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  1. This is currently £26.99 on CDKeys. Cheapest I've seen it by some way. https://www.cdkeys.com/horizon-forbidden-west-ps4-ps5-eu?mw_aref=consoledeals&data1=fm_15366605
  2. My first From/Miyazaki game, gave it about 18 hours but found it a bleak, punishing experience. Probably more about me than the game - I just wasn't in the right headspace for something that oppressive, harrowing and grim. Didn't help that the combat hadn't exactly clicked & my usual fight strategy of button mashing/running away tended to end with YOU DIED. A frequently genuinely amazing-looking game, capable of provoking similarly amazing-looking nightmares to wake up screaming from. I put it down with the intention of going back again at some point in the unlikely event I cheered up a bit, but right now (60-odd hours into Ass Creed Valhalla, which at least has pretty blue skies & green fields as a backdrop to its decapitations), I dunno.
  3. I was a bit irked. Got even more vexing when they started dragging Mexica/Aztec deities into the mess, but whatever. Quite enjoyed it on the whole but broadly I'm finding that the whole privileged, upper-class posho going on holiday to murder foreigns & steal their stuff premise tends to stick in the throat a little bit more than it did in 1996.
  4. My first go at any Wordle-style game & I got it on my second guess. Evidently I have a very limited and specific vocabulary. Lewdle 05 2/6
  5. Same here, loved it at the time despite the flaws & picked it up on DC later. Don't remember if I finished it twice though. Didn't play much of the sequel, I remember it being generic 3rd person shooty crap with none of the atmosphere of the first.
  6. Xipe Totec


    Guilty. I know I'm going to regret it when the gigs come around.
  7. Xipe Totec


    I think for that reason, this will be the first tour since 1997 (when we drove down to see the entire tour at London Astoria) I won't be going. Ticket prices are brutal too - if there'd been a Scottish date I think I'd have been in, but they're starting to look a bit like the world's laziest & greediest band. Part of the problem's the last album, which just didn't register with me - there are moments, but on the whole it feels quite unadventurous, almost template-based, with a lot of very familiar-sounding parts & structures - & Maynard sounds so unengaged. I'm fully prepared to accept that I've changed, not them - but that's perhaps the problem. For a nominally 'progressive' band they've not really moved a great deal in 20 years.
  8. I have this near the top of my digital Pile Of Shame, having recently played through ROTTR and surprised myself by having a great time. After hating the reboot (little more than relentless murdery, shooty horror-porn crap, as I remember) I'd ignored both sequels, but I picked up Rise for a fiver a few months ago because, well - it was a fiver. Having skimmed through this thread I'm no longer sure dropping a whole £8 on Shadow is going to repeat that experience - I'm encouraged by less shooting, more exploring & more puzzles but it's hard not to get the impression that despite that, they've somehow managed to make the entire game into a gigantic, risible pile of arse. And will I be endlessly infuriated by the conflation of Maya & Inca culture - two unrelated civilisations separated by several thousand miles and about five centuries? I was OK (if mildly confused) with an American-speaking hippie commune located in an inexplicably warm & sunny valley in Siberia, but messing with classic Mesoamerica might be a bit much.
  9. Drop pods. Find a drop pod, repair the 3 bits of damaged tech using craftable components (assuming you have the blueprint for the component) & you can claim an inventory slot from the pod. If I remember (haven't played since last year) you can choose which inventory to upgrade.
  10. Want one once there's something I really want to play on it (Horizon) - and a redesign so the disc version isn't so vast & misshapen would be nice As it is I have a huge pile of shame to get through on my old council PS4, so hopefully by the time I actually want to buy a PS5 there will be some stock.
  11. He did, if that means his flat, one-note grunting made an entirely unlikeable character stand head & shoulders in unlikeability above a cast of similarly unlikeable characters. Witcher 3 is a game I should have loved but the portrayal of Geralt (as well as his uncanny ability to get stuck in the scenery & die falling off a low wall) really made the game an arduous experience for me.
  12. And search planets for drop pods, which contain a free slot upgrade that you can install after repairing it with easy to obtain materials, once you have the refiner blueprint. First step should be to find a hospitable homeworld and construct a simple base, Follow the base building questline and most of the basic tech & construction blueprints come pretty quickly.
  13. I found it dull & a bit fiddly. Played through the first areas and a bit of the first settlement after the Hoped it would open up & get a bit more engaging once you got to Teer Fradee but it all felt very samey. Didn't strike me as broken, just didn't grab me as I'd hoped from the premise & from a lot of the comments on here. Might give it another go at some point.
  14. I've had no previous history of buying these, but this gen I've had the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition, No Man's Sky box set with art book & Horizon Zero Dawn box with art book. I do like the NMS & HZD sets, but I have no idea at all why I bought the Fallout 4 thing - it's a nasty, bulky bit of plastic tat that's just been stuck in a cupboard for 4 years. However - just checked Ebay & it's interesting to see that people will still pay £80 - £90 for it, for some reason. If I can dredge up some motivation, I suppose I should flog it.
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