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  1. So gutting, as I’m adamant that if Aliens of London had been given to a competent director - Euros Lyn, say - then that two parter would rightly be seen for the postmodern classic it is.
  2. Yeah he just seems like a solid guy, takes his craft seriously, private in the right way but also open about the things that matter. And he sticks to his guns. Glad to hear he’s just as nice in person!
  3. Oh yeah, and rightly so - they make such a great team, far better than with Tennant (much as I love Tennant). That whole season, with a working class Doctor and companion just seems so radical now, I love it. And Chris just seems like a lovely man.
  4. Fwiw RTD didn’t write that line about the ears in ‘Rose’ with a recent regeneration in mind - he saw it more as something that had always bugged this Doctor every time he catches himself. Indeed, he points to the fact that the Doctor is experiencing no regeneration trauma in the episode and is utterly in charge from the start.
  5. I forgot all about this but if it’s on par with the documentaries on the dvds I’ll be happy. I love the stories of making the show back in the day, it just sounds like it was so much fun!
  6. I lost my shit at Dalton proclaiming “I never thought I’d see the Sex Men at my door.” Extraordinary stuff.
  7. He’s hilarious in person and quite the raconteur. If you only know him from text pieces where journalists deliberately ask him about things that wind him up you might miss that. And of course he lives a wind up himself. Equating him with Savile and Jackson is probably a bit much really.
  8. Almost inevitable at this point isn’t it? Bring it on Yeah, I will miss these guys when they’re gone. Criminal they never even got a cameo in the films.
  9. Finally caught up on all of these. This series has been great, honestly - too many good bits to mention but hats off to the 80s pastiche episode. I knew the Max Headroom bit was coming it it was glorious. And was that a Red Dwarf series 2 nod when they were walking around the base with Coulson on the telly? The little robot arm even reminded me of a skutter!
  10. Amusingly enough, I now feel about the tv series the way I do about the original comic - it stands fine alone and doesn’t really need a sequel. Hypocritical I know, but hey.
  11. Well I'm one of those that thinks a film never needed to be made - it’s a comic about comics. It’s style is part of its substance - the issue Fearful Symmetry, for instance. I just can’t see what any form of adaptation brings to the table.
  12. Yeah but the squid is pretty instrumental to the story otherwise Moore wouldn’t have put it in there. It’s a comic book solution for a comic book villain, an absurd intrusion into this gritty realistic world. That he didn’t recognise this and felt it needed fixing is just another demonstration of why it shouldn’t have been made. It’s as wrong-headed an adaptation as V for Vendetta.
  13. His mistake was thinking that the squid was an issue to be solved.
  14. I just looked it up, yeah it’s possible. Probably one of those things that’s better as an idea than in practice. Might be fun online though, with a full team .
  15. I’m sure there was a game that had you do that but I can’t remember the name of it. Years back.
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