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  1. Just seen this! Will have a listen, thanks for the heads up.
  2. Did Rothko do the textures in PS4 Cyberpunk?
  3. It crashes after the splash screens for me - I have a Ryzen and AMD gpu and apparently Xenia has issues with AMD gear.
  4. Only if you enable Mass Effects.
  5. The bullets just pass straight through them, apparently. Their mass is very thinly spread and the velocity and and small bullet size means little damage is caused. And also why a shotgun up close with big spread is the one.
  6. Cross-play between PC/Xbox and Switch would be nice as well. I hate dreaming about this ever coming out
  7. Apologies, a bit of a DIY project has meant my time has been limited - hope to make the next race
  8. When asked if his xbox was available, Ry replied "Urine luck".
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