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  1. The graphics have that 16bit charm and are decent but crap compared to the other sonics. Sonic 1 and 2 will always have the best music and sound. Im amazed how downhill they went after 2!
  2. I bought theoriginal pp at launch. It was a revelation. I miss being loaded
  3. Not impressed! Crap level design, music and graphics but it's a nice blast from the past. It suffers from the same problem a lot of later games suffered. Not enough space to get speed in. The level design has to flow!
  4. This is on lovefilm streaming right now. Loved it from start to finish. Cheesy, hot gurls (including a crappy cheesefest threesome with kazuma, nina and nana ). It's worth watch for this alone: I'm a lucky guy that my gf has a similar bod (and footy background!)
  5. I don't see me owning their shares in 10 years! The high st will shrink, but GAME will be one of the brands that will still be here. They can't be that much of a dying brand if they're tending about the industry standard for sales. HMV is their nearest rival and they're almost gone.
  6. Angel, I thInk you are seeing this only from your perspective as a hardcore gamer. You buy online. You buy on PSN, Live, Steam. You are in the minority and always will be. GAME will bounce back, it's easy to compare them with HMV or woollies but they're completely different businesses. In 3 years, my shares I'm pretty sure will be worth at least £1 each. That will earn me thousands. I'm not gambling as much as you think I am. It's common sense.
  7. I don't think asda even know what a sixaxis is, that must be why it's so cheap!
  8. Dual shocks are complex things. Took Sony years to figure out how to get wireless Bluetooth and sixaxis to work with rumble. £51 is a fair price given all the complex gadgetry involved.
  9. The next evolution will be a return of the game genie and action replay. This time to unlock shit dlc
  10. I doubt it'll go lower than what I paid. I'm not the only one buying, motley fool are quite buoyant about it!
  11. HMV is looking pretty ropey right now. I think it's got 1 more Xmas though? Losses in the hundreds of millions is going to take a while to claw back if ever...?
  12. I'm going to be controversial now. GAME is the least likely high st brand to go bust!
  13. Oh how ye laughed! I'd like to thank this thread for making me mega buxx! Shame I didnt buy at 5.6p but like I said I'm in it long germ and an extra 1p ain't gonna make much difference long term! I'm up 20% on £500 for now!
  14. Is Guy Pierce the main star? If so it'll be on the top list. He isn't given enough starrig roles these days...even the time machine was watchable!
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