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  1. Yes, of course they are. They're fucking over their audience - games retailers - who could be left with massive unsold stocks of a turkey.
  2. I think most pinball games include it for authenticity, and because cheats moan if it's not available. But interestingly, Pinball Arcade (on iOS, at least) has the feature locked at the start, which to me is a pretty clear suggestion that they acknowledge it as something that isn't supposed to be part of gameplay.
  3. Nudging is cheating, you cheat.
  4. You imagine that I read PC Gamer? (In fairness, I've gone and gotten all muddled up with the headline - my brain has transformed "Absolution is a mess" into "absolute mess". My brain is an idiot.)
  5. Compare and contrast: http://www.gameranx....pc-gamer-review vs http://twitpic.com/p...3920-scaled.jpg (Aside: apparently 62% means "absolute mess" now.)
  6. It is, of course, 73%, the MARK OF SATAN.
  7. Here and there. Made some out of Free-App Hero, made a chunk out of writing work on Hell Yeah!, bits and bobs for Retro Gamer, beer money from poker, some profitable secret projects and the usual amount of selling heroin cut with asbestos to schoolkids. #hellyeahhalfpricesteamsalenow!
  8. Be fair, though, he really did kick my ass with that groundless, palpably wrong accusation that I was somehow making money from chasing hits for a website with no adverts on it that I have to pay to run and gets shut down if it's too popular.
  9. Yawn. My blog could get five hits in a day or five million and it wouldn't make a single penny of difference to me either way. In fact, if it gets too many my cheapo webhosts take it down for using too much bandwidth. It has no advertising, nor do I get paid in any other way for increased traffic. Bored of you now.
  10. No, I didn't. Neither are mentioned in the quote that opens the piece. It calls for the investigation of the system, but since the system is run by people you can't do one without at least touching on the other. It's like, I dunno, doing an episode of Panorama about institutionalised paedophilia without mentioning Jimmy fucking Savile. I bet you're onto the BBC and ITV after every new revelation going "Oh look, just leave it now."
  11. You're probably about seven years late with that one
  12. "Persecution" LOLZ. Scoring an open goal is easy. Does that mean strikers should miss them on purpose?
  13. You greatly overestimate the amount of research I undertook. Someone tweeted me the pic and said that he was also her boyfriend. That handily saved me randomly scouring the Twitter feeds of, y'know, every games journalist on the planet in the hope of turning up some equally apt and illustrative tweets. You've lost me. You're saying there's nothing else in the world that smells kinda like fish?
  14. Who knows what's gone on over the phone? But you know as well as I do that no individual in this country who isn't a millionaire has any plausible chance of bringing a libel case, especially a terrible one.
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