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  1. Purchased! Love this thread, saving my first Metroid Prime play through since the original for winter
  2. Much preferred the previous lineup, the 2 new guys are hateful and add nothing to the show.
  3. Rebellion announced some licensing projects for their IPs a while ago, hopefully this is one of them
  4. They might not care about the the long term and games library if they’re using it as a proof of concept to be bought out.
  5. Getting to try out some mods on the Xbox One version of Skyrim after rinsing it on 360. Felt like a new game, especially the environmental and survival options, some of the new quests and locations are great, too.
  6. Sorry, the news of the delay caused me to turn into a Dobuito NPC, repeating myself until the plot moves on.
  7. Guys, I just looked up what ‘Shenmue’ actually means... NEVER FUCKING FINISHED.
  8. Is... everything awesome?
  9. Thought that said ‘Tales of Arse’ for a second.
  10. Mars

    Black Mirror

    Season 5 is out! That’s tonight’s sorted
  11. Good point, this was a great dry run for them.
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