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  1. It is the only version available - the listing doesn’t say Game of the Year Edition, but the expansions are listed in the description (and it has the GOTY version artwork).
  2. Yeah. Many of the best consoles have tended to be defined by exclusives, and that’s fine. Let’s face it, the PS2 would not have been a particularly memorable console if you stripped away everything you either couldn’t play or had to wait years to get elsewhere. In reality, it was because Sony scooped up shitloads of stuff that it was, instead, great.
  3. That they’ll fulfil existing contracts, continue to support existing games and that MMOs will continue to be cross-platform whereas the rest are exclusive to Xbox.
  4. Actually, forget that. My new favourite is Phil Spencer being accused of “gaslighting” consumers over the last few months. That’s peak Resetera, I need not return for a long, long time.
  5. I like the passive-aggressive “shame, I sort of enjoyed playing their janky games when I could get them in a sale for 75% off” style posts, because you can smell the barely concealed rage.
  6. At Resetera the use of the word “legacy” keeps it-a-chugging among a hardy few, even though that means something very different in American corpora-speak than “this series was once released on this format so it must be on it FOREVER!”. Additionally:
  7. Also, just to clear up any vestiges of doubt, existing contracts and so forth will be honoured, while (as expected) it’s Xbox / Game Pass / PC exclusive from thereafter.
  8. Timed exclusivity / early launches wouldn’t be a problem as far as purchasing goes; you’d still get the option to pre-order with the discount for when it launches, although when it comes to Microsoft-published stuff unless it’s heavily reduced, there’s no point in buying unless you’re ending your subscription given that it’s not going to be leaving the service. As for the second point, you definitely couldn’t get, say, The Irishman and Russian Doll on disc when they launched (in 4K) on Netflix and in the case of the former there was a Criterion 1080p Blu-Ray released a few months ago while the latter’s availability outside of Netflix only seems to extend as far as a standard definition DVD in Australia.
  9. I don’t see any controversy with timed Game Pass exclusivity. There’s some great stuff from the TV streaming services that hasn’t seen the light of day on disc, so while there’s a difference in the amount of time typically invested in a game that might make a permanent exclusive seem a bit more cynical, I don’t think launching first on Game Pass would be The Most Evil Thing In The History Of The World, even though certain internet sub-groups would no doubt claim that to be the case. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them test the waters by releasing some big hitters a few days to a week before they become available elsewhere - plenty of publishers cash in on special editions where that’s the main carrot.
  10. I’m not convinced the overlap is as substantial as some suggest, certainly no more than almost all of Sony’s games being moody, narrative driven third person affairs. There’s surely room for more than one first person fantasy RPG and Wasteland bears next to no resemblance to modern Fallout, and is more a case of a franchise being revived by its creator, who was also heavily involved in the original incarnation of its spiritual-successor (Fallout).
  11. Yes, get rid of a successful work-in-progress developed by 13 people and nuke whatever the team behind a successful sci-fi RPG is currently working on and force them to work as auxiliary staff on a project they’ll have absolutely no creative input in. Sounds like a fantastic way to keep people happy and not lead to a talent exodus.
  12. Yeah, the Wii was riding high at the time but 360 sales really exploded with the arrival of Kinect; it ended up being the biggest selling console globally the following year so, while the forced bundle and ridiculous, outmoded TV gesture-bastard focus of the original Xbox One was obviously doomed to failure in the eyes of all but the most blinkered from the second it was announced, going big on 360 Kinect software in and of itself doesn’t seem silly to me.
  13. Now that Microsoft owns Tango Gameworks and Sony is shuttering Japan Studio, Xbox is one multi-franchise developer away from being more Japanese than PlayStation.
  14. Maybe they can do fantasy-fanboy swap deals? Day one Elder Scrolls 6 on PlayStation in exchange for timed Xbox exclusivity of The Last of Us Part 3 and Bloodborne II.
  15. That’s pretty subjective given that such a combo isn’t going to give you first party Microsoft stuff or backwards compatible software in its best form. I think the best combination is clearly whatever best meets the buyer's preference.
  16. Last I checked there was a theory emerging that the frame rate disparity might well have something to do with Xbox supporting VRR, making frame rate drops and tearing imperceptible on TVs that support it. So if you have the right set-up, the best experience will be on Xbox, whereas the PS5 and its current lack of VRR encourages a trade-off between resolution and frame rate, hence the abundance of lower resolution but more slightly more stable frame rate seen in a lot of games.
  17. Yeah, I have no problem with exclusives. I like more differentiation between platforms and think it typically leads to better, more varied experiences. I don’t think, for example, Super Mario Galaxy or The Last of Us would be the same without the sort of laser-focus and backing they had as first party games. I also don’t have an issue with existing developers being purchased - it’s always happened, and this one is just an eye-opener because it’s on a grander scale. I don’t think it means that we're entering an era of everyone being poached by platform holders, although in some cases - yes Konami, I’m thinking of you - there are publishers doing next to nothing with great series', so Sony or Microsoft swooping in would be preferable to them being left to rot.
  18. I’d love a modern version of the 1991 Terminator game. It’s firmly in the “things that will never, ever happen” category, but a modern open-world game with the option to play as the Terminator or Reese is an idea I’ve been keen on since I attempted to play that in the early 2000s.
  19. Yeah, given that their future is Game Pass it makes no sense to sell the subscription service as the place to play new Elder Scrolls with DLC over the next 18 months and then say “or buy it on PS5 for £70 and know that you don’t need to give a second thought to Xbox or Game Pass in future!”. I expect they’ll still keep franchises visible on other formats by bringing MMOs and free to play mobile spin-offs over though. I don’t think they’d have any qualms about bringing Game Pass to PS5 or (the cloud version to) Switch either, but that would be up to the Sony and Nintendo.
  20. Possible All Access stock at Game? https://www.game.co.uk/en/m/xbox-all-access-xbox-series-x-2836838
  21. Yeah, it can be tough. I think I was around level 60 - not sure of the job rank(s) - when I finished it, so you’re definitely not under-levelled. For what it’s worth, Idol Saeko casting Lovedrunk Typhoon at the first opportunity and serving as co-healer alongside Hero Ichiban was essential for me, along with considerable stocks of MP restoration items.
  22. Yakuza was always a series I wanted to love but just couldn’t gel with prior to this, and the reason was the combat. I just didn’t get on with it while being too stubborn to try it on easy. Nonetheless, I wanted to give it another chance and, as luck would have it, Game sent out a voucher offering it for £35 to Series X buyers and it turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. I was even happy to grind after hitting its occasional difficulty spikes. I'm now playing through the other games - on easy, of course - and having a great time. While Like a Dragon works perfectly as a starting point, I’m already looking forward to playing it again with the benefit of knowing more about some of the returning cameos.
  23. Oh god no. It’s full of the worst sort of performative outrage from people who then grumble about parents getting state support.
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