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  1. It’s certainly got that 343 Halo-ness. Like an awkward cover version. Halo with the personality ripped out.
  2. Some awesome Rainbows If you fly over London with live weather right now.
  3. I’ve always loved Link’s animation in Skyward Sword. It’s very punchy and satisfying to control. Even better in 60fps.
  4. “You are using the latest version of this software” - straight from the game card.
  5. Got a white Amazon order as a backup. Hoping to get one from Shopto or The Game collection instead. I really don’t need one. I may abort entirely out of cowardice nearer the time.
  6. Or £5.99 at CD Keys if you can’t wait for a sale. https://www.cdkeys.com/mad-max-xbox-one-uk
  7. I don’t think anybody is concerned about it being too whacky. More that it’s not as good as previous Mario Golfs.
  8. Patch coming this week. https://chivalry2.com/2021/06/28/upcoming-chivalry-2-update-patch-2-0-1/ Really pleased they are increasing tickets on Fighting Pit. That one is always over way too quick.
  9. I would be quite scared if you were poking at me with that thing.
  10. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/06/29/welcoming-housemarque-to-the-playstation-studios-family/
  11. After carefully considering all of the opinions here, I finally took the plunge.
  12. Everything I’ve read puts me right off. But despite redownloading Everybody’s Golf on PS5 to quell the desire, I still want Super Rush. God, help me.
  13. Ah, OK. That’s interesting… Maybe I will just buy it and see for myself. Hopefully I don’t become too enraged by the changes
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