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  1. No, and I'm not even suggesting my subjective opinion on ROTK is correct. What I was saying is that if we have all seen the triolgy's myself and idiot mentioned we are at the start of a place where subjective opinion starts to become interesting. If you wrote down all the trilogy's out there, how many would pick LOTR's as there top one~? My assumption is that not as many as would when asked ad hoc.
  2. no, you have expressed an opinion. It becomes fact when observed to be so. Fact: A thing that is known to occurred, to exist, or to be true.
  3. I didn't answer the question - I gave a reason why I could not answer the question.
  4. Opinion: a belief or assessment based on ground short of proof. You cannot express a fact that is right or wrong, you can only express an opinion - that may or may not be a fact. Is it possible to say that sometimes people may type things, whjen not having all the facts, I would think so. It becomes interesting when people are aquainted with all the facts and have a slightly different subjective feeling on a matter - such as film...
  5. well quoted, yeah, clever. Some people are of the opinion that the holocaust was 'faked'. Is that opinion correct... or is it wrong? The motion that an opnion can never be wrong is simply a semantic notion as opposed to anything concrete.
  6. It was a long tago that I had this discussion with someone and I actually cannot remember the specifics of my case, however if you have no understanding of moral dilema or such, it's probably fine. The best moralailty they have is in the subtulties - the no money etc - the infrastructure of the federation - when this is referenced it works well. That is not what I said, or implied.
  7. Sounds like fighting talk. Why can't I have Adaptation - don't tell me you didn't like it!
  8. Yes a very misguided opinion that was a mistake, that way well have been rash - considering the evidence provided. let us not get into a deabte on whether an opinion can be 'a mistake', if that is your udea of how to conduct a forum or a world, fuck off!
  9. I don't know but judging by the succses of the new films, combined with there more childish nature I'd suggest that not only does he tink this, but he is correct in his assumption.
  10. It is not the moral or philosphy that would be out of date, it would be the debate and the actually elements chosen for debate... the second two matrix films had similar flaws. You (sorry, he) mentioned it - you (he) made a point of mentioning it, so I thought it had become a significant element. Deep space Nine, Voyager. That sort of thing.
  11. Yeah, becuase the UNicorn scene wasn't the worst sort of intorspection ever contrived.... You're 100% correct, the ending of the original BR was shocking. He still can't act though.
  12. He has in essence made it for an even younger audience, which sits well with his own views on what he thinks and believes. That he is not interested what a load of 20 and 30 somethings think, shows him in a better light than I think many are willing to accept.
  13. See here a poster making that very mistake. The fool!
  14. Too far, it simply was not as good a story. I think what we have done here though, is stop a tide of stupidity in claims like 'best trilogy ever'.
  15. It is not my view that films that pose questions of morality are bad per se, it is purely the ham handed way those questions are handled by this program in it's latter years. I have no problem with philosophy and morals being discussed on screen but make it up to date and relevant - not tacked on for validity. I stopped watching some time ago but I'm pretty safe in assuming that humour you speak of is relative to other TV in the same genre, as opposed to actual comedy? It is the bulk of the Star Trek universe of add-on's et all that I was refering too. It is sprawling, directionless and pap.
  16. I'd say the first 2 Godfather films carries that trilogy beyond the LOTR's films. By quite a fucking margin.
  17. Adaptation also - will you give that as well? I understand that it was a studio change and one that actually works for the good rythymn of the film. I simply do not like the director's cut a smuch - I'll also bet it wouldn not have been as succsesful as it was, without it. Of course many people make out that monolouges or voice overs, lead a person by the hand through a film - I like to see them as part of the score - I felt the voice over in Sleepers was important as it managed to capture more of the essence of reality than had it not been present, it made it a persons tale as opposed to a film.
  18. So often I think that is one of the main reasons it gets so many plaudits - the scale of vision by both Jackson and the investors. the films do not posses a great script and the CGI is ropey in places - it is held in its highest regard by people that no illusions to burst in there own heads and all good to them, but this trilogy does away with many of the subtle parts that the original literature laid down, and is therefore 'younger' for it - is this a bad thing, well no, but adults should try and examine what it is they really 'love' about this film.
  19. Almost Famous was a film I so wanted to love but I found it lacking. I'm still yet to put my finfger on just what it was that irked me about this film but something did. It is certainly a more polished production and script than croupier but it lacks a certain dramatic tension.
  20. Star Trek has been shite for years. The occasional good moment does not make up for the crass moralisation of the most basic sci fi plots. It is close to moronic in many of its scripts and darn right patronising in almost all of them.
  21. The first films are children's films as well, the names no doubt drawn from that generations set of children.
  22. Clive Owen is one of the most overrated actor's in the modern era. He is good in this role, but then the role suits his monosyllabic performance style and moody 'looks' - very zoolander.
  23. xiphoid


    an educational tool is what it is needed for- rap in a poetry lesson.
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