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  1. My wife and I have used Riverford for well over a decade now. Not as expensive as one would expect given the variety in the produce, and on the few occasions when there is an issue with an order they always fix it quickly when emailed. For a family of three (two adults, one teen) we spend around £45 per fortnight (a weekly fruit box and a large veg box every two weeks).
  2. Inventory screens can be a much welcomed opportunity to pause and catch your breath in an action-oriented game. In Resident Evil, for example, you can use those few moments when you are healing or switching weapons to think about your strategy. So Zombi-U, with its inventory screen that not only forces you to take things out of your backpack in real time but also makes you split your attention between the game world on the TV and the contents of your bag on the gamepad screen, was genuinely game changing. An amazing mechanic that was sadly not adopted by other developers. The game also deserves praise for the gameplay feature of, on death, encouraging you to hunt down and defeat your previous avatar to regain your loot. It added consequences to death, that was not only frustrating but also felt organic in the game world.
  3. Was Game the company that held more cash than their company value, and very short lease agreements? If so, I could see this being an opportunity for Ashley to buy a high Street brand at a low cost, to relocate into his other existing retail stores.
  4. It is very sad. It is also very amazing. But it is so incredibly sad. But watch it.
  5. Likewise, I have seen the movie a few times and it is (IMO) as perfect a black comedy as I can imagine. There is always something new in it to notice. This low-key, throw-away moment is funnier than the entirety of most comedy films, because the characters are all so well realised:
  6. It can be frustrating when players are not playing to the objectives of the game. So, in Battlefield, when attaching forces are largely made up of snipers on a hillside near the down with very few players taking objectives. Other than that, anything goes. All players have the same opportunities, and if the game is so unbalanced that a core set of tactics can win every time then I will probably just play something else.
  7. Last night's BBC2 episodes were wonderful.
  8. I would expect a Mike Ashley-owned Game to close all of its expensive high street stores and relocate to sitting in branches of Sports Direct and Debenhams.
  9. Would totally buy a Father Ted RPG.
  10. The sinister face he does after every 'feed' slays me every time.
  11. A couple of Nintendo ones I got with reward schemes. Mario Galaxy and Animal Crossing, I think. Dreamcast soundtrack CDs of Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5 as well.
  12. Middle Earth: Shadow of War. I played Shadow of Mordor to death. Platinumed it and loved every moment. Was sure that I would pick up the sequel on release. Just before release I heard about sexy Shelob and, much more damning, the loot boxes. Put it on my 'maybe one day' list. Not got around to it yet. Maybe one day.
  13. The thread on colour-blindness makes me wonder why more games do not have a colour-blind option. My son has Deuteranopia (red/green colour blindness), which apparently affects around one in twenty men, a sizeable proportion of the gaming community. Nintendo did a great job with Splatoon, creating a 'colour lock' mode that allows the game to restrict the paint colour choices for people who might struggle with distinguishing between certain colours. I can understand that this may be a hassle for games that strive for realism - but for games with a cartoony style there should always be something for players with this common condition. Also, remapping controls. When going from one FPS to another it can be annoying when the run button is now the crouch button, or the grenade is now mapped to the melee combat. Let me map the controls to any button I want, dammit, not just three or four predefined choices.
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