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  1. its 6.5cm. Think that’s pretty average?
  2. I’m trying to get used to the Rift S again. Have found eating some ginger chews and making sure I’ve got a strong fan on me help a lot! Don’t feel like I’ve got the fit sorted yet though, it’s still quite blurry. Angling it lower so it sits right on my nose seems to be the sweet spot but it’s really uncomfortable like that! Any other suggestions?! I’ve set the IPD thing. Should I be using the little forward and back adjustment on the little button at the front? Not really sure what that’s for in truth.
  3. Those with a Rift S, do you get steam on the lenses? Im still struggling to get over the queasy feeling with this, which inevtiably also means getting warm, and then the fog happens! Wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
  4. Yeah, could be a good shout. I dont really have time to play more than one game though. I'd rather be racing right now (or squeezing in some D2 from time to time).
  5. Skip Barber, so nothing too crazy yet. Driving incredibly slowly too just to try VR.
  6. Tried the Rift S again last night after a couple of days off. I seem to get steam on the lenses right in the middle quite consistently! I managed one lap of Spa in iRacing going incredibly slowly in 2nd gear before turning it off. The motion sickness seems to be getting me quite easily with this. Not sure if I just need to persist with a little more every night or if this isnt going to work for me.
  7. Yeah, I think I tried to push on it a bit last night and that clearly didn’t work! keen to get used to it as it seemingly adds a hell of a lot to driving games. Really interested to see what it does to my times in the long run too.
  8. Entered the world of VR last night with a Rift S. Wow, talk about immersion. My brain couldn’t cope though and I felt sick after less than two laps! Try again tonight.
  9. I felt a bit sick after one lap to be honest. Jumped on again a couple of hours later and it was the same. Settings should be good and the computer I’m running is fairly strong (Ryzen 3600 and a 2070 Super).
  10. Tried the Rift tonight. Set up thing with the robot was very impressive. Jumped into iRacing after that and yeah, I feel sick! Tried to do a couple of laps but got very hot very quickly. Bleurgh! Hopefully some persistence with it over the coming week will pay off. From the little time I spent with it I was pretty impressed though.
  11. Timely thread given my Rift S tunred up this afternoon. I have literally never tried VR before so this could be interesting! I've got it basically to play iRacing - I dont have the space really for a triple screen setup and a proper firm rig right now so figured this would be worth exploring. Hoping it goes well!
  12. Yeah, I'm also not running ACC. Just iRacing for me (one game is about all I have time for these days!).
  13. You remember correctly! I'm sure it took me ages with the original version of these pedals to get used to them but I dont seem to be having the same problem here. You can adjust the stiffness pretty easily and I'm even using the clutch pedal for the first time ever!
  14. Best? You are probably looking at something like this: https://fanatec.com/eu-en/bundles/podium-racing-wheel-formula-for-xbox-one-pc Or the step up to this: https://fanatec.com/eu-en/racing-wheels-wheel-bases/wheel-bases/podium-wheel-base-dd2 (no actual wheel included there though). Obviously very expensive though, and to run a direct drive wheel you need a very sturdy setup.
  15. Racing lines are always shit. The braking points are usually way off and it masively takes away from the immersion. In other news my CSL elite pedals with loadcell brake turned up yesterday. Got them set up pretty quickly for once and immediately felt great on iRacing. I've not used CSL pedals for a while but from memory the loadcell on these is a big step up from the ones I had previously. Much easier to tweak as well - recommended!
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