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  1. Have never played past the village on Resi 4... I have a copy on Wii so will give that a whirl
  2. This is now on game pass, will be having a few games tonight
  3. I’m Arcturus 36 7, playing new light on Xbox One - up for raids, all sorts
  4. I’m Arcturus 36 7 on Xbox Is there a rllmuk clan?
  5. Does seem a bit like some reviewers wanted to make an example of Ubisoft and went in two-footed.
  6. This is insanely good as a newcomer, who loves Halo. An immense amount of content and I’m already in love with it all
  7. Mars

    Battlefield V

    Nothing has come close to BF4 for me, so glad it still has a load of players
  8. You can have the best of both worlds, so why not?
  9. Mars


    Man, watching Gnabry against Spurs is fucking depressing.
  10. Mars

    Xbox Game Pass

    Because if/when a title leaves Game Pass, you would need to buy a copy.
  11. Mars

    Xbox Game Pass

    ‘Kin hell, that’s a great lineup!
  12. Mars

    Xbox Game Pass

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is almost perfect, frame rate issues on some tracks/times of day, but a wonderful game.
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