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  1. BossSaru

    Games that you nearly purchased but didn't

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War. I played Shadow of Mordor to death. Platinumed it and loved every moment. Was sure that I would pick up the sequel on release. Just before release I heard about sexy Shelob and, much more damning, the loot boxes. Put it on my 'maybe one day' list. Not got around to it yet. Maybe one day.
  2. The thread on colour-blindness makes me wonder why more games do not have a colour-blind option. My son has Deuteranopia (red/green colour blindness), which apparently affects around one in twenty men, a sizeable proportion of the gaming community. Nintendo did a great job with Splatoon, creating a 'colour lock' mode that allows the game to restrict the paint colour choices for people who might struggle with distinguishing between certain colours. I can understand that this may be a hassle for games that strive for realism - but for games with a cartoony style there should always be something for players with this common condition. Also, remapping controls. When going from one FPS to another it can be annoying when the run button is now the crouch button, or the grenade is now mapped to the melee combat. Let me map the controls to any button I want, dammit, not just three or four predefined choices.
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Clothing that actually covers the female characters.
  4. Cleganebowl was always going to underwhelm. It has been hyped up since the first series, and every time in the show the two characters have been within a hundred miles of each other the internet has started speculating that it was about to kick off. I thought it was satisfying. A grudge match inside a dying city, neither character caring about the chaos going on around them. I understand that after several years viewers were probably expecting something more akin to Family Guy's Peter vs Giant Chicken fights, spilling out into crowds, getting caught up in the battle between the armies and with occasional appearances of a dragon. But that would have been lazy. At the end of the day the two of them had a fight that was inconsequential to everything else going on, but for the two characters was the moment towards which their lives had been building up. A shame that they made him look like a cross between Uncle Fester and RotJ Anakin though. I was hoping for a properly rotten head with half the flesh missing.
  5. Agreed. The part where the Lannister army threw down its weapons and the Unsullied/North/Vale army stood there uncertainly was amazing. Had we not had several seasons where the arrogant and narcissistic Jaime gradually learned what it is to be a knight from a woman whom he first ridiculed, to the point where at a hearing deciding his fate she stepped forward and vouched for him as an honourable man, then maybe. His romance with Brienne is him rebelling against his past, which he realises that he can not leave behind when he hears that his sister is about to get roasted by an angry dragon.
  6. I think that we need a reveal that Ser Jorah was sneaking anti-psychotic medication into Danaerys' food for the last few years.
  7. Agreed. Watching heroes dealing with failure is, IMO, way more interesting than seeing them celebrating victory. The opening act, where we are introduced to the characters some time after 'the Snap', is the best bit of the film.
  8. Which they would find difficult now that Cersei's fleet have dragon-seeking ballistae. Cersei now has a fleet, which is lethal to air units and the troop transports that Dany was using. Dany has no fleet that can currently compete with this, meaning that Cersei could break any blockade and escort any ships carrying necessary supplies. So Dany probably needs to get the a naval fleet like the Greyjoys' back into the mix, or do something a bit more sneaky like destroying Cersei's fleet while it is in harbour.
  9. Pretty hard to besiege a coastal city if you can not control the water around it.
  10. I really liked the film overall. Considering the challenge of bring together such a large catalogue of characters I think that it was done brilliantly. The action scenes were great, but my favourite part was the opening act which showed the heroes and society still struggling to cope with the loss five years previously. The range from those trying to move forward (Banner, Rogers and Stark), to those wallowing in guilt and self-pity (Thor) and those who refuse to accept what they have lost (Hawkeye), and Lang's use as an exposition tool was very clever. Frankly I would have been happy for more of this in the film - more scenes of Rogers trying to heal those around him, just as he needed to come to terms with the loss when he was revived 2000s, and society rebuilding in the shadow of the tragedy. Moreover, I hope that later films deal with the impact of the world changing back again. The probably inevitable famines and wars for resources resulting from a sudden re-doubling of the population, not to mention the awkwardness of married couples suddenly five years apart in age, some having remarried or passed away in the interim. Avengers: Aftermath would be a cool film. The meat of the adventure held together well. The time travelling was confusing, but I try to think of the time travel as them switching to alternate realities as well as times - so any changes they make would affect that reality but not their own. The 'assemble' moment was well earned, and the film did a great job of not turning Captain Marvel into an overpowered cheat mode. I liked when the ship turned its guns to the sky, and was blatted in a single shot. It is easy to pick holes in a film this complex. But I wondered why, given the presence of space wizards who can open up portals, Doctor Strange or one of his buddies did not simply hide the gauntlet at the start of the battle. It would have meant that they could have dealt with Thanos without the ever-present risk that he was about to 'click' them out of existence. 'Lebowski' and Korg being trolled on Fortnite were the highlights for me. And pretty much every scene with Ant Man. Very happy to see Steve Rogers getting the send off he deserved, and Tony's death leaves a big hole for another to fill.

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