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  1. Oh my word. This is Carrie Symonds, apparently. I'm pretty sure that Freud had a few theories about stuff like this.
  2. Last gen I owned a PS4, this gen I pre-ordered a Series X both to pick up what I missed last gen, but also because of the appeal of Game Pass. One year on and I'm very happy. Game Pass has changed what I play, allowing me to try out games that I would usually dismiss as 'probably not my thing' and not feeling obliged to play games to completion to justify the cost. I am rubbish at racing games and do not usually buy them, but enjoyed the couple of hours on Forza that I tried out to get my fill. Also, quick resume is a feature that I would struggle to adjust to not having now - these days games without it are a massive turn-off, even with the much shorter loading times.
  3. It looks like Rockstar are really pushing the PS5 and Series X with this.
  4. In terms of hardware, Amazon look to be offloading previous gen Kindle stock now that their new version is out - currently you can pick up a 8GB Paperwhite with leather cover for £90 or the 32GB with cover for £95. These are the 10th gen waterproof models. Alternatively, you can get these Kindles without a cover for £75 (8GB) or £80 (32GB).
  5. You people disappointed with it are all nuts. The whole season is worth it just for
  6. A River in Darkness is a unique book on North Korea. While most accounts are very positive about their subjects' lives after leaving the country, this one also delves into the prejudice that North Korean defectors face in their new homes, which is quite eye opening.
  7. I had a guaranteed licence sale on the C64. Tips hotline. Sequels for the next decade. Who cares if it worked or not?
  8. There seems to be the odd gem on IMDB TV via Prime. Rashomon, for example, is up there if you don't mind the ads.
  9. That was very good. The central plot could have been a TNG episode and the shorter run time means that things move along with a lot of energy. They even managed to get some feelz in there. After the first series being a wacky comedy they have dialled down the characters' more 'zany' attributes and it has paid off. The bridge crew have been fleshed out more, and the crew is feeling more like a team than a bunch of characters doing one-liners.
  10. I love TNG, but the Enterprise D just feels too flamboyant. I get that is probably intentional - by that stage the Enterprise seemed to be more of a a diplomatic tool than an exploration vessel. In contrast, there is something vulnerable but bold about the original Enterprise that I adore. Something that demonstrates that the Federation is really going out courageously into the unknown using whatever it has been able to pull together, with a subtle beauty that comes from a focus on function. Similarly with DS9, I loved how the first series regularly revolved around O'Brien trying to stop the place falling to bits while Sisko negotiated with shopkeepers not to leave. It felt like everything was happening on the edge of civilisation, with tech was advanced but working way beyond its design specs.
  11. I seem to be in agreement with the majority on most of the questions - except for best ship. How can anyone not place this as the best? Absolutely iconic and still beautiful today. The relative simplicity contrasted with ships in later series make them look like Homer Simpson's car design by comparison.
  12. Really enjoyed that episode. Really feels like the show has found its feet now. Lots of nice touches, like the
  13. Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala is 99p in today's daily deal. Really highly recommended, and increasingly relevant as we see the culture wars becoming a smoke screen for racism in the UK.
  14. James O'Brien is a classic liberal who likes to do a sadface when bad things happen yet refuses to accept any change to the status quo. He got a lot of fame for being anti-Brexit, and admittedly he has been consistent and well informed on the subject, but like so many in the Centre he was happy to trash the one realistic opportunity to avoid where we are now, with unhinged rantings like: Before he joined LBC he had a short run TV chat show, O'Brien, which sounds like the most Partridge thing ever created without the involvement of Richard Madeley: The show ran for ten episodes, five of which featured Jim Davidson as a guest. The only comedy value is seeing how any mention of Corbyn sets him off: Completely rent free in his head.
  15. Death Tank Zwei on the Saturn. A great multiplayer game hampered by a few small access issues: Nobody owned a Saturn It was hidden away by Lobotomy Software as a freebie for people who owned more than one of their games There was a remake on the XB360, but it is a game designed for in-person gaming, where you could troll your opponent by bunny hopping over their shots, pulling off amazing trick shots as they jet-packed across the level, or just simply splash al your cash to nuke everything in a glorious ball of death. It would work perfectly on the Switch.
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