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  1. It's about fucking time we started to boycott series that don't end each season at a finish point - just in case they get cancelled. Too many shows end their seasons on cliffhangers all the time, like this did. As it is now I don't start watching a season of anything from America until it's finished (Game of Thrones was the exception) in case it gets cancelled mid season.
  2. The Pentaverate is really good. Mike Myers on brilliant form.
  3. Those 109 Days equate to 2616 hours, and 41 minutes... Only 469 hours, 15 hours and 47 minutes have been in the creator, though.
  4. GTA Online in the creator building race tracks that only ever get played by three people.
  5. Aye, but mostly done better imo (though I loved the Vulcan bits of Thunderball. I think because, for me, overall it has a lot more going for it than the rest. It has better action than any other up until Goldeneye, I think Connery is on great form physically (or if not, the action is directed a heck of a lot better than other Bond films), I first saw it at a time when I was a lot more impressionable than I am now and I got a lot more enjoyment out films then than I have for around 20 years now. Before I started the rewatch though, I would have said You Only Live Twice was my favourite Bond film. That might have been mostly Rose Tinted spectables and that fact that The theme song by Nancy Sinatra is up there in my top three Bond tunes (For Your Eyes Only and A View To A kill also being in there).
  6. To be honest, there aren't that many Bond films that are good overall. I started from the beginning watching them all (doing one a day) and after watching Goldeneye again today, I can say that in my opinion the only two overall good ones have been Never Say Never Again (I don't care that it's not an EON film), and Goldeneye. I don't recall Brosnan's other Bond films being anywhere near as good overall as Goldeneye and I wasn't a fan of Craigs Bond (too moody). Don't get me wrong, I do like them all for certain things, but I wouldn't say they were particularly good. The 60's and 70's ones suffer from poor effects in particular (fight and chase scenes being noticably sped up are acutely annoying to me).
  7. There's going to be more cast than crew at this rate.
  8. Couldn't be that much worse than the last 5...
  9. I watched it yesterday, too. I thought it was a decent enough action film, but a very poor Bond film. Here you have a main baddie that is so enigmatic he's in it for about 5% of the film, and is completely inefectual besides being inexplicably able to kill all the Spectre agents with a weapon that M had developed in secret (obviously not that secretly). The main baddie should actually be an antagonist, directly antagonising Bond at times. In this, they meet about 5 minutes before Bond kills him. It was also very poorly lit. Bond films should have a wide range of locations, with exotic locations being a vididly bright colour to actually convey some sort of dream getaway place. Everything here was as dark and dingy as everything else. Still, I think it is the best Daniel Craig Bond film, so ther'es that..
  10. I'm in the uk... Hang on, it was yesterday when I looked. Forgot it was thursday and not Friday. I'm a plum. I'll moan about the lack of 4K then, like teddymeow.
  11. I found it insulting that they are not free to watch with the prime subscription.
  12. But, they're the worst ones....
  13. @Hexx, doing literally anything in a public lobby to make money is a recipe for disaster as there will always be someone in a weaponised vehicle to piss on your chips. Doing it solo is even worse. If you're on PS5, go into your network seetings, change the MTU and manually enter a value of 800, then save and load into GTA Online. Hopefully that will work and you will see that it is only you in the public session. As long as you have freinds who have set the same MTU, they can join you via an invoite you send, or through the gamebase "joing gamegroup" option. https://www.sportskeeda.com/gta/gta-online-ps5-how-get-solo-public-session XBox seems to be a different story and it's a lot harder to do without guff with third party apps/devices.
  14. I've not ventured into multiplayer at all yet (even had the MP game on PC since the beta weeked), but have been through the Campaign on Xbox Series X. I really liked the open world sections and felt they were a breath of fresh air after seven games of the original format, but not so much the traditional corridor mission areas which offered literally nothing new in terms of gameplay. I was especially disappointed with the end mission(s?) as they all came at once and took you through a linear part of the open world that you can't go to apart from during the mission section and had no real break between them. It felt as though 343 just went "ahh, it's time they fucking finished this game as we still haven't really got an ending sorted... We want to concentrate on MP and sell Battle Passes". Not sure I'm happy with how the writing treated Cortana. I liked The Weapon, but again the writing treated her badly, too. Plus, I'm narked that they put some skulls in the linear mission areas that you can't reply unless you start the entire campaign again... Such a stupid decision and I know it's been said that they are working on getting a mission select option in a future update, but no idea when that will happen or if I would be arsed to do it when they do get round to it. And what the fuck is the point in having Mjolnir collectables in the campaign if you can't seemingly use them anywhere? I'm probably being whilfully obnoxious here, as I'm sure there is somewhere I can use them. I played though the entirety of the campaign and collected all of them before I even thought about doing any character customising the other night and found so fucking little that I could change (as I haven't done any MP). I didn't expect to be ranting about Halo Infinite tbh, as I really really liked the open world gameplay and was praising 343 most of the way through, but I guess there is more annoyances in the game than I thought.
  15. I don't know the missions for Special Cargo delivery as I didn't buy a warehouse. Usually, for any of the businesses, there are around 5/6 different variations on the sell and it's RNG which one you get. Reddit is a great source for working out the best ROI way of doing anything in GTA and @Polmon probably knows the link to the subreddit. Aagain, it's not something I ever really looked into as I spend most of my time doing Gunrunning and making races in the creator. I do Cayo Perico and other heists with Polmon and Fused Gamer when we need the money (though Polmon doesn't as he's Richy Rich) These might help for crate cargo: What platform are you on? If it's PS5, then you can get together with us sometime and we'll do some stuff. Would be a good idea to do the MTU trick to get an empty public lobby too, as in my experience I always get greifed if I try doing any money making stuff in free roam.
  16. The game is a constant grind and what they give with one hand they do love to take away with the other, bigger, hand. It's the reason Shark Cards exist and the upcoming subscription model. To start a mission as host, go to the pause menu, select Online>Quick Join>Play Job>Rockstar Created>Missions> then select whichever one you want to play. You will get a limited choice until you level up enough for some of them. It used to say which NPC each mission was for, but they've taken that away for some unknown reason. It matters little though. None of them pay much - a max of around $15-25K if you spend your time and turn in the mission by about 15 minutes (the pay is scaled down the quicker you complete them to make sure you don't make much money). Good for RP as a low level player though. Be warned that the missions Gerald gives you pay the least of all, apart from races with only a few competitors and any of the PVP modes with few players. Personally I would have chosen the gun running and saved up for a Kosatka submarine to do Cayo Perico (far and away the best ROI in the game). The Dr Dre missions and the Agency job as a whole, whilst new and refreshing, are also pretty shit for pay and it's only a half decent payout in the final mission. Overall, you get about $1.1-1.2M for doing about 15 missions all in. You do get an extra $100K for, I think, 12 of them as a bonus the first time you do them though so worth doing if only once.
  17. Tiny Tina, Claptrap and Mr Torge are three of my favourite charcters from the series. I loved playing as Claptrap in the pre-sequal. I do think this might have to wait until later when its cheaper though. I got burned out on the grind and lack of legendary drops in BL3. The lack of legendary drops was worse in the recent Assoult on Dragons Keep one shot, too. Plus I have a ton of other games I still need to put time into.
  18. I'm in no way shape or form "a master", though I'd say I am still improving and I'm damn proud of a few of them. Certainly I believe they are good enough for anyone to race on and have a good time. Thanks for the vote of confidence though mate. Also, traffic being on in point to point races makes perfect sense if you want that fluid, different every time, experience for street style races. Actual proper point to point Rally stages need traffic off, obvs.
  19. I truly believe they will never make any QOL improvements that the community have been crying out for. They'll just continually stuff it full of annoying guest characters and crap to try and be relevant for the times and generation it is aimed at. For me, the main draw for this game now is the race creator and so much more could be done with it if they opened up at least some of the developer creator features, plus fixed a load of years old bugs in the current creator. Locking Arena War props to Arena War races that can only be built in the Arena is shit and for those that have got modded props in their creators on console*, the races they have been able to create with them can be brilliant and really interesting. They need to release the pursuit race type and props for the current creator, and also have the same mechanics available in other game types, such as the Capture type vs missions when adversarial game modes were first released. I have a great Smokey and the Bandit capture game that just doesn't work as intended due to the spawn points not being tied to a certain distance from wherever the object item is (in this case, The Snowman's trailer) - something I know can be achieved in the dev creator as that's how it works for those missions where you have to stop the other team from getting their cars to their destination (Hunting Pack, I think it is?) *Getting modded props is very rare and could be hard to do as far as I can tell. It seems anytime I've heard it asked about the response has been to speak to someone called PetayPanMofo (he's got a Youtube channel) and I know he charges real world money to do it. Still, as much as I piss and moan about the game, I just love to make races and play with a few mates from here and I reckon if the servers haven't been turned off in 5 years, I'll probably still be playing it (though I hope maybe GTA6/OnlineV2 will be about by then and I;m doing the same in that).
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