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  1. Hmmm... I may well go back and pick up my save seeing as it's now more affordable to buy as a key. Like others here I'm a big vikings/last kingdom fan and I was so hyped by the 'Odyssey in a pagan britain' proposal.
  2. Apologies, I didn't mean to imply that what you said was ridiculous, just the game I played 25 hours or so and lost interest and it's a shame that the better content is gated behind so much play time. I adored Odyssey and was really looking forward to exploring the Valhalla world but I just felt apathy towards it after the time I played. I was also playing on the Ubisoft+ service so was wary of subbing for another month to play more.
  3. So brave of Gabe Newell to hold back Half Life 3 in order to stop all of the ice caps melting
  4. I assume that's because they are running a 1 week free trial and want to convert as many day 1 sign ups into paying customers as possible.
  5. I'd say it's worth watching some more as there are some excellent action set pieces and reveals later on. However I think there are also parts you'll probably hate based on what you've said and there could definitely be more battle/mission-based scenes. One thing to point out is that it also strives to build Spartan characters that aren't Master Chief. The market for this show is way broader demographically than the games and the writing reflects that. I don't want to spoil anything by saying more. I'm hoping there will be more series that get it closer to the game world. Like I said, the balance is slightly off in terms of action vs plot building but I put this down to it being series 1 and needing to do that.
  6. I've played every single Halo game to completion, apart from 5 (arse) and Infinite (largely played multi-player). I've also watched the whole series of Halo, which you haven't. It's clearly different but, as a piece of media that runs parallel to gaming, it does a good job of complimenting it, in my opinion. How else could you flesh out such a character, apart from adding humanity and the emotion into the mix? A new uniform skin?
  7. I got this at launch on PC and bounced off it. Is it time to try again?
  8. Episode 4 with the feels! I'm loving this. Quantum Break was a new IP and struggled as a result. I am struggling to articulate what I'm thinking but there is such an opportunity to segue this level of narrative into a playable experience. Finish the fight.
  9. Makes you think that maybe Halo Infinite could have been a multi-planet, Mass Effect-style adventure. Tight set pieces in unique environments with some narrative cool down inbetween. In the first episode alone they were tossing iconic locations around just to build a universe and keep things moving. But 343 (and I understand why) just tried to make that one-planet experience work in a way that will never beat what we all played decades ago. I bet Microsoft are annoyed this wasn't an xbox platform experience. Watch it included on game pass. See the story and then jump into a map & scenario to 'finish the fight' that talented writers, etc set up. It would be perfect. Somewhere, someone at EA in charge of Mass Effect should be planning their next pitch. Gaming needs to meet other media in the middle and this proves it. Well fucking played.
  10. An introduction definitely made for people who have played the games. The ships, the weapons, the big f'kin elites. Subsequent episodes have a shorter intro but that first one was a belter. Only thing I'm annoyed about is no grunts! Wort wort.
  11. Totally get it. In the games 'you' are master chief. They've done well to add an actual persona here, not just blastyman. His intro as MC was perfect, his intro as a person just as much so.
  12. Watching on P+ now and I'm glad I went in cold. This is brilliant. Getting serious 'Dredd' vibes, probably for obvious reasons.
  13. Thanks for the tip!
  14. I'm watching this through again. It makes me howl. "You gave a two year-old boy a slab of chocolate the size of a headstone... Geoff Capes would have shite up his back if he ate that amount of chocolate!"
  15. I'm watching a playthough of snowpeak mansion whilst I do some work, such a trippy level for a Zelda game.
  16. Mars


    I got through 10 minutes before sacking it off. Absolute shit.
  17. TP has a really special place in my heart, seems almost like a fever dream in my memory. This is beautiful and I think of it often:
  18. New Sigh song, album coming in August:
  19. I've released the first episode of my science fiction, 'FESA'. I am working on the remaining episodes, to launch over the summer. Any support at https://ko-fi.com/fesa would be hugely appreciated, or if anyone can share/like the clip. Thank you
  20. Just seen this! Will have a listen, thanks for the heads up.
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