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  1. “A glimpse of fanny” and “fanny’s exposed” made me giggle like a child, as did Robins “ticket”/“dickhead”.
  2. Yeah that was a classic. How he delivered that with a straight face I don’t know.
  3. I saw George McKay on stage at the Old Vic in the Caretaker some years back. I’d never heard of him before and he was sharing a stage with Daniel Mays and Timothy Spall, two of my favourite actors - he blew them away. I was transfixed. Real young Paul Bettany energy to him.
  4. Its testament to Starr’s performance that I could well believe he’d do it. He just sets me on edge every time he’s on screen, it’s magnificent. Of course it’s helped by the reactions of people around him - look at the senator’s face when he lands next to her, she’s absolutely bricking it.
  5. That quip at the beginning of ep 5 Flipping shit myself at Homelander’s dream spot. Thought things had gone full Marvelman for a second! Also, some top Butcherisms in this episode, and it seems the accent is genetic after all.
  6. I used to enjoy the old fourth-wall-breaking comics, they were great fun. Be nice if they kept that but it’s probably Deadpool’s shtick now. Also I loved this:
  7. Great to see Herr Starr in today’s episode. He does make me chuckle.
  8. I still think Furman and Senior’s Dragon’s Claws would make a great series. The comics are severely underrated and surprisingly topical.
  9. I find I prefer ad breaks now as it gives me a chance to pop the kettle on and have a wee. Anyway this was brilliant. I’ve no interest in serial killers particularly but this is two of my favourite actors going at it in Mays and Tennant and they didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to the rest.
  10. Hmm. I’ve seen most of this season already though...
  11. I do wish they’d stick it on Netflix or amazon or something. Tired of having to ‘acquire’ it.
  12. Great news, best thing on telly last Christmas.
  13. Finally caught up with all of these and yep, I knew it - so much better than Discovery and Picard. It actually feels like proper Star Trek. It even has the proper title cards and everything! Plus they’ve canonised Cetacean Ops so I’m very happy. Also nearly spat out my cereal at “I need to blood piss some blood wine”.
  14. I had that problem. Same thing happened with the first episode of Star Trek Discovery a couple of years ago - I thought ‘that’s a bold artistic choice to have all these Klingons speaking their own language unsubbed.’
  15. I’m loving the Paper Mario stylings of this trailer:
  16. Been playing this tonight and it’s really very good. Was a bit stuck near the beginning when I got ‘outside’ but once I realised I was sorted. Like all great puzzlers or high concept games once the mechanic clicks it’s incredibly satisfying. Next to no hand-holding either so you always feel smart for having worked it out. The game did crash on me at one point and the graphics sometimes glitch a bit (unintentionally) but otherwise it’s looks great. The photo mode is good fun: Definitely worth me chunk of Amazon voucher.
  17. The great thing about Androzani is that the Doctor shows up and tries to do his usual thing; unfortunately he’s landed on the planet of people who just will not put up with his crap. Literally the most suspicious and nasty people he could have met - I mean when the most reasonable person around is a psychopath in a gimp suit you know you’re in trouble. And the Doctor eventually just gives up and becomes utterly sarcastic with everyone. You can almost see why he ends up regenerating into the boisterous Colin Baker. That’s what makes it so dark and dramatic - what does the Doctor when his usual
  18. I’ve just been filling in the gaps of what I’ve not seen thanks to BritBox. Colin Baker I find a great Doctor for the most part, hamstrung by largely bad stories. Vengeance on Varos remains his best but Revelation of the Daleks has moments, and Alexei Sayle. The Two Doctors is a fascinating experiment in utter nastiness. I oddly enjoyed Mark of the Rani as well as at least everyone seems to be having fun! I actually found aspects of the Trial of a Timelord fairly interesting, particularly the ‘overdubbing’ by the Matrix but it just falls apart really. The only McCoys I
  19. Been loving this. Like everyone else the hand-holding at the beginning got on my nerves but then you know:
  20. Shoutout to Rocket as a game we should all talk about way more. It is THE BEST non-Mario N64 platformer and I will die on this hill. Also it basically invented Half-Life 2 five years early It’s brilliant but I’d recommend Glover as well. Another interesting platformer with a fun physics engine.
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