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  1. Plot twist: that’s a ‘Let’s Play’ of the whole game.
  2. So, you’re saying that.... you will point out ‘something’ in the game, when it finally comes out, but that you can’t currently predict what that will be. Thanks for that!
  3. Mars


    Because people can act like entitled infants who don’t account for any point of view apart from their own?
  4. Mars


    Also, and this isn’t a dig at @Broker more of an observation - a pervasive attitude of ‘will only work for x’ usually means ‘Nobody has tried it for anything else yet’.
  5. Mars


    Could work for other games? Delivering ‘an’ experience, not the perceived ‘right’ experience for someone would mean the world in terms of acknowledgement and inclusion. Somewhere between watching a stream and giving up playing a game you get stuck on. Or use a playtester/another player’s ghost data to navigate/autopilot an open world or driving game.
  6. Mars


    The Aladdin and Lion King remasters have an auto-play feature that you can stop And start at any time, apparently. Think it’s a great idea to have as an option.
  7. Have never played past the village on Resi 4... I have a copy on Wii so will give that a whirl
  8. This is now on game pass, will be having a few games tonight
  9. I’m Arcturus 36 7, playing new light on Xbox One - up for raids, all sorts
  10. I’m Arcturus 36 7 on Xbox Is there a rllmuk clan?
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