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  1. By the way, it doesn't matter which type of Yag you kill as long as it's in the key room. Me and Neenee got ours from a Votary and then a Priest. I also throw away Yag feathers, I've found 0 use for them. As for Necklaces, I find them more annoying than useful because they don't bloody stack, argh. Is silk thread worth much at the AH? I only made some once and I've forgetten the worth.

    you made silk thread?

    If you are talking about grass thread - it is used tomake armour in clothmaking - lower levels.

    I think the drop is from specific mobs, as oppossed to a specific area.

  2. Yag Necklace + wind crystal = 3 grass threads

    3 grass threads + earth crystal = grass cloth (or something) all for cloth craft.

  3. As for overated, Godfather for me.

    But what do you lot mean by overrated? It set a tone for a film makking, it changed the style in which the mafia was prtreayed and lead to a great many heavily influenced films. THis is actually WHY the film is so highly rated - not purely for its enjoyment factor.

    This is also the case for citizen kane - it is not the story, it was the the productions importanc eto film making in general that makes it so rated. YOu may not enjoy the film greatly, but there are so many new camera angles and all of which are important to how directors viewed the camera.

    So basically - you may not like the Godfather or Citizen Kane but you should still rate them.

  4. Yeah I know Priests and another type beginning with V - Ive logged standing near one of these who just happens to be DC thats all. DC yags are ok so long as I clear any other yags first - I would lose if they gang up on me.

    votary (sp) and theologist... dragged form the depths of my memory.

  5. re the upcoming UK release, is there any point in me waiting till it's out here?

    other than a minimal cost difference, none.

  6. It's a Jeuno quest: Guddal is the NPC I think

    The Yag's you need are specidic types - it's not related to DC or EM. you need Yagu Priests and 2 other types - whose names elude me.

  7. I'm on the beta ... lol.

    Massive package waiting for me when I got home today. Given I had tossed the initial pack I bought away, a lucky event.

  8. Once again... Please set up a signature so that everyone can see who you play as in FFXI. I believe that it would allow people to know who is who. Thx

    Karrus...sry bud, never see you online :)

    I could, but I wont.

  9. When I began playing this game I really did discover certain things absolutely out of the blue and that did make a massive impact.

    Absolutley. I agree that you do find all these things out - it is some of the more complicated missions and quests that actually get confusing. Time demands being an obvious limitation on the exploring nature of some quests.

    I got the game a couple of days after its US release. It was my first MMO and MMORPG and at that time I wasn't even aware that online forums and sites exsited for these games - it was uphill all the way - it's where my fledgling files took shape in fact. If I look at it closely I'm sure I prefered not knowing about online forums but I'm certian I wouldn not have achieved as many objective targets in game.

    I do remember the days where they were 3 people in the LS and the need to go outside the link was undeniable. Now the ls is as good a resource for info as anyone else - which I see as both good and bad.

  10. Just got to get this off my chest. Ed and Virtua Pimp were criticising FFXI (based to be fair on their playing experiences) in the MMORPG thread but they just seem so wrong to me. They couldn't have been playing properly or asking for help/ advice enough. Their criticisms seem to be:

    Ed was very rude and childish when in FFXi. Maybe that's just me thinking that though. The game didn't suit him but the critiscms were purely based on there misunderstanding of the game requitrments and mechanics.

    I also have a friend who used to play, he could be arsed with all that "gay" crafting and "shit". He was looking for a game that rewards you more highly for winning fights and battles - there ar emany games out there for him and he doesn't criticise the FFXI mechanics rathe rhe knows they are not for him.

    I do sometimes wonder if the game would be possible without an online set of guides... you couldn't work out, how to complete the Samurai Quest - it is too obtuse, maybe this is a problem mor eof translation though - many subtle hints may be lost.

  11. To accomodate, we shall amend the time till 8.

    I think that should give us some other non rllmuk peeps to whip into a party.

    Jeem, what level job are you thinking of bring to the fray? We can perhaps set a level range!

  12. I might join you Xiph, I fancy leveling my Warrior sub a bit, thing is I have to buy a load of new eqipment and I'm not sure how much money I've got at the moment.

    I thought this would appeal to sub job levelling. I'll happilly change palns to accomodate - don't want to start too late.

  13. Xiph my monk is only 15 and I cant make tonight. By the time I can, I suspect that you'll have moved onto the late teens. Going to Valkurm?

    I'm in the late teens, having managed to hit the heady heights of 18 last night. If you leave your monk at 15 till perhaps the weekend, I may have a subjob coming your way in level terms.

    'm trying to avoid Valkurn - which is why I'm trying to sort a party here, we can use the deserted Bub instead -killing Bulls' is a lot more fun than hacking clippers.

  14. I'm trying to put a party together tonight.

    Looking for some organised level 16-19 people to quickly put some levels on from around about 7 tonight.

    If this sounds like your sort of deal, post up. If it does but the timing is wrong, then let me know and we can amend the details.

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