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  1. Early impressions can make or break a free to play game. I wouldn’t bank on this being around for long if they do something really moronic like launch it with hardly any modes and a handful of teams.
  2. Jesus Christ, that video. I can only assume they’ve determined that spunking the budget on Messi & some of his ex-teammates is a better use of it than the game itself, because that looks two generations behind FIFA 22 on Xbox Series & PS5.
  3. Yeah, on an iPhone 12 Pro via both 4G and the WiFi network I’ve had the chance to try so far (and a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9” on WiFi), xCloud has been an abomination. Horrific, choppy sound and input lag so severe that it’s less Yakuza: Like a Dragon and more Dragon’s Lair…via dial-up. Calling it beta feels like it’s pushing it.
  4. In terms of recent first party stuff, this has to be the worst one of these sales by some distance. A small selection of games that have already been available for less from various retailers and are still higher than last-gen prices. While still underwhelming, Smyths have them for a bit less so hopefully other retailers will go a step further - Tsushima is £24.99, Sackboy £44.99 (£41.99 PS4), Demon’s Souls £49.99 and Miles £37.99 / £49.99 Ultimate.
  5. Spider-Man is the big one for me. Also, Ratchet & Clank - it’s preposterous that Nintendo Switch isn’t the lead platform for that series. It’s also absurd that they are spending money to keep Final Fantasy off of other formats: there’s clearly no need, because all they really need to do in order to get the same benefit is pay Square-Enix to release it on PS Plus for ‘free’ while Xbox and PC players have to pay full price.
  6. Game Pass is never, ever going to be profitable if all the games are available everywhere else. Netflix could make more money in the short term by releasing Stranger Things day one on iTunes, Amazon and DVD, but it would mean millions of people would suddenly have less reason to stay with Netflix or check it out and end up being lured in long-term. Sony, from a business perspective, could be considered spectacularly idiotic by failing to release a game based on a non-Sony IP with universal appeal like Spider-Man on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC (tens of millions of sales left on the table!) but somehow they’ve decided that there’s value in PlayStation owners getting something that isn’t available on their competitors’ platforms.
  7. Well that’s probably me waiting a bit longer to sell my PS5. A cast-iron classic of a game.
  8. The lack of permanence (even though no-one wants to play the games in question years later) is usually used as a defence of Sony in this scenario, to be fair. I’d say that buying and subsequently investing in a company to make things for your platform is very different to writing cheques solely to keep games off of others (which everyone does in one way or another).
  9. I wouldn’t be so sure, because people watch films on their fucking telephones and that didn’t really seem to be on the agenda until 15 years ago. The point is that it’s available. If you want to play Elder Scrolls VI but are allergic to Xbox / have pledged undying loyalty to Japanese mega-corp Sony, chances are you’ve got something in the house that will let you and that list is probably going to get significantly longer in time.
  10. That’s a good tactic for third party stuff that is going elsewhere whether you like it or not, less so when you own the developer. It would have taken a fuck of a lot less than $7.5B to secure every Bethesda game for the next 25 years as day one, permanent Game Pass titles.
  11. I can’t activate the punchcard for the extra 250 Mass Effect points. Been trying for days now. Conversely, the 6000 for buying it presented no such problem, even though I got it from CD Keys.
  12. It would make great business sense for Netflix to release their original programming on iTunes, Amazon and disc upon release. Free with Netflix or paid for elsewhere!
  13. Or phone, tablet, anything with a compatible browser or Microsoft eventually decide / are allowed to put an app on. Sony could easily spruce up the PS5 web browser to ensure easy access to Xbox Game Pass for their fans.
  14. Yes. It’s a bit like a less restrictive Netflix, in that you can still buy everything on PC or Xbox, whereas one still can’t purchase Russian Doll on Blu-Ray (or even SD DVD outside of maybe Australia) and was only able to get The Irishman and Roma on 1080p Blu-Ray over a year after they released in 4K on Netflix. You certainly can’t buy any of them (or even something as seemingly ubiquitous as Stranger Things) on iTunes or Amazon Video.
  15. All of those games will be available to a far bigger audience than any Sony exclusive, be it in-house or permanently paid for. There’s no Xbox required - If you have a PC you’ll be able to play those games, if you have a smart phone / tablet and a decent connection, you’ll be able to play them. The “loss” of a few million sales on PlayStation is a drop in the ocean compared to the long-term damage incurred by showing to the world that you don’t need anything to do with Microsoft or its subscription service in order to play its biggest games. Under a business-as-usual scenario, few PlayStation gamers are going to be enticed to invest in a new platform simply because Bethesda stuff is there “free” on day one, but if they absolutely have to either buy it on a Microsoft platform or sign up to Game Pass to play it, it’s a different matter entirely. This is, in a sense, a new type of acquisition for the gaming industry because it’s all about building Game Pass into the leviathan Microsoft obviously envision it being for decades to come.
  16. The latest system update (Series X) has really ruined Quick Resume for me. While it’s sometimes quicker now, it seems just as likely to take 20 seconds + and games are often either refusing to load or loading and then refusing to respond to controller input, making a quit the only option.
  17. That comparison doesn’t really work when Switch is a console with hundreds of games available, and Nintendo-published software tends to be far less front-loaded than almost anything that isn’t GTAV and Minecraft. I could also point out that Splatoon, on a moribund console with a considerably greater selection of games yet a smaller install base than PS5, sold almost twice as many copies on release. Given how well the PS5 is selling, its second major exclusive should, if anything, be doing particularly well.
  18. £70 as standard just…isn't doable for me now. I mean, there might be the occasional special edition that has something unmissable with it (I paid £70 odd for the recent Dawn of the Dead 4K box-set) but I’d have to be very, very convinced I knew what I was paying for. Returnal, for example, is the sort of game that I’m fairly sure I would play for a couple of hours before dropping it in frustration and selling after it’s gathered dust for a few months. It’s also the sort of game that, at one time, I’d have thought looked compelling enough to end up buying at launch for £40. £70 though? No chance, and I hope what are pretty dismal UK physical sales for an acclaimed AAA first party exclusive are replicated everywhere so this idea falls by the wayside. I think the best outcome would be a quick price cut followed by an uptick in sales and Sony taking note, although I suspect Returnal 2 joining a Days Gone sequel on the scrap heap and the Housemarque big budget experiment being shuttered is more likely.
  19. Who would have thought, a couple of years ago, that Xbox would soon be undisputedly the best console platform for the Yakuza series?! I hope Kiwami 2 gets boosted next time around, since it’s the only one left at 30fps.
  20. Xbox is also getting the paid upgrade in addition to the frame rate unlock patch, but if they’re advertising Wreckfest as a PS5 game through PS Plus then it must be inclusive of the update, because it’s currently PS4 only and plays via backwards compatibility.
  21. I don’t necessarily see a mid-gen refresh because, as you say, they’re substantially more capable than their predecessors were at launch. I wouldn’t rule it out entirely, but I definitely don’t see it as being imminent; a seven year generation followed an eight year one, so I don’t think COVID pushing this one up to a decade is out of the question or even particularly unlikely.
  22. I wouldn’t say I have regrets, because I knew what I was getting myself into. I will say that I would reluctantly let the PS5 go without too much agonising if an unexpected bill came along. All in all, Xbox has been excellent, and just seems better thought out; there’s not a poorly designed new OS just for the sake of it, it seems to be easier for developers to release native Series S/X versions of existing games rather than patches to unlock frame rates and, as well as the various upgrade programs, there’s been an effort to ensure even unoptimised last-gen software offers a better experience on the new consoles; that such games tend to load significantly quicker than on PS5 is another example of what is a really well rounded package. The PS5 will, undoubtedly, have a lot to offer, but it’s not there yet. Even if Sony don’t want to go all in on a Game Pass level subscription service, there are so many ways they could make their half-hearted eco-system more appealing; why, if I’ve purchased a game digitally on PS3 and it’s available to stream on PS Now, can’t I play it without subscribing? In contrast to Microsoft’s approach, little things like that are why I’m increasingly reluctant to buy non-exclusive games on Sony hardware. With that said, I’ve enjoyed playing things on it and have no doubt there’s a lot of good to come. In the meantime, the controller is mostly excellent, Astrobot is the best pack-in game since Wii Sports (Nintendo Land doesn’t count since it was Premium only) and it’s a better, quieter Blu-Ray player than the Series X.
  23. Just a word of advice, Quick Resume doesn’t appear to work at all on the Xbox version at this point. Odd, since Like a Dragon is now one of the better examples of the feature working when a game hasn’t been launched in some time, but hopefully it will be addressed soon.
  24. That’s good news. Now, surprise everyone with software backwards compatibility for PS3 on PS5, please.
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