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  1. I'm 150-odd hours into Oddysey (so it's clearly doing something right) but on balance I think I preferred Origins. I found By 'Eck to be a more compelling main character with more obvious motivations than Kassandra & less moral ambiguity than she seems to have. For me as a videogame tourist, there was more variety in locations in Origins, despite the hugeness of Odyssey's world, and somehow more of a sense of scale in the world. I tend to fast-travel much more in Odyssey, rather than jumping on my camel/horse/underworld death-beast & setting auto-pilot for the other side of the map if I want to go somewhere. Probably helps that I find ancient Egypt a lot more interesting than Hellenic Greece but I don't think that's all it is. Don't particularly like some of the changes such as the level-scaling (which can't be properly disabled) and reducing shops to just blacksmiths, but these are pretty minor tbh. I find a lot of things, for example hunting, defeating forts & camps, are much the same only somehow blander. Apropos of nothing really, if you like one you'll like the other, & they're both dirt-cheap now. All you need is 200+ hours spare.
  2. I live in (dwindling) hope that there'll eventually be a "less wanky animals" update.
  3. Same here. I'm a massive Alien fan, the first movie would be in my top 10 films ever - this game was pretty much made for me. First time I met Alan I turned it off & never went back...
  4. Not played this since the Next update mangled my painstakingly constructed & utterly ridiculous base. Looks like I'll be digging it out again, along with the vom-goggles.
  5. I found this following the Atlas Rising update. Prior to that I'd been pretty badass (using the upgraded phase beam/backing away technique!) but now I find the best option is to run away, unless you can lure your adersaries down to a planet's atmosphere. Not found the other weapon types to be particularly useful/accurate - but I'm fully prepared to accept that I'm just shit at the combat.
  6. 348 hours, 35 minutes. Fuck a duck.
  7. I found one portal in my entire journey to the centre. Reasonable to assume they'll either be more frequent now, or easier to find, maybe show up on a scan. I'm away from home right now & won't get to play this until Tuesday.
  8. Came back to this a couple of weeks ago, having reached the centre in my initial playthrough, and only just getting my head around Pathfinder & Foundation. Now this - Terrain creation? No-one's going to make a gigantic rock cock, are they?
  9. Lucky sods, all of you still playing this. I finished it about a month ago and still miss it - I can't summon the motivation to play anything else! DLC better come soon...
  10. Loved the first, was annoyed by the second not being as good as the first (but finished it anyway). Will buy. Although it's somehow become imprinted in the wreckage of my brain that the lead character of 3 is called "Furry".
  11. Speaking as a soulless ginger tosser, that might explain why I loved it so much. Or would, were I capable of love. Finished it a couple of nights back and have no motivation to play anything else, despite still having the Witcher 3 expansions to get stuck into. Might have to read books until the DLC drops...
  12. Loads of non-story stuff to do - I've wandered around doing random bits & pieces, sightseeing, hunting for fun etc now for 50+ hours, reached level 26 and have only just got to Meridian. I'm struggling to think of a game world I've loved just being in more than this.
  13. I got the G*me ltd ed too - it's very nice but I think if I'd known Shopto were doing those lovely freebie art cards, I might've gone for that and saved a quid or ten! Anyway - this is excellent, isn't it? Played maybe 3-4 hours and only stopped when my controller died. Looks absolutely jaw-dropping on my vanilla PS4 so I can only imagine what it's like on a poncey Pro. Looks like it can be as linear as you want it to be or just bugger about hunting, doing side-quests & foraging if that takes your fancy. I'm currently doing much more of the latter.
  14. This. Had convinced myself I should wait until it's cheap but now on the verge of pre-ordering. Probably the special edition with the pointless art book, because I'm weak. And stupid.
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