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  1. I loved the original rollcage but was told GRIP isn't good. I will revisit this... EDIT: Apparently it struggles to achieve 30 FPS on the Switch, which is shocking. So that's what I didn't bother with it
  2. I reviewed the Brook Wingman SD: http://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2020/10/brook-wingman-sd-peripheral-review.html
  3. Sounds good... is it playable in vertical mode?
  4. Last played that in '95 I think! On a 32X in Addenbrookes, with my best friend. Good shout, thank you.
  5. Thanks, would go well with my CAVE collection... Does it have TATE mode? I have a flipgrip...
  6. I had a little go on Zelda again the other day, but my switch is so unused it's shameful. Can someone recommend some games, please? The store is full of shovelware and I find it very difficult to know what is genuinely good. I like: Racing games (not bloody mariokart plz, I have it) I have some shmups Generally not a huge JRPG fan I love "arcade games" like with the Dreamcast. Local multiplayer would be great. I am not that bothered about their IP, Zelda is alright but feels a bit pointless/aimless at times. Mario... it's OK.
  7. It's recorded on the PS4 itself, then you send it to Sony if someone calls you a gimp etc.
  8. I wish this would come to Switch. I am not interested in 99.
  9. A friend of mine is writing a book, on Year 2 of the DC. It has a kickstarter. I‘m late with advertising it here, but it only just occurred to me! Some might be interested, no problem if not, obviously!
  10. Dude, I think we used to play. I was always with @bradigor and @ilpostino and scott as well. Scott has it on PS4, so I wanted to see if people could come together again. I play most evenings with my brother, would love to be in a club again, sigh.
  11. Anyone play NHL20? I'd like more players for my club. PS4.
  12. I have been given a PSVR by a friend, and bought Tetris on a recommendation. One of the best games I have ever played. Fuses a bit of Rez, with classic tetris. Stunning visuals, gameplay, and music. Just amazing. I wish this were also on Switch, in TATE mode. <3
  13. I want Tetris Effect on Switch.
  14. Spoonman


    Christ. Is that coffee or insulation/packing material?
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