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  1. Just picked up Overwatch for the Xbox in the sale, loving it so far. Have stuck to Arcade/Classic and damage for the first few matches. Does anyone play on Xbox? Is a headset recommended?
  2. Not enough fog (It's brilliant, especially the end).
  3. Mars

    Xbox Game Pass

    Kingdom Come, Kingdom Go.
  4. Same here, it's been my lockdown world and adventure. I'll remember it fondly.
  5. I like this and another nice link to the 'Infinite' name (eg infinite realities). The world switching is something shown on the ps5 with Ratchet & Clank... The current gen Xbox consoles need to be factored in but I also can't think of a better way to upsell users to have an instant jump between worlds vs a 5-10 second wait. Or maybe, it's integrated into the world & gameplay as Forge/Theatre mode was, or calling in allies based on other player's performances like Dark Souls, or a drivatar-like mechanic for AI buddies. Phil Spencer talked about 'fast travel vs really fast travel' - that doesn't have to just be a distance.
  6. With water, etc... I'm thinking if you laid narrow parts of, say, the Assassin's Creed Odyssey map on top of one another, it's not unrealistic. I guess I'm really hoping for this based on it being a new-gen game and pushing some boundaries. Whatever it ends up being, I am a lot more excited for this than I was for 4 or 5. P.s. Giant ring, huge crack
  7. One big ring... I'm caling it. The natural evolution of the premise of CE. Woukd be easy enough to gate off areas with tech, etc. Halovania.
  8. Although playing F-Zero for 24 hours would be a hell of an experience
  9. The bit with the ambulance absolutely creases me.
  10. Brawl in Cell Block 99 has become one of my favourite films. Such a dark, unforgiving and one-way descent.
  11. Re: the name... Could it be set one one giant open-world Halo? Would make sense given the 'Infinite' name. Also would be cool to work around the loop and then arrive back where you started for a seamless NG+ with all of your new gear and levels.
  12. Mars

    Xbox Series X

    But you would presume they meant 2 years from when the console actually comes out.
  13. I think it's a normal shape when you first get it but then it just overheats and melts.
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