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  1. Get rid of an entire genre that dates back to the 60s!?
  2. Well, there goes my Saturday! My controversial opinion is that I've always rated Mario Kart 64 over the SNES original. I enjoyed the SNES one in its day but thought the N64 one improved on it in almost every way save the battle mode (and even then, we made the best of it).
  3. Bet Picard wishes he'd just called up Riker and co. Would have saved him a lot of bother!
  4. I know, but it's that whole 'sense of an ending' thing. Plus I've caned all my sidequests bar the flippin' Weapon Connoisseur and a couple of shrine quests (Eventide, that one where you have to be naked during a Blood Moon) so it'll be pootling about looking for hidden shrines I may have missed, at least until I can afford the DLC. What a game, though. What a magnificent flippin' game.
  5. Gerudo desert is such a big mood. 190 odd hours in and I suppose I'd better go and fight Ganon...
  6. According to the TV Tropes trivia page they considered bringing David and Maureen back way back in series 1 of No.9 but wanted the series to stand on its own. Glad they changed their minds!
  7. "What did your scout master used to say to you?" "Don't tell anyone?" Also, Reece's delivery on the line "I'm beyond the veil" still has me in stitches.
  8. Fucking hell, speak of the devils. That was brilliant. The Jelly cameo was just the icing on the cake!
  9. Another shout for Psychoville. For some baffling reason I ignored when it first came out but I finally watched it a few years back and it's brilliant. Bonus points for a pre-Hollywood Daniel Kaluuya and all.
  10. Don't forget the rather excellent Christmas and Halloween specials they did.
  11. Yeah he was creepy as. And that little quip about 'little miss know-it-all'. Don't get me wrong, I'm rather intrigued to see where this Borg plot goes but it did seem weird.
  12. Did I see the words 'Gorn Egg' flash up at one point!?
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