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  1. I didn't realize I joined way back in 2011.. I found out about rllmuk through these people who were on the n3ta forum, and I hated those miserable people, so I figured I'd try something else. They actually had off-shoot forums called "World of Champions" and "The True Heroes" and both of those forums were just about trolling new people with terrible jokes and discussing random things in pop culture, also by using terrible jokes. So I guess they were like 99.9% of forums.
  2. Thanks for recording it for all to see....
  3. Season 2 was amazing once you understood what was going on..
  4. Fargo and Legion had a baby.
  5. When did you last try? Look up a setup guide and get all your options sorted out correctly. It runs excellently for me on my PC, and is actually an incredibly optimized emulator at this point in time. But I guess if you have a really old PC build, there's no helping that.
  6. He's been confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, probably gonna get Stormbreaker from Thor.
  7. I think the reason cap is finally fully worthy of Mjolnir is because he finally stopped giving a shit about pure altruism and starting wanting to do things that benefited himself. He stopped caring about manners and had quite a potty-mouth in this movie. A drastic departure from Mr. "LANGUAGE!". He loosened up a bit essentially instead of always being a tight-ass. Thor had similar develop over the years. I think Captain America and Tony Stark were actually fairly mirrored in personalities in this film. Cap loosened up and thought a bit more about himself, and Tony Stark became totally selfless and "made the sacrifice play" this time around.
  8. Also, did anyone else get Volstagg vibes from Fat Thor in battle armor?
  9. Well Doctor Strange did help bring just about absolutely everyone back and teleport them to the battlefield.. so it's not like he played a small role. Well yea, most of us knew this was how it was going to go down.. but it's not about the destination, it's how you get there. You disliked the big action sequence near the end, though.. so it seems like you wanted to hate it for the sake of hating it. People can't just pick up the infinity stones.. he's only human. It's convenient that they failed to get the tesseract in the location and time they planned, so they had to travel to another time to grab it when they failed? What do you mean? It contains the space stone, but Loki took it and got away. So they had to travel to another time it existed and grab it there. They chose the 70s where they knew it was located on that base at the time, long after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. Tony grabbed it and put it in that suitcase. They probably shattered it afterward to get the stone out. True, they should have hired real monsters. CGI is stealing monster jobs. You don't go to watch the monster horde, you go to watch your favorite heroes take them down. This movie was about the original Avengers. And Black Panther/Captain Marvel didn't get much screen time because their movies were only just coming out while this was being made and they had no idea how successful they were going to be. Makes sense they didn't want to bog the film down with newer characters when this was supposed to be the sendoff of many OG Avengers. Fat Thor was funny, but it felt super surreal to me and kind of took me out of the movie. Cause he can float in mid-air, and they don't love him, so it wouldn't achieve anything.
  10. It seems like the most logical way to do this.. this could actually be why there were a few Endgame rewrites while they were trying to acquire Fox properties. They wanted to establish a way to introduce the x-men without it feeling forced. And this seems like the perfect setup for that.
  11. So lemme see if I have this right.. The timeline is unaffected, it merely affects alternate timelines in which they travel to, which was fine because they only needed to borrow the stones. Then they planned on returning the stones to the exact point in those timelines to prevent chaos ensuing in those realities. Loki teleported away, but this won't affect the timeline we know, since everything we know has already happened and cannot be changed. I imagine this Loki will be the one in the Disney+ series, and not the one we grew to know. It seems the majority of Spider-man's friends got really unlucky and "snapped" because in Far From Home, they're all relatively the same in age. Apparently Aunt May did not get dusted, and so it seems odd that she's fine with Peter just going on a trip halfway across the world. This makes me think that while the beginning of the next movie might be "minutes" after Endgame, we will see a slight time jump after the initial exposition. Seeing Thor fat and bearded was super surreal. Seeing him join the Guardians of the Galaxy was perfect. I do hope he ends up in Guardians 3, but only time will tell. He and Rocket have excellent chemistry. I am confused about Gamora however. Did the 2014 Gamora who came through time get dusted when Thanos did? Quill said he was going to look for his Gamora, not her. And Adam Warlock is rumored for the next film, and he could help with that. Obviously if they can save her from the Soul Realm, we might get an odd end credits scene where they find Black Widow as a stowaway or something on their ship after. Either way, if you save Gamora, you can save Black Widow.. the tricky thing being that Black Widow died in another timeline reality. But maybe the soul realm is connected through all realities, not just the one they die in, so who knows? The ending of the film was pretty awesome, and I am sad about what happened to Tony, but it's unlikely we'll see him again. After all, Thanos destroyed the stones in the original timeline. And they were supposed to send the stones they took back to the timelines they retrieved them from, leaving no stones in the original timeline. Meaning Doctor Strange will not have a time stone in DS2. Obviously anyone with Pym technology could go into an alternate timeline and steal more stones, but it would seem odd to use that plot point in this universe of movies twice. I do hope we get to see more of Professor Hulk, maybe as a mentor to Amadeus Cho, who also became The Hulk in the comic books. It's possible that the kid from Iron Man 3 might take on the mantle of Iron Man in a future film.. he did return for the funeral. I'm thinking they may end up finding someone to play Iron Heart instead. Possibly Shuri from Black Panther. And Cassie Lang is older now, meaning she could become her alter ego (of which she actually had a few in the comic books). Seems like they may be potentially setting up a Young Avengers film. I do wish we got more face-time with Captain Marvel but its possible Marvel wanted to see how well her movie performed and thus didn't want her to have too much screen time if it turned out the reception wasn't that great. Seeing as how her film grossed a shitload of money, though, we'll definitely see a lot more of her in future installments. And apparently they filmed Endgame before Captain Marvel so we'll get to see her more like she was in her solo film, which I'm excited for in the future. ---- Now I did come up with a theory on how they might introduce the X-Men.. After they undo the Snap and 50% of universe returns, perhaps something is different. Maybe being snapped and snapped back affected their genetics, added a random gene that will be known as the mutant-x gene. Maybe it was a dormant gene, but either way it has been activated in a small percentage of the vanished, causing a small portion of them to develop special abilities. So maybe the x-men in the MCU are just people who came back after the snap, and used to be normal. And what's interesting about this is that maybe some of the current MCU characters we know could develop these powers as well, as many of them were dusted and returned. This is probably one of the best methods of introducing the x-men into this universe. And there is already a precedent for it. Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver got their powers from an infinity stone, albeit through human intervention. I certainly like this idea a lot more than "oh they were here all along, we just didn't know about them" or something.
  12. Showing them my old man waddle sounds like some sort of sick euphemism.
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