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  1. Never say never, but I do not recall hardware prices having increased post-launch in the past. Sure, the pound is likely to have a volatile few years, which may increase costs of more flexibly proceed products. That said, I expect that Microsoft and Sony have factored this in and world rather take the hit of needed than incur the bad publicity of price hikes during the generation, when it is generally expected for prices to fall.
  2. If you are in the UK you can watch it on iPlayer.
  3. Neither. I gave made it through this gen with a PS4 and Switch, and was considering buying a Series S to enjoy the start of the next gen whilst paying through some XB1 games during the drought. But, stepping back, I think I world be smarter to buy a cheap XB1 and enjoy games that I missed on that until the next gen really gets moving and hardware prices start dropping. Of course, I say the same every gen and end up getting one at launch. We'll see.
  4. I think that Sony will be doing everything they can to get within £50 of the XB Series S. Launching a console at the start of a huge global recession that is significantly more expensive than the main competition would be a risky move and world lose market share that Sony has spent the last several years pulling in. That said, the machine will lose a fortune at that price, so I think it may be £350 for the base model with a load of digital sweeteners. A year of PS Now/Plus thrown in, perhaps, or a bunch of PlayStation Hits titles with every console. If Sony can not compete on price then they will need to compete on value.
  5. It will be able to play the same games as the X. For people who just want to lay games, and are not worried about the difference between 1080p and 4k, this is a hugely tempting package. Like how Apple release phones with different levels of storage and Amazon's Kindle exists as a basic and more sophisticated variants.
  6. AFAIK the only announced version with a disk drive will be the XBox Series X. Likewise, I would prefer a console that takes disks, but a $200 cut is very tempting.
  7. Yes, this is the download-only version, apparently. At under £300 it is hugely competitive. I may sit out the first six months of the next gen, just to see how things settle.
  8. Akala's book, Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire, is 99p in today's Kindle daily deal. I have only heard excellent things about it.
  9. It's the plot of a fair number of episodes of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA.
  10. BossSaru

    Fall Guys

    I like Rock and Roll. Although I did feel sorry for the one blue player the other day who was left pushing his team's ball whilst all his mates dashed to the end zone right at the start.
  11. I doubt I'll buy it at the RRP, but I am delighted that it exists. Whatever people's views on the product, the industry benefits hugely from a company like Nintendo who are innovating and taking chances.
  12. When I was younger I wanted to get the second Sonic games on the Mega Drive with my Christmas money, so I took my dad to Dixons. My dad held the cash - he was the bag man, in case anything went down. Anyway, we get to the counter and he looks at the box I had pointed out and asked for 'Sonic 2 the Hedgehog'. I don't know why I felt so embarrassed. But I still remember it.
  13. I did exactly the same. Went to Osaka to pursue my dreams of running a nightclub ignoring the fact that I had just ducked out for five minutes to do some shopping. Returned with untold riches and stories of freeing hostesses from the clutches of their evil managers.
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