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  1. I’m playing my way through the ridge racers currently. Type 4 still has the best music and feel so far in terms of getting into the ‘flow’ with tunes banging while drifting, with the 3DS version also being unexpectedly and surprisingly good. Also checked out unbounded on ps3 (and promptly put it in the to sell pile), found an old copy of 7 for ps3 that I own, and it’s technically great in aesthetic, resolution and frame rate but lacking some soul. Next step is to get back into rage racer (the one I played far too much in my uni days) and figure out whether I can download the psp ve
  2. Looks like there’s a few ways we all end up here! It’s interesting that emulation doesn’t seem to work for many of us - though I am enjoying playing psone classics on other proper Sony hardware such as vita and ps tv - it seems slightly preferable to me to do it that way than use an android box or pc. I’m not sure why again, it’s not exactly authentic. I’m currently in the process of trying a bit of everything to see what works for me in terms of combinations of old and new, so it’s good to hear how you all address it. For example, for the Mega CD I have some original games t
  3. I expect it’s happened to all of us in this sub forum to some degree. In our teens and 20s cash is king and old games and consoles often have no value other than monetary, so they are sold to pay for new ones. Then, years later, we regret our old attitudes and start looking for ways to recapture the feelings we had when we played games in our youth. Maybe we start with a rom and an emulator on a pc screen, maybe we buy a mini console that looks like the real thing but doesn’t quite feel right, maybe we hit the loft to see what survived the barbarian attitudes of our youth, then acq
  4. This opened up in Melbourne recently: www.zerolatencyvr.com Tried it a couple of weeks back, awesome as a taster for what's to come. It took a while to get used to walking around with the rift on, due to fear of bumping into things, and it was more tech demo than polished final version, but it was still an awesome experience. The gang I was with were all convinced of the potential (though it needs higher spec graphics and for avatars to not walk round like thunderbirds). In terms of presence, it was clearly a game, but two things stood out. First, I couldn't bring myself to walk forward duri
  5. Did you run that benchmark with the 3570k / 980ti combination by any chance? I'm looking to get away with upgrading GPU only if possible.
  6. Yep, just like the websites that charge you more for the same real world item based on your IP address. (E.g. Amazon, as mentioned before)
  7. I'm firmly on board the hype train, but have concerns as to whether motion sickness will cause a problem. Back in my early adopter days, I had these: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_eyetrek.asp Sadly the eye strain and motion sickness I got from using them meant that I couldn't use them for more than 20 minutes without an hour of waiting for the nausea to subside. I'd be a day one for these if it wasn't for that. But I'm really hopeful it won't be an issue. (Maybe its all about the FOV..!)
  8. I'm one of those people! Hopefully this will mean a return to large scale city assaults, which are the main reason why I enjoyed Rome over any of its successors.
  9. I like the auction house idea, but so far, I can get better gear on there (sorting by lowest buyout) than I seem to get as drops in the game, for less than 1k gold quite often. It's kind of devaluing the loot aspect as I rarely end up using anything that drops, just break it down or sell it. I'm all set to stop using the AH for my playthrough, unless there's something I'm missing? I'm only on Act 2 on Normal (first run through).
  10. I agree with the "thankfully" - I got terrible motion sickness within 20 minutes of first firing it up. Had a lie down, put the FOV to 90, and no complaints since. So far it's like a more polished alpha protocol (which I loved) but it has yet to grip me like that did.
  11. My most played game for the past few weeks has been The Resistance. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/41114/the-resistance If you like werewolves/mafia but don't have the ability to get a big group together, it works great with 5-10. Bonuses over the standard werewolves are that the pace moves along reasonably fast due to rules around votes, and everybody stays in the game till the end. The only downside is that you'll never trust anyone ever again afterwards!
  12. That is a massive difference. Looking forward to that one hitting. And with the player creation tools, it's just going to keep on giving!
  13. This is skyrim you're talking about! I expect what you really mean is that you headed toward the shops but got distracted by some caves full of loot, joined the dark brotherhood that is the sainsbury's reward card scheme, got chased by a dragon down the high street, stole a statue of dibella from boots, and had a drinking contest with a wino from the bus station only to awaken somewhere in europe.
  14. It's like robocop! Does any attempt to arrest a senior Bethesda employee result in shutdown?
  15. Some screens... Spoiler free for anyone who's played past the first 30 minutes or so. The village turns out to congratulate me after biffing up a dragon. Climbing the mountain as the sun sets. Getting the lightning spell ready to fry anything in the water. Random scenery. More random scenery. And the lighting I think I'm a lighting geek!
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