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  1. Violet Ramis Stiel (Harold’s daughter) on Ghostbusters: Afterlife - https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-features/ghostbusters-afterlife-harold-ramis-daughter-violet-movie-1235044849/
  2. Regarding one of your spoilered points,
  3. Looks like it’s set to do better even than yesterday’s estimate in the US: https://deadline.com/2021/11/ghostbusters-afterlife-opening-weekend-1234877444/
  4. Jason Reitman on GBII, spoilered due to Afterlife references:
  5. It looks as though this is in course for a better than expected opening weekend in the US at least, with $40.5m, vs Sony’s projection of $27-28m and independent tracking of up to $35m. Pretty solid for a post-COVID opening and hopefully positive word of mouth keeps it going for a few weeks at least, which would bode well for more given it cost half as much as 2016. https://deadline.com/2021/11/ghostbusters-afterlife-opening-weekend-1234877444/
  6. I think it’s shown me that supposedly credible critics can be just as susceptible to a good old fashioned pile-on as fanboys. I’ve seen more than one reference to the fact Afterlife treats the original as a “sacred text” and “serious sci-fi”. Where was this shit when you were gushing over Star Wars and Marvel? Am I going nuts or were most of the jokes in the original courtesy of wise-cracks from the characters rather than situational or indicative of the film’s tone? I feel as though a lot of the aforementioned scribes watched 2016 as a refresher course and thought because that at times felt like a feature-length SNL skit that the original was exactly the same since it too featured alumni from the same series.
  7. I’ve seen some that are almost incredulous the 2016 film is ignored, which has to be the biggest stretch in the history of review given that it’s set in a different universe where the original Ghostbusters didn’t exist. I think if you’re bringing up the 2016 movie and using the reaction to that - as unnecessarily and prematurely vitriolic as it was - as a cudgel with which to beat this one, your credibility as a reviewer has to be called into question. There’s an unsubtle partiality that compromises your verdict; I can’t take seriously tooth gnashing about fan service in a sequel 30+ years in the making if you’ve been throwing out positive notices left, right and centre to 95% of the 6,002 Marvel films released over the last decade.
  8. Another thing I enjoyed towards the end of the film
  9. I enjoyed it a lot too. Some of the criticisms are baffling - I think my favourite was that it was inconsistent for Phoebe to It also made me chuckle more than I expected, given that some have said it’s almost entirely dry. I felt the original was played mostly straight with the laughs coming from quips, and while GBII turned the more overt attempts at comedy up a notch, it was hardly the more slapstick approach of the 2016 film (which I didn’t dislike in isolation). I didn’t have any issues with the tone of this one or think it jarred in comparison to the originals.
  10. Early impressions can make or break a free to play game. I wouldn’t bank on this being around for long if they do something really moronic like launch it with hardly any modes and a handful of teams.
  11. Jesus Christ, that video. I can only assume they’ve determined that spunking the budget on Messi & some of his ex-teammates is a better use of it than the game itself, because that looks two generations behind FIFA 22 on Xbox Series & PS5.
  12. Yeah, on an iPhone 12 Pro via both 4G and the WiFi network I’ve had the chance to try so far (and a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9” on WiFi), xCloud has been an abomination. Horrific, choppy sound and input lag so severe that it’s less Yakuza: Like a Dragon and more Dragon’s Lair…via dial-up. Calling it beta feels like it’s pushing it.
  13. In terms of recent first party stuff, this has to be the worst one of these sales by some distance. A small selection of games that have already been available for less from various retailers and are still higher than last-gen prices. While still underwhelming, Smyths have them for a bit less so hopefully other retailers will go a step further - Tsushima is £24.99, Sackboy £44.99 (£41.99 PS4), Demon’s Souls £49.99 and Miles £37.99 / £49.99 Ultimate.
  14. Spider-Man is the big one for me. Also, Ratchet & Clank - it’s preposterous that Nintendo Switch isn’t the lead platform for that series. It’s also absurd that they are spending money to keep Final Fantasy off of other formats: there’s clearly no need, because all they really need to do in order to get the same benefit is pay Square-Enix to release it on PS Plus for ‘free’ while Xbox and PC players have to pay full price.
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