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  1. Is there a list of which gamepass games offer some easy points?
  2. The classic comes with 2 controllers. You can use a DualShock, etc if you install retroarch on a USB stick - this takes up one of the controller ports though. Thanks for the advice, everyone!
  3. Infantino is actually running the VAR system for every Qatar game.
  4. I was expecting the ref to place a concrete orb on the spot then.
  5. They would, except they couldn’t score in a crack den with a roll of £50 notes. So expect a penalty in the 89th minute when an Ecuadorian ghost commits handball, or the keeper accidentally looks at a Budweiser advert.
  6. Congratulations to the new World Cup winners, Qatar! Crooked as fuck.
  7. I can just imagine Fiona Bruce picking up someone's yellowed SNES and muttering 'stupid cunt' under her breath
  8. After my 360 broke, the last console I have to tinker around on is my PS Classic. It’s modded with Retroarch and I have 3 questions… Which PS1 games are still good to play in 2022? I haven’t played many of the exclusive games at all (apart from Ridge Racer Type 4) as I owned a Saturn at the time the PS1 was out. I’ve tried to played Ridge Racer 2 on PSP via retroarch (I loved playing it on a PC emulator) but it runs slow. Other PSP games run fine - are there any settings I can tinker with in order to get it to run at full speed? I have an unofficial Xbox 360 controller that isn’t recognised by Retroarch - is there a way to fix this or do I need to buy an official pad? This is so I can play games using an analogue stick. Thanks so much
  9. You’ll have to buy a copy… unless it’s too deer.
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