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  1. So apparently I've only had this for 3 weeks and I've already sunk 90 hours into it! By comparison I've had Mario Odyssey since June and that's had 65 hours. Worth every second! I did my first divine beast the other day and it played merry hell with my vertigo!
  2. The bingo-caller scene in the last series of League of Gentlemen disproves that.
  3. "Will someone please shoot me?"
  4. I know but I'd love to see Minogue and O'Leary tackle these guys!
  5. Fuck knows how they'd do it but I'd love a Wellington paranormal crossover. Shes wonderful. Her sketch show is worth a look and all.
  6. By comparison (I supppse to both this and Sherlock) what did people think of Moffat's Jekyll? Unlike Dracula it's not a book I'm as familiar with but I really enjoyed it, hammy Patterson Joseph and all. I suppose on reflection it does contain all the Moffat drama tropes, including the shady government agency.
  7. The Doctor's pretty casual about wiping people's memories now isn't she? "Just a bit of mind-rape, nowt to worry about."
  8. Utterly wonderful stuff of course, but was that a rather unnecessary dig at Alan in the last episode? I still hope someone's had a word in Alan's shell-like and said "here, it's actually pretty good..."
  9. I'm loving it - it's like watching the old BBC narnia stories crossed with The Changes.
  10. I think she looks extraordinary on screen, and with such wonderful use of her expressions.
  11. But he's clearly enjoying himself so much. Let him have his fun!
  12. Because it makes thematic sense with the rest of the novel.
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