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  1. Added myself to the list and I'l add everybody over the weekend. Mark
  2. Added myself to the list and I'll add everybody over the weekend. Mark
  3. Got my vita delivered yesterday from Amazon with uncharted and 8GB card,then downloaded Mutant Blob and spent all night playing that instead of Uncharted. Just waiting for my £5 copies of Rayman and Lumines to turn up as well. Really impressed with the whole thing to be honest. Is there a friends list for the Vita anywhere I can add myself to - Unwell_Cat
  4. And this is exactly my wife. I mentioned I was going to get a vita to which she replied we haven't got the cash. The next day she tells me she fancied some new chairs for our dining table (the chairs we have are fine) £300. Then she tells me she needs a mountain bike despite the fact we do not live near any mountains nor as far as I know is there planning permission to build any £200. The following day the Next delivery lady arrives with a shitload of new clothes for her 'I have to have something to wear for the summer' she says. What is all that shit in the closet you bought last year and never wore I reply? Cost unknown but approx £150.
  5. Sorry Guys I gave the wrong code. The correct code is: 4124-5596-9534 How do I update the spreadsheet with the new code?
  6. It does make the 3DS slightly heavier though, however I find it more comfortable to hold with the larger battery.
  7. This is the one I got: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Extended-Battery-Nintendo-3DS-Back-Cover-/200629970847?pt=UK_Batteries&hash=item2eb67a679f
  8. I'll second that. I got one from Ebay for about £11.00 and it's extended the battery from about 4 hrs to somewhere around 10hrs.
  9. I've got this on the 360 (for my 5yr old of course) and the wife caught my playing it and asked what the glowing thing was. To which I replied in my deepest voice ' It's my portal of power' followed by an evil harr harr harr. She just looked at me blankly then muttered when was I going to grow up and called me a child.... In my head I got up and kicked her straight in the minge !
  10. I've lost my 3DS to my 5yr old son due to Mario Kart 7. I can't get him off the bloody thing. At the moment my play time is when he is in bed. The wife finds it most amusing. Although when she caught me playing with the skylanders portal of power she used words I can't repeat here !
  11. Thanks for the link, just added myself. What is the RLLMUK community all items number at the top of the spreadsheet used for ??
  12. Just got this so would appreciate as if you guys could add me and I'll start adding as well: 4554-0075-1573 Thanks. Is there a single list anywhere with all friends codes in it?
  13. Please add me and I'll start adding as well: 4554-0075-1573 Thanks
  14. Is there a main list of numbers I can start adding from and add myself to somewhere?
  15. Is there a 360 GT list for this at all, while it's fun playing with randoms I'm sure it's better playing regularly with the same group? GT = Unwell Cat
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