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  1. Perhaps they're finally letting her back into the MCU then on an upcoming Disney+ show.
  2. Turned out the cheapest version still has an m.2 2230 slot in it that remains empty. Of course you'd have to open up your Steam Deck to access it, but that could potentially mean down the line people will figure out how to add an SSD to the base version.
  3. I took a nap at the wrong time of day when I reserved mine, so I woke up and reserved one 4 hours after it started. So my 512 gb version shows a Q2 2022 reservation. But yes, I can dream that maybe it'll get pushed up to Q1. I want lots of people to experience the device, but at the same time, I would also prefer it if everyone else would just cancel their order, thanks.
  4. Yea he's not happy about this idea either.. he'd rather have me give him the OLED one.
  5. A dedicated lan port is a nice addition, and the better audio in portable mode. So that combined with the screen might sell me on it because I love playing in portable mode. I can just give my old Switch to my boyfriend. Didn't nintendo want to do an OLED screen initially and just couldn't find a supplier at the time? Kinda makes sense to do it now that it's super popular, since suppliers will want to help instead of nintendo begging. Disappointed about not being a pro variant, but I expected it to be honest. The game plan for nintendo is likely to eventually stop making the original switch, in favor of this one. Will likely reduce price of original switch soon to sell out remaining units, and perhaps in a year or so, the OLED will be the main one. Otherwise it just sort of cannibalizes itself doesn't it?
  6. Also this trippy mess:
  7. I was so proud of myself for a second, only to realize I'm just being quoted and didn't write the response at all.
  8. It's one of my favorite Zelda games, but then, so are all of them.. so I'll be getting it.
  9. I didn't figure this out until like 12 hours in.
  10. I completely forgot this game had a crafting system because I pick up new weapons every 4 seconds. I'll need to try this out.
  11. This game is quite addicting. The only thing that forced me to finally stop my first play session was my dying Switch battery.
  12. Which part expresses that? I can only find mention of the DMC2 source code leak, which is referring to the original Devil May Cry 2, not a possible DmC sequel.
  13. Well we might get our wish, as a reveal is rumored for as soon as next week for a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster.. https://wccftech.com/mass-effect-trilogy-remastered-fall/
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