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  1. This is brilliant. Have been caning the first 4 tracks on time trial for an hour or so. It's got that sweet sumo/outrun/sonic racing handling and dna. Really impressed and can't believe this just appeared on gamepass. Actually got a bit emotional as I nailed one of my first drifts, got serious flashbacks to playing Outrun on Xbox.
  2. Yeah, you need to see it in action on your, erm, 1080p TV
  3. Is there a timatak mode?
  4. The GPU is just panicking.
  5. Colin McRae's Indy 500 could be fun.
  6. Or Wednesday, when it finishes downloading.
  7. Mine's arrived, actually.
  8. Seems they've hired the voice team from Xenoblade Chronicles.
  9. Just picked up Overwatch for the Xbox in the sale, loving it so far. Have stuck to Arcade/Classic and damage for the first few matches. Does anyone play on Xbox? Is a headset recommended?
  10. Not enough fog (It's brilliant, especially the end).
  11. Mars

    Xbox Game Pass

    Kingdom Come, Kingdom Go.
  12. Same here, it's been my lockdown world and adventure. I'll remember it fondly.
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