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  1. That bit in the last episode was straight out of Marvelman, wasn't it? Nasty stuff.
  2. Miss you so much, mate. I'm angry. I'm upset. But most of all I wish you were here so I could tell you that. 

  3. I'd resisted the Orville up until now but I'm staying with some friends who are big Star Trek fans and they twisted my arm into watching some and , 3 episodes in, it really is just doing what TNG did but in a contemporary style. Even if you strip away the parodic elements (the spot-on mimicry of the editing, music and matte paintings of the era) it's still just plain doing Star Trek better. I feel a bit daft for not having watched it sooner but still persisting with discovery!
  4. Yeah, that was some opening man I thought it was gonna segue into a stealth pilot for the Invisibles at one point.
  5. Yeah,I think that's why I took to it so much - it really gave me that early Marvel vibe, along with the whole Short Circuit-Batteries Not Included thing. It's not perfect by any means but it was so much more enjoyable than Bay's stuff.
  6. Apparently it was modelled on a Disney Channel-style movie. For what it's worth it was probably my favourite of the current crop (though Andrew Scott's performance is the one that really stands out).
  7. I only got round to seeing it recently and I loved it. It was the Transformers movie that should have been made in 2007.
  8. It was excellent, and a rare bit of UK 90s genre TV that wasn't Crime Traveller...
  9. I fucking loved it, monologues and all. I was wrong about Jessica Hynes - she won't make a great Doctor, she's already been a great Doctor. She even got a regeneration scene in! And when that bazooka came out I thought, yep, that's a man who remembers his Buffy. Also, given everything going on at the moment it was rather heartwarming to see a fascist PM being arrested in office and dickhead guards being charged at with chip vans.
  10. The African grannies crease me up as well!
  11. Anyone else been watching this? I really enjoyed the series last year and this year's hasn't disappointed. My personal faves are the polite mandem: The Nigerian Prince raises a smile: And this one
  12. Through the Dragon's Eye is gonna be epic!
  13. I dunno. I really like Jodie as the Doctor. Hell, I liked her before. I just think Jess benefits here from being written by the Godfather of Nu Who, rather than suffering under the errant protege like poor Jodie, and parts of her dialogue in this have been pure tenth Doctor. There's a nice detachment to her performance as well, almost alien, setting her apart from the rest of the family. We'll have her next, shall we?
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