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  1. My preferred traffic was always to put my controller on a shelf and tackle my son. That was a few years ago, mind. These days, with him approaching my height, such horseplay is likely to result in me losing a tooth and putting a hole in the wall.
  2. Sportfriends is great for people who do not usually play games. It is a bunch of mini games, of which Super Pole Riders is the standout game for comedy value : Johann Sebastian Joust is also cracking. Basically every player has to try to nudge each others' controllers whilst protecting theirs.
  3. Wireless controllers. If consoles started using wired joypads again two things would be guaranteed: A&E waiting rooms would be packed with people who had toppled and faceplanted their coffee table Practically every machine would be dented to buggery from all the times they had been unceremoniously yanked from the TV stand
  4. Canary Worf (S)Canning Town
  5. It is the same principle as Burberry destroying clothes. They want to maintain the value of their product by not letting unused stock be sold at a discount. Whilst it makes sound business sense for the landlord this is not in the interests of the wider economy. This could be addressed with a carrot or stick approach. Financial incentives, such as reduced tax costs, for landlords with no vacant properties, for example. Or on the flipside increasing the costs of vacant properties. Or legislate that after a suitable period of vacancy (maybe 12 months), the property is leased to the highest bidder for a minimum of, for example, two years. A few years ago there were debates about the morality of houses and flats lying empty when people are homeless. The same argument could be made for retail - that unused commercial property is a wider social issue and holds back the country. Alternatively, given that the problems on the high street are largely as a result of internet retailers undercutting bricks and mortar shops, use tax revenue from internet stores to support traditional retailers, if there is a view that high streets are more than just a collection of shops and serve a wider community benefit that is being undermined by online shops.
  6. Seen a few following recommendations on the forum (In the Mood for Love, Train to Busan, Downfall). Aside from these, I tend to watch Japanese foreign films to help my comprehension. My recommendations for lesser known titles would be: Fish Story - An absolute belter that should be watched with as little knowledge of the film as possible. The blurb, which dos not give anything substantive away, is "The oddball story of a song recorded by a Japanese punk band. Waxed in 1975, Fish Story not only got the musical jump on Britain and America's claims to have invented punk, but could also hold the key to saving Earth". Departures - A young man who returns to his hometown after a failed career as a cellist becomes a mortician, in a society where this job is seen as shameful. Tokyo Sonata - A father is made redundant and, instead of telling his wife, gets dressed each morning and pretends to go to work. The film looks at the four members of this broken family. Soredemo boku wa yattenai (I Just Didn't Do It) - Based on the true story of a man accused of groping a girl on a busy train, who finds himself in legal battle against a system which has a 99% guilty conviction rate.
  7. Wasn't Rose an engineer? They could have lost that weird space slug engineer on the Falcon and had her spend the film fixing the ship up every time they managed to prang it. Feels more to me that someone decided that they had to keep her in to avoid looking like they were being discriminatory, but in the least meaningful role possible.
  8. A River in Darkness: One Man's Escape from North Korea is only 99p at the moment. A really insightful book about life in North Korea for someone who came to the country as a child. Not a cheery book, but quite eye-opening to see both how the country operates, and the struggles that people have when they escape and try to integrate into another society. Edit: I see that this was already included in the listing above.
  9. Titanfall 2 has an amazing single player mode. Read nothing more about it, and enjoy it unspoiled. It is one of the games of this generation. Trust me.
  10. Done right, they can be good. God of War, for example, makes it feel as if an old, flabby Kratos is returning to his previous strength. Likewise in the Wolfenstein: TNO, getting me to try out different techniques and weapons to unlock the abilities of the main character. But yes, making me get smacked about in the Elder Scroll games to make me better at 'wearing armour' does nothing to improve the game for me.
  11. Not in keeping with the general mood of this thread, but the final scene of Tokyo Sonata gives me a proper uplift every time I watch it. The film is well worth a watch (the clip below is part of the whole film subtitled, if anyone is interested). The closing scene is really powerful, whilst understated, after the preceding two hours of the family struggling to hold together.
  12. Bad Company 2 was better than both.
  13. Does anyone use a soup maker that they can recommend? My family eats a lot of soup, but given busy lives it would save time in the evenings if we had a machine that does the cooking and blending for us. Edit: I bought this one, and my first go last night (bacon and lentil) came out really nicely, although I may reduce the amount of lentils in future to make it a bit thinner. Whilst the regular price is £75, Amazon are doing 20% off their Amazon Warehouse items which brought the 'Used - Like New' (in my case, brand new with all the labels still on it, in a dented box) down to £35. The manufacturer's website let me sign up the item for a 2-year warranty, so that is me covered if there are any issues for a while.
  14. Shopto are selling MK8 with 12 months Switch Family Online for £50, if that works better for gift giving.
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