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    Is there a decent up-to-date list of switch shmups anywhere? I go away for a few months and lots seems to have changed.
  2. I've had this issue. All I can work out is that it depends on what is plugged into it, and thus might be a current or voltage thing...
  3. I can see the argument for that; more like rentals in that case. There’s probably a middle ground/a way for second-sales to be an attractive price, or something… I dunno
  4. Spoonman


    Nice username combo! 250 euro... I am in Germany. I could look into shipping it to the UK (if that's where you are?) https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/gaggia-classic-kaffeemaschine-espresso/2094076605-176-9359
  5. Isn’t this just as if it were a physical game? If two people want to play co-op, most of the time 2 copies were needed. I know it’s a pain, but it’s how it’s been almost all of the time with only a few exceptions. If the household only has one copy (or licence), then only one person can be playing.
  6. Spoonman


    I went and did it!! It's fantastic. Great coffee, and I can finally make decent steamed & foamed milk drinks! I now have a Gaggia Classic for sale.
  7. Balls, I need an adapter anyway.
  8. Tetris is amazing, too. I didn't know astrobot is VR. I will have to hook this up to my new PS5. I'm definitely getting PSVR2.
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1466835696?t=00h05m24s
  10. Add me on PSN. My brother and I are playing it after purchasing it in the sale. It's just us two and we are pretty chill (not exactly good, either) but it's great fun.
  11. Just got this today and did some co-op with my brother, loved it!! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1463710472?t=00h40m34s
  12. Spoonman


    I like importing where possible because Japan puts box art over “SAFETY” warnings.
  13. Yeah I would get it ordered. Would be annoying if they're sold out nearer to the time
  14. I play on PS4 the most, but I also picked it up on Switch. Yes, if you don't practice, you lose it, but it comes back quicker... congrats on 200/200
  15. Ok, so I’ll send one to the U.K. then bring it with me when I come back. i wanted a mistercade, too…
  16. That means no shipping to the EU, as he won't do the required customs declarations. Yep, someone stole my lovely MiSTer FPGA. Something after a google. I don't know if it's the correct stuff, as I gave up trying to read into it all. The whole process heavily restricts imports now, it's just such a pain. Multiple steps backwards, that's how things feel these days. Anyway, I now have a MiSTer again so I am "happy"
  17. A couple of videos... A recent-ish clear: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1258049209 Last night: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1455078915?t=02h01m55s We should play connected sometime, right?!
  18. Brexit is a whole massive issue. I tried to discuss with "porkchop" regarding distribution from Germany but he's aloof. Exactly as @Fallows writes above; it's the same for Germany. I understand "keeping it local" and supporting your country (or the EU) but there are things only available outside of the EU, which now get taxed up the arse (VAT + other fees). Anything I receive from the UK is now added to this list; and the UK rarely sell you anything without VAT because they're not used to it, so you pay UK VAT then once again import VAT due to incorrect paperwork, and a handling fee. It's a bloody nightmare. To add insult to injury, my MiSTer was stolen when in possession of DHL, in transit between Portugal and Germany, but that's a whole other rant. Things could be worse, yes, but I really feel they are objectively worse than 10 years ago in almost all areas! I also want an aluminium case, but it looks like it won't be happening.
  19. Spoonman


    I should get into it, though. I bet it looks mint on the OLED, too! Yes, it felt like the future... and now feels like a better past. I still miss this on my PS4; having Spotify there is fine but it's not the same.
  20. Spoonman


    I actually really like it but am not a huge fan of the in-game sound, but moreso, the OST. Not a fan of it at all, but I appreciate it’s different. I guess I’ll just put on some other music when playing this… Shame it’s not like the xbox 360 where we can play MP3s through the system menu etc. Sometimes/often, I feel we’ve taken steps backwards, but I digress. Who picked up Andro Dunos II? Which platforms? Pixelheart are a bit sneaky with their “left in stock” counter, which isn’t the full stock in the slightest.
  21. Nice one @SuperFamiTom; even with increased costs, it's still fantastic fun and huge content and possibilities with this little device.
  22. Thanks, that’s cleared that up then. There was lots of chatter regarding the new Downloader.ini and avoiding updater, but update_all still looks like the way to go.
  23. Aren’t we supposed to stop using update_all?
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