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  1. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    thanks! I will buy one when I can find one.
  2. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers @Jarik. Is that actually recommended with current battery tech? I know it used to be, but I didn't think full discharges were a good thing now. Have you noticed the longer battery life yet?
  3. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone have the boosted battery (new) switch?
  4. sharak


    They're all really good, but like all Tool (and tbh, almost all music for me) it gets more rewarding over several listens. Then, you become saturated, and have to have a break. I don't have the CD yet, and just bought a car today, so on the drive home I had Lateralus on the go. Epic album, but I have Pneuma in my head, and also some of Invincible. It really is a great release.
  5. sharak


    I really like the album. Possibly come at the right time in my life. Over the summer I gave the back catalogue a listen after quite a lot of neglect. I find that I don't simply "pop Tool on" and I rather am in the mood to listen to them, and then will exhaust my supplies until satiated. I actually didn't bother with Lateralus or even Aenima, but went straight to Opiate and Undertow. Really enjoyed listening to those albums after what must have been years. Then I decided to pop on Lateralus, and loved it, naturally. But I got to Triad/Relfection/Disposition, and was blown away again. I was fortunate enough to see the Lateralus tour, with Triad and Reflection live (and ticks and leeches :D). Anyway, I found myself just playing Triad over and over again. I was listening to it whilst riding my motorbike and just really loved the sound. So, I listened to that song over and over almost until the new album release. I did listen to the title track upon its release, and enjoyed it. I listened to it a lot—it's amusing how by the time a "normal song" is over at 3:40, this one is just getting going. I always liked the longer versions of tracks, like when they include the breakdown in Stinkfist etc. Then, I was fortunate enough to go on hoilday for 2 weeks the weekend following the album release, so I could just lie in the sun on the beach listening to the album on repeat. I am not fond of a few of the segues, but that has almost always been the way for me. When I first heard 7empest I wished this had been the single and was blown away by such a strong guitar riff on a Tool album, which I really enjoyed. 1:20 is where the "intro" is for me, and it's bloody amazing. That was my instant favourite. Then, it switched to Pneuma for a short while, then Invincible, then (and currently) Descending. The ending of Invincible >11 mins, is superb. Descending from 5:40 is sublime and really brings up the hairs on my neck. There's something "move soundtrack sounding" to Descending at the 10:33 mark. Apocalyptic scenes culminating in the gong. Just superb. Almost brought tears to my eyes numerous times. CCT is good fun, and my GF loves it. TBH it's not Dany's best drumming, but he is so epic. TBH I just think fuck it why not? I really dislike mockingbeat but that's irrelevant really. No point for me to rank the albums. I usually just have a favourite song that'll shift with my mood, and same goes for albums. As I'm older, I like less the shouty shouty screamy metal, but it sometimes has a place. NIN is still epic. Tool is still Tool. We all grow and change, and as NIN have, Tool have. And why not? Even Slipknot have matured, and people still complaining they aren't like their first album. Well, go listen to the first album. I really love the new Slipknot album, for example. But Fear Inoculum is a great album, and I am looking forward to getting my "special edition" from the re-release. If people want "Undertow era Tool" then there's a lovely record and tons of Youtube to consume. We're very fortunate. I happen to love the progression and find that it fits me well as I am getting older. Oh yeah, I can't wait to see [some of] this album live.
  6. OK, we can agree to disagree if you like? I even watched your 5 min YouTube video mate, give me some slack.
  7. I disagree. My problem isn't the ending, it's wrapping it up in 6 episodes in such a rushed fashion. I know what you're saying, but I think you're missing the point over why the last few episodes were so shit.
  8. OK, I watched it. Ending-wise, I would have preferred to see the NK win and what is left of humanity scamper to an island somewhere. NK on the throne. I agree that your ending would have been interesting, but it's not actually the ending I am upset about. It's this: The story was total shit in the last 6 episodes. They could have ended it the same way, but just written out in better quality.
  9. They do, @kerraig UK but as I said, the mantle should have been handed over to someone who would do the series justice. It doesn't appear to be "families, ambitions, mental health issues, contracts and stamina", but rather "bored and Disney offered us money so let's move on. Fuck it, it's only money."
  10. Yes I feel rather bad for people waiting 2 years for a final season, maybe hoping for 10 crazy episodes, and instead got 6 [wrong kind of] crazy episodes. The character leaps were silly. How long did we spend in Meereen? A whole season? How long did it take Jorah to get back to D? No people are just ending up in new places with no progression or clever story telling. A whole season without Bran whatsoever. Oh he's King now and everyone agrees as a prisoner said so. A prisoner from an Army we can overthrow in a few minutes. NK and Iron Throne wrapped up in a couple of episodes? Jon's lineage meaning nothing in the end, other than it made things awkward and he stopped boning D? D deciding than instead of rushing the castle and burning Cersei to a crisp, to "burn them all" without even the throwback phrase to the Mad King of "Burn them all"? The fact that I think I could have done better is a travesty. The ending of series is hard, and people often disagree with how things end, sure. I think we all agree it was shit writing and simply cut way too short. Urgh.
  11. I just binge watched the entire thing (over a few weeks, with the GF). Never seen it before. Thought it was overhyped. Ended up absolutely loving it... then wondered what the fuck happened in Season 8. D&D really fucked up leaving an amazing legacy here. GoT will forever be remembered for an ending that was so obviously rushed and lacklustre... whereas it could have been an absolute masterpiece. I'm not even discussing "things happening that I didn't like" but rather the obvious rushing of the final series. If it started like this, it wouldn't have had the following. I have no sympathy. If they didn't want to finish it, I am sure someone capable would have done the series justice. Crying shame.
  12. sharak


    Interesting. Thanks for the info/gossip. Switch would be a very nice platform. Joycon, native Tate view, portable. I have to get my old 360 and collection over to Germany where I live now, but that's not an easy trip to make. Sigh.
  13. sharak


    Could CAVE bring its collection to Switch please? I don't even have a switch, just seems like the right platform.
  14. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Perfect! Cheers :)
  15. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Which is the new one?
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