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  1. Yeah that's the one. I enjoyed it at the time. Whack it in a double bill with Taxi Driver.
  2. For what its worth I knew that Streep answer and I haven't seen any of those films. Fuck knows how. Must have osmoted a lot.
  3. I almost always get Harry Potter questions right on tv quizzes, despite having read none of the books or seen any of the films. Its surprising what you can pick up just by cultural osmosis.
  4. That's a plus, but I'm still really not that enthralled by the idea of John in a massive crossover. I'd love to see a low key British production. No capes, just grim streets, shit pubs, horrible cunts and creeping horror.
  5. I love Tom Hardy because he's made a career out of the one thing we all secretly want to do as actors - to do silly voices. He gets to do it all the time. Taboo was a masterclass. Venom - he somehow managed to wangle two silly voices there and it was glorious. He even got a daft voice into his Marks and Sparks advert. I won't hear a word against him, he's a king.
  6. Americans writing working class British characters? Nah.
  7. She does let the Sheffield out much more in later seasons.
  8. Yeah I missed the special but that's great news.
  9. I'd love it if they got another cheeky little series, maybe going up against SWORD. The show they couldn't kill!
  10. The Sonic 1 and 2 ones were released a while back: Check out the tempo on the Sonic 2 ones.
  11. Oh there are vikings and Russians in it!
  12. Those rainy childhood holidays in Wales cooped up in the caravan watching S4C must have rubbed of on me!
  13. Not weird in the slightest, man, it's lovely! You're on.
  14. Also Fenric actually had one of the better monster designs in the Destroyer (the boss Heamovore) - he looks like the Judge out of Buffy! (Auto correct wants to make 'Fenric' into 'Fenwick' which certainly would have been an episode.)
  15. I dunno, Time and the Rani and Dragonfire aren't great by any means but Paradise Towers and Delta & The Bannermen are both excellent.
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