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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Some good news about my Joycon - I phoned Nintendo UK after work yesterday and have been informed today that the repair team erred and that it is covered under the warranty after all.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Just got an email from Nintendo UK telling me that the Joycon right click ceasing to register as a button press isn’t covered under warranty and that they want £29 for the repair. This is after not even trying to transfer my save data - including 90+ hours of Zelda - last year. I think it is at this point that they can go and fuck themselves. I’ll sell the piece of shit, regardless of how much I love Nintendo’s games.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    So the right-stick click has decided to stop working on my right Joycon. God, the build quality of this console is utter shit. I’m just thankful I won’t have to send back the entire system for Nintendo's risible “repair” service to gleefully not bother to transfer my saves again. Bet it still takes them a month to dispatch the replacement though.
  4. Twin Peaks

    It has a breakaway cover & is sold-out whereas the one that is available now simply says “Slipcase Edition”. I’m not 100% but I think Mr. C is a flap on the standard packaging, with Dougie-Cooper still present underneath. I don’t know if there are any other differences in the way it opens out etc because pictures of it are thin on the ground, but it definitely has all of the same extras and so forth; there’s no difference in content. Only the DVD is lacking there.
  5. Twin Peaks

    Anyone else buy the Blu-Ray? A really nice set; I rarely buy physical media outside of video games but this was a must, and it’s a great upgrade over the Now TV & Showtime streaming quality. Great packaging too (nice to see 'Limited Edition' actually mean what it says) and the behind the scenes stuff is fantastic.
  6. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I was concerned that was the case, but it isn’t - if you quit completely to the main menu and go to load, you’ll find that you can choose previous characters and their saves from there. It makes sense to ringfence them like that given the volume of saves, but it’s not especially obvious that you haven’t just lost an entire world of play.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    I had this issue. It resolved itself randomly the next time I played the game. Not sure if my technique had subtly changed or if the Joy-Cons were just being odd in that particular play-session.
  8. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Oddly, I’ve just booted it up again and it’s working every time, just as demonstrated. Either I’ve unknowingly changed my technique or the Joy-Cons were having a moment but either way, it’s working more or less flawlessly now.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    The only slight downside so far is the spin attack - they really need to patch that because it just doesn’t work reliably with the alleged ‘snap’ motion. It’s a gesture control straight out of the worst piece of Wii shovelware. Edit: Actually, got it working with a bit more dabbling - the Action Guide just shows an incorrect gesture. It’s a sideways snap, but with the Joy-Cons held upright, rather than with the tilt shown in the guide. Maybe my Joy-Cons are fucked.
  10. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Yeah, there are areas that I thought looked downright ugly in screenshots / trailers that look great while playing the game.
  11. SNES Mini

    Surprised to see these in stock at my local Asda earlier. At the very least, Nintendo has clearly done a much better job of producing this than they did the NES Classic.
  12. Twin Peaks

    https://twitter.com/david_lynch/status/908382492280840192 December 5th. Hopefully that goes for the UK too.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Having done a little bit of digging, it seems that if you’re returning to Nintendo America, you’ll probably get the Switch back within a week or two, save games most likely intact unless the system is fried. Nintendo UK and you’ll almost certainly receive a brand new unit after five-six weeks with no attempt made to transfer saves regardless of the fault. The issue with the console itself was, at least at that point in time, cosmetic - its faulty backplate was cracking (a fairly common Switch issue). Nintendo's advice was to send it in and as I also had faulty Joy-Cons (broken analogue on one, the early sensor issue on the other), I did so, which was a terrible error. Regarding the problem with my second Switch, I initialised the system without deleting save data (power down completely and then back on while holding both volume buttons) and haven’t had the issue today, but we shall see...
  14. Nintendo Switch

    So my Switch (second unit, after Nintendo declined to repair the broken back plate on mine instead deciding to send out a new one sans save data after five weeks of doing nothing) has started to not properly wake up after sleeping for a while. Happens both docked and undocked. It’ll sometimes let me access the Sleep Mode / Brightness etc menu, but the screen will otherwise be black. It then requires a hard reset before it can be powered back-on. Having lost 90+ hours of Zelda last time and, since repair, spent a substantial amount of time on Splatoon 2, Sonic Mania and more, I’m incredibly reluctant to send the thing back to Nintendo’s “Repair” Centre without a cast iron guarantee that it gets back to me within a calendar week, all data intact. I really, really enjoy the games on this thing but with Nintendo’s oddball and frankly unforgivable 1986 approach to save data, I fear I’m going to lose everything again, and there’s less than zero chance I’ll be back after that.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    I was pining for a console or mobile port recently...

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