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  1. I've only read 'Backwards' I think, but I was surprise at how brutal the books could be - stuff like Rimmer being melted into a puddle but still being able to feel it etc. It really added a bit of visceral horror to the bleak humour.
  2. I recall reading an article that said that it was set there. Just so I'm not all down on it, Diane Morgan is always great. I'd watch her read the phonebook.
  3. It struck me as a very English version of this: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagicalNegro I mean it's baffling enough in this day and age to not make a show with some diversity already baked into it, but to then set it in an incredibly racially-mixed area like Acton is just strange. Still, it's not the only show that does this and it won't be the last. Plus I've probably a bit (!) of a chip on my shoulder as a west Londoner - I get fed up of the whole 'leafy west London' 'rich and posh' stereotype as it basically erases the rest of us from the area. 'People Just Do Nothing' did good things for west London - this not so much!
  4. Caught one episode of this last week and couldn't stand it - it felt like Grange Hill for middle class white adults. And I couldn't believe they pulled out the magical black lady trope - she has loads of kids! And she works! And she drinks like a maniac and kisses who she likes but she's fine the next day! And she has valuable pearls of wisdom for the put-upon white lady! I don't normally cringe at things but this took the biscuit. Must set be in the whitest bit of Acton and all.
  5. I did glitch through a couple of fences - particularly the artist lady's fence. Nothing game-breaking though.
  6. Yeah, there's definitely a bit of Zenith to it and, as I mentioned upthread, a touch of Marvelman as well.
  7. Was out and about today and spotted this bastard...
  8. I found it a strangely moving finale. Life goes on etc. One thing I thought they'd address was the whole heavenly system - are people still getting sent to hell or heaven depending on some arbitrary rules? Or has the Saint initiated a new system? Who's running hell now, given we saw what a massive bureaucracy it was? Cassidy's coat in that last scene was fucking gorgeous.
  9. I would have been all over this when I was twelve, to be fair!
  10. It's interesting reading these comments about Case's character. I know when I went back to re-read it a few years back the part near the beginning where he admits to murdering a young woman pretty much rendered him utterly unlikeable for the rest of the book, even as I enjoyed everything else going on around him. It's still one of my favourite books but that really hung over the rest of the story for me.
  11. "Katia, where are you going?" "To my grave!"
  12. Bless you, it's truly amazing.
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