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  1. Thanks. One last question: Is it worth getting the Game of the Year / Gold editions of the first two?
  2. Does that include story content and are the original visuals spruced up to match the third one? If so, money saving plan: foiled.
  3. Would it be advisable to buy and finish the first two before getting this? I'm tempted to jump straight into the next-gen fun, but I see the older games are currently reduced on PSN. I loved Blood Money in a previous life, and was enjoying the 2016 game before getting distracted by day to day existence.
  4. I'm not sure I’d agree with the PS5 having “a bunch” of great exclusives (excluding a genuinely excellent freebie in Astro's Playroom, isn’t the Demon's Souls remake the only one?) but the rest of what you are saying, yeah. Truth be told, I think I find the PS5 more fun to use, it has Sony's best controller (I just hope reports of the adaptive triggers breaking aren’t indicative of a widespread issue) and feels 'new' but the Series X has the advantages you mention along with Microsoft's studios properly updating existing games for the Series X/S, with which the perfunctory backwards compatibil
  5. For all its faults, I think this is as good as it’s ever been. You pretty much always had to choose one or the other in the past; getting the next gen version along with a current gen edition as a matter of course is a new and very welcome thing.
  6. Oh, very tempting...alas, I’m shit at those games at the best of times, let alone when I’m spaced out with COVID. Is Sackboy any good?
  7. I still can’t believe that Sony’s finest have been incapable of putting out an update that stops PS4 games with PS5 upgrades from installing the PS4 version every fucking time you turn the console on if you have the temerity to leave the disc in. I’m enjoying much about the console in general, but this aspect is just a bad user experience. If they’re unable to produce an update that does that, they really need to put one out that stops PS4 upgrades from requiring the disc full-stop, regardless of any losses from the second hand market.
  8. The way disc-based PS4 games with a PS5 upgrade insist on installing the last-gen version every time you turn the console on feels like it has been precision engineered to piss me off.
  9. For anyone who didn’t see it, this is Mayweather’s previous “exhibition” bout, against Japanese kick-boxer Tenshin Nasukawa:
  10. Downgrading PS Plus to the extent that each user on a console has to have their own PS Plus account in order to use cloud saves and making it the only way to back up data is elite tier nickel-and-diming from Sony. At least Nintendo’s barebones offering gives you a family account for £30 per year, unlike Sony demanding £200 for a family of four.
  11. I’m really enjoying this (it’s the first AC game I’ve played properly since Black Flag...which I bought with a launch PS4) and it looks fantastic at 60fps on Series X - I’m not typically someone who finds 30fps intolerable, but I installed it on the One X for comparison’s sake and it felt awful by comparison. On the downside, it’s as buggy as fuck. I’ve had several crashes, including one where my character froze running on the spot while everything else went on around him and, upon reloading the game by a chest at the end of a raid, found the raid had been ended and so said treasur
  12. All the smart delivery games are, unfortunately. Even if you buy on disc (as I found out with ACV), it will start installing and then at some point prompt you to download the entire thing. In my case, it was only when I went into the game after it was ready to start.
  13. I would caution that, depending on how patient you are, this console feels close to a non-starter at the moment for anyone who doesn’t have fibre given that even on disc ‘Smart Delivery’ means downloading the entire game. I average about 70 Mbps and even that has me losing the will to live whilst updates download. Worse still, by default, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was trying to install the entire game from disc and only prompted the update when I entered the game after it reached ready to start status. It will improve when they switch to putting the Series X/S versions on
  14. I ordered the All Access bundle via Game and I’m rather glad I volunteered to wake up early and take the kids to school today, because the postman turned up before 8am. That never, ever happens (well, not since about 2007) so I can only assume he was trying to catch me out. I haven’t played anything yet, so my early impressions are limited to thinking that the menus are a lot snappier than on the One X and that the d-pad is very pleasingly clicky.
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