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  1. I recently found this article attempting to explain the ending which might be of interest: http://mikecole.org/the-sopranos-ending-made-in-america/ Seems well thought out (especially in regards to Patsy)
  2. I don't know if any of you guys are experiencing the same problems, but I find this game is lagged (I play on the 360). Regardless of whether I'm playing on a Brit or yanky server, it always plays delayed. I'm sure its not my connection as it's fine when playing CoD4/WaW, and my NAT is open. An example of this is if I'm sitting behind cover, some guy fires at me, I go prone, then get headshotted. Or if I run into someone face to face, mostly, they'll kill me first, even if I started firing before them (and I'm hitting). It's rather frustrating.
  3. roguz - tauren feral druid (alchemy/herbalism) - 70 qloudz - orc hunter (mining/blacksmith) - 10 ticklez - undead priest - 7 just came back to the game so obviously i'll be working these up. my friend: spleenz is undead warrior (mining/blacksmith) - 70
  4. Hey chaps and chapettes. I quit wow a few months after TBC release, and I'm thinking of making a return. I have a 70 tauren druid kicking about on some realm. Or I'm thinking of rerolling a UD Priest. Would it be possible to switch over and join you lot? I play weird hours though (week days 9pm+). I would consider myself a casual gamer.
  5. Havn't really watched the TV, but thats great. This game just keeps on pulling out little gems.
  6. Just went to the Split Sides comedy club and Ricky Gervais came on! Was his voice, too! All of the jokes were from his Fame DVD. Good shit!
  7. Just get your rep over 80% with him, and you should get a call. I took LJ on 'man-dates' to Cluckin' Bell and Strip Clubs since those appear to be his fav's.
  8. The alternative ending makes much more sense, imo.
  9. I see that you're enticed by my daughters awesome rocking tits. So funny. I love SP.
  10. "WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY! GOODNIGHT!" Morbo always steals it for me.
  11. lol@cartman. Amazing episode. So glad to see South Park is back.
  12. It was great! ...but Robocop won.
  13. This. I dunno how you people are able to watch this. I normally end up having to watch Big Brother every year (always on TV in this house.), but I do admit I can get quite hooked on it. This Celeb Big Brother just seems very desperate to me. Jade Goody is a retard. It was frustrating watching this silly cow the first time, never mind with her Mother ranting next to her. Remember when they shoved Nikki back in while she was still somehow popular? Just feels like they're ripping off this terrible idea again.
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