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  1. I squirmed but it wasn't really to do with the 'women' element.
  2. xiphoid


    Well no internet connection rather cramps that vision, but you're right - I have more time now and I can feel the lure... however level one is a daunting prospect - no subjob - no 250k sitting the bank - that' a lot of lost ground. Hey, it'll just be fun... I may not get onto Garuda.
  3. good scripting... I think Nicholson would have been better, he does a better befuddled to dangerous look.
  4. There are moments in that film when I thought I would gouge my brain out with disgust for the world, then Owen Wilson steps up - magical.
  5. mean streets. De Niro shouts when he needs to - Pacino is cast that way, it suits him.
  6. xiphoid


    I'll make a point of saying hello.
  7. xiphoid


    might be on showing my parents this game at some point later in the week, I'll try and say hello.
  8. He was perfect in This Life though.
  9. fuck off! I think what he says in reference to the topic, the actor and not having seen a film in which he is critiquing an acting job, suggests idiocy.
  10. Every role I've seen him in, he plays a complete twat, who cocks about doing whatever he likes, with fuck all regard to anyone else. Yet - you're supposed to like him. Examples: Cocktail Rainman Jerry Maguire Vanilla Skys (I haven't actually seen this, but the character he plays from Open Your Eyes is a very standard Cruise character). So, maybe he just always lands these roles - seems a bit of a coincidence though. you are quitre clearly a fucking idiot.
  11. I'm having trouble finding a role he was badly cast for? It's challenging casting in some cases, but it tends to work. I haven't seen all his films though.
  12. He may be suggesting German actor's
  13. he's a great actor but you're not the first to dislike him purely for being himself. His image as the all american boy is however used to great effect in Born on the Forth of July.
  14. I was not suggesting he was shit in the Usual suspects - though to be fair, he wasn't the best of the bunch. Kate Winslett in The LIfe of David Gale (which was my particular point) he so bad and over acting it almost makes we cry.
  15. The Baldwin borther in the Usual suspects is the shitest actor I've ever seen. Kate Winslett is on my list, though that is sporadic. It might be easier to pick worst performances as oppossed to worst performer.
  16. We just observed that it was not a fact.If we remove the knowledge that it is was not John and I accepted it, I would be accepting your statement as fact, though it is not, in fact. No, they are something, but facts are not that thing. This is the very reason most scientists will avoid the use of a word like 'fact'.
  17. My main point was that I think it is completely justified, in both humour and debate to assert that someone's opinion is 'wrong'. I don't see the paradox though, yet it may be inherent in the way we use language of course.
  18. Taxi Driver's pretty good too. I know too many people that really didn't like Adaptation. .
  19. No, it is not a fact that John was there. It is a fact that you believed him to be there, that however is different.
  20. I can accept that, had it been an exam, I'd give a shit. However, even in grammar some rules are expendable to aid the form, no?
  21. Well you're examining when an opinion can be mistakenly suggested as a fact. I'll consider that an end to the matter, we are now talking about different things.
  22. You need to get yourself a dictionary. In a debate based on words, as you said: People frequently use the wrong word, unfortunately. It seems you have come a cropper. You're good example of the pub, is flawed in many ways. In its self, it is contradictory.
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