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  1. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Absolutely. It's amazing I can play this on a train or in bed, then on my 50" TV.
  2. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    EDIT: Found him!! Now to register, I guess... but where is a stable? Also, I noticed a road to an equestrian village last night, but when i went there it was full of enemies. Edit2: any tips on how to get more hearts because 3 just doesnt cut it.
  3. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Don't see him, and I am pretty sure he isn't dead. EDIT: Well, that was much easier with the joycon disconnected. And, I accidentally found the blue furnace. Last night's rage seems to be less warranted, now. Time to find horsey...
  4. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah it was. It just ruined (ho ho) the thought of getting another orb. I’ll get it done at lunch, with the joy cons separate. I really don’t like gyro controls though, never had. That’s difficult hand-held, in bed! — Also, dunno where the blue flame is but I will keep looking. I just dislike this time wasting aspect when things aren’t clear. But, that’s why RDR2 is sat with not much going on for months, even though it’s clearly brilliant. Aaalllso...where the fuck is my horse now?
  5. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m back into BoTW and finding it rather enjoyable... but have just got to my “first” (alas) motion control shrine puzzle and tried completing it in bed five times last night and it was so frustrating. GF couldn’t do it either (worse than me but likes motion controls). I really dislike motion controls in games, I find them to be a huge gimmick. This is ruining (pun intended) BoTW for me but apparently it’s easier to remove the joy cons so I’ll do that later today. So I went off to find the blue flame in the furnace in the village, but couldn’t find that either. This is generally why I don’t like games like this, and prefer arcade games. My girlfriend wonders how I can play shmups over and over to try and get better scores and dodge more bullets, or play hours of NHL on the PS, but it’s because I don’t have to spend hours talking to people in a village trying to find something no doubt obvious. Flip grip arrived so I’ll try that out today as well. i still think BoTW is great but I’m still struggling with the general controls in fights and find the camera very clunky. Now I’ve slept I’ll return to it with a fresh outlook
  6. sharak


    We need M2 to port the whole Cave catalogue sharpish.
  7. sharak


    Finally a no hit on this bitch.
  8. I’ve not bought this, yet. I will do, as it looks brill. I’d already have it if it were 2 quid, but when games are cheap or free, I really feel they are devalued. There’s something about making a proper purchase that elevates the stakes. If you have a pirated console, with hundreds (or thousands if you included MAME or other emulation), it’s all vapourware and easily ignored. If you spend 20-60 quid on something, you’ll (hopefully, be more likely to) spend proper time on it. I just have other stuff to play at the moment, but will definitely pick this up.
  9. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Why have I not yet seen these controllers with the flip grip?
  10. Excuse me, I was looking before you!
  11. I've been looking for one since day one! So many games to play with it
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