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  1. You could afford to piss on a Series X every day!
  2. 2 amazing versions of the UK to get lost in. Its a great map so far and I can't wait to explore more.
  3. I use this https://virtualdreamcast.com/demul-setup-guide/ But as Ninja Doctor mentions, there are a few good Emulators out there. Good luck!
  4. I've recently got hold of a decent enough PC to handle emulation and have started playing Metropolis Street Racer again. One of my all time favourite games
  5. What are people's thoughts about video? A lot of Edge's style would translate well and their potential reach will increase massively.
  6. Congratulations, man! Enjoy.
  7. I was joking sorry after dumpster's deft cover-up above.
  8. I understand you guys want to remain anonymous, but did you work in Glanscaster? I was at Uni there around the time of the Xbox 360 launch. Great store and somewhat of a golden era of multiplayer gaming - Halos 2 & 3 came out during that time, GTA 4, Call of Duty 4, Skate... I had a yodabox in my first year as well, what a time. Before Uni I went to a forum meet as a nervous bystander, I returned to the Halo 2 meet after a term at Uni and got so drunk in Fez club that I slept in my car.
  9. That's really cool, nice one.
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