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  1. The finest Daleks are the the RTD ones in blue and silver - stunning.
  2. Thanks lads. Bullseye theme stuck in my head all day now. Iiiiiiin one....
  3. The mechanics of quizzing fascinate me. There's also puzzling out what the answer definitely can't be and getting the answer that way. Or in a multiple choice, noticing an extreme or out of place answer and deciding if its a red herring or the actual a answer, because why else have it there? Some of the best final chases lately have been with one or two contestants, often with one contestant carrying the other. God, it can be infuriating watching a team ponderously waste the first minute of the final chase. Get to ten by the end of the first minute you buggers!
  4. @Halo Oh thank god its not just me that's obsessed The funny thing with Tipping Point is that, no matter how appalling the contestant may have been throughout the game, in the final I've got so much goodwill for them. I really want them to win. Go on son, take your wife on that cruise! I'm the opposite with the Chase - if they've been a poor team then I'm happy to see them get chased down.
  5. Shamefully, I never read the third despite buying the lovely big hardback. I really ought to go back to them as I'd love to read the more recent ones he's written.
  6. I love Dyer to bits but I can't get on with gimmicky gameshows like that, or Schofield's recent efforts. Catchphrase is my limit, otherwise I just like straight quizzing. Yeah she had a great run. I forgot all about the BBC 1 edition though! What I wouldn't give to win an Osman-branded decanter...
  7. I'm an absolute sucker for the Chase. I love all aspects of it. Paul Sinha is probably my fave but the bolo tie in the new guy is swaying me. I like the fact that the Chasers seem to really enjoy a challenge and always give props where it's deserved. Tipping Point, House of Games and University Challenge are all up there. Dont mind a bit of Eggheads either - in fact never mind the MCU, the crossover I'm most interested in seeing is an epic Eggheads v Chasers battle. Format to be decided!
  8. Thanks for that, that's a great article. I've been doing a lot of walking round there lately, and found myself the other day by the spot where Kelso Cochrane was murdered the prior decade, triggering racial violence. Reading into it, I had no idea that Enoch Powell and the BUF had such a stranglehold in the area in the late 50s.
  9. Yeah that was amazing. Like a dub Wong Kar Wai. That Silly Games scene was just extraordinary.
  10. Haven't caught up on it yet, think I'll do that tonight with a bottle red.
  11. Yeah I've not bothered going back. Such a waste of Samson Kayo who's such a great performer in Famalam. He's just got one of those faces that makes me crack up and I hope he gets something better.
  12. I think they all managed at least one good episode. Troi's is the one where she gets made up as Romulan. Geordie's is probably the one with Ensign Ro. Beverley's was covered above. Is there a good Wesley episode...?
  13. Oh bollocks I wanted that for Christmas! Finally got round to the two Dalek! episodes that have been released so far. I quite like it! Probably enjoy it more if it wasn't part of a massive multimedia crossover, but ho hum. I love seeing the Daleks as protagonists and the spread of characters here is good. The various voices of the Daleks are great fun as well.
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