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  1. Death's Head

    The Happytime Murders - Puppet Serial Killer Movie

    Also, that brilliant episode of Angel, 'Smile Time', in season 5.
  2. Death's Head

    Sonic Mania

    OT, but the Super Mario World end theme by the same guy is amazing!
  3. Death's Head

    Star Trek Discovery

    I'm not sure they had warp-capable shuttles back then though...
  4. Death's Head

    Star Trek Discovery

    In fairness, Pike is clearly more Ace Rimmer than standard-issue Rimmer. That's actually one of my problems with this series - Pike is clearly such a great guy, yet all along we've known it turns out shit for him. Boo.
  5. Yeah, I played it for the first time myself a couple of years ago, and as a fan of the original MD Golden Axe it really is superb and head-and-shoulders above the MD's Golden Axe 2.
  6. Death's Head

    The Alan Partridge Thread

  7. Death's Head

    Star Trek Discovery

    I felt kind of sorry for him. He's a bit of a prick but he has the air of a man saying "I'm just trying to do my fucking job here. You know, the one you hired me to do, Admiral."
  8. Death's Head

    Love Death and Robots

    Yeah, episode 3 was hallucinatory. I loved it and same, I could have sworn bits of it were rotoscoped. But they've all been beautiful in their own way - In Aquila Rift and Lucky Thirteen I almost forgot I was watching animation - my brain just gave up trying to work out if they were real actors or not. And the 'traditionally' animated ones are beautiful too - Good Hunting in particular, but also Sucker of Souls. And Zima Blue was amazing, like a Jerry Cornelius strip come to life. A few more of these to go, but this has been a real TV highlight.
  9. Death's Head

    Star Trek Discovery

    After the thing at the end happened, could they not have
  10. Death's Head

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    That's some spectacular lack of self-awareness. Amazing.
  11. Death's Head

    Star Trek Discovery

    They weren't premonitions as such though were they? Pike literally sees a ghost of himself and Clem Fandango performing an action, the exact nature of which is revealed later on. It's almost exactly like Future Echoes. And it wouldn't be the first time Trek has nodded towards Red Dwarf.
  12. Death's Head

    Star Trek Discovery

    I've just remembered that Trek managed to rip-off Red Dwarf yet again in that last episode, this time 'Future Echoes'.
  13. Death's Head

    Star Trek Discovery

    It's getting better - I really like Pike and his proper Starfleet idealism, and the show would be better served by opening up the ensemble and not focussing so much on Michael. Regarding the latest episode,
  14. Death's Head

    Only Fools and Horses - The Musical

    Friend of mine is in the Fawlty Towers one! I'd be bang-up for doing the Addam's Family one - Mamushka!
  15. Death's Head

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    Is that Holland Manners off of Angel? He was fantastic in that.

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