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  1. I was racing with a Fanatec wheel for the F1 days im afraid!
  2. Big congrats Kiro, very exciting news! Thanks again for the write ups. I’d forgotten a lot of the details but not the feeing of excitement this league generated when there was a Tuesday evening race looming. It was the first time I’d ever really done anything competitive online and the community we built around it was amazing. I also remember that trip to Birmingham fondly! We got to play a preview of the new game before karting with the devs (Steve Hood was just too fast for me on his home track!) and then making Meers jump those bollards much later in the evening. Helios was such a good community manager - he saw what was happening here and got us all so much closer to the game and it’s development. I still regret not being able to accept an invite he sent me to attend an IRL event with a chance to race against Sebastian Vettel - pesky holiday got in the way! I have a pretty full on sim rig these days although it’s been gathering dust for about 6 months now. iRacing rekindled my love for online racing for a while but it cooled post lockdown. The ranking system made races more and more competitive to the point where I don’t feel like I can really take part unless I’ve been able to put in a load of practice (which is barely ever possible with two kids and a busy job!). Maybe we'll come together on another title some time soon...
  3. Pretty sure I have some videos on YouTube still. Used to edit them into highlights if I remember correctly. Will have a dig this weekend.
  4. Hi everyone! Well isn’t this just fucking amazing. Catching up on the post now but cracking work Kiro. Massively fond memories of racing with this community (Picassos mate excluded!).
  5. Thanks. Tried the PS5 version - quality mode was too big a hit on frames coming from the PS4 version. Framerate mode was better, but its very inconsistent - definitely makes the game look richer, but the trade off on FPS is a bit too much for now. I'd like to think they will improve it with a patch but doesn't sound like something From tend to do!
  6. If I try the PS5 version and convert my save in the process, can I go back to the PS4 version if I dont like it? It says it will overwrite existing save data so I'm not too confident. Anybody done this?
  7. Do we like the messages/bloodstains? Im currently playing without.
  8. Finally got the true ending tonight. What a game, just really enjoyable throughout. Felt great, looked great and sounded pretty great too! Had to look up some theories on the ending - really interesting stuff. To think I was on the fence about this one due to the stories surrounding the difficulty. So glad I cracked on anyway. A brilliant showcase for the PS5.
  9. Yeah its that locked 60 I'm tempted by. If its blurry/grainy in comparison though then maybe the fps hit is worth it for the increase in fidelity.
  10. Purchased the PS4 disc for my PS5. Am I better playing the PS4 Pro mode or shall I just go straight to PS5 version? Watched the digital foundry videos but interested in more real world experiences here. If it runs fine for the most part in PS5 guise and looks better then I'll take it. If its a framerate dropping mess at times though I might stick to PS4 version.
  11. Yep, I got hit a few times by those. Brutal, but fortunately the malfunctions weren't too horrendous and easy to clear. I think I found Biome 5 the most difficult last night - those flying bastards and the fast swooshy boys made for some tricky fights.
  12. Ok, Ophion down! Whoop. Managed to nail him and the whole abyssal scar section first time, which was massively unexpected. Tired this morning though! Seems im not done with this game though, which I have massively enjoyed after initially not picking it up due the horror stories about the difficulty.
  13. Thank you, that makes sense. I was hanging back a bit more in a new biome (to me) so definitely wasn’t getting the best from the weapon.
  14. I just picked up my first dreadbound in biome 5 and died shortly after. I dont get how it works! Seemed really weak but I must be missing something. I was cleaning up prior to that, downed the biome 4 boss on my first attempt and generally feeling like I was making good progress. The jumping sections in biome 5 can get fucked though!
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