, named Nettle Royale. Hopefully it will be a Garden Warfare sequel. The series has been a great addition to the shooter genre, very child-friendly and surprisingly deep, and deserves another iteration. I was seriously impressed that, for GW2, EA gave away its expansion DLC for free at a time when season passes were the norm.
  10. BossSaru

    Just picked up a PS Vita....

    The original has OLED, which is apparently noticeably better than the LED version. But the Slim version has 1GB onboard memory, slightly better battery life, and uses a regular micro-USB port for charging, so there are advantages to it as well.
  11. BossSaru

    Silly mistakes by companies that should know better

    "I reckon that for the sequel we should do half of the campaign from an Elite's perspective."
  12. That is great news, and hopefully Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are paying attention. I gave the game a first go last night, getting to the start of Act 2. I was a bit concerned about the doubts people have had on here, but I thought that it played fantastically well - a cracking bargain for under £20 on release. It is not Advance Wars. But then again, even AW's sequels have failed to recreate the first game's perfect balance so we may need to accept that it will forever be the genre's pinnacle. But the core mechanics seem sound and the battles so far have felt an appropriate length.
  13. BossSaru

    Fight Club is 20 years old

    I thoroughly recommend the cast commentary on the dvd. Fincher, Pitt, Norton and Bonham Carter make a really good combo.
  14. BossSaru

    Fight Club is 20 years old

    One of my favourite films. I watched it at the cinema on a weekday afternoon on a whim, knowing nothing about it and assuming that it was a film about Brad Pitt punching people. And it was an incredible experience. I posted this scene in the 'your favourite scene' thread - it really is perfect in every way and is just buried in the film:

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