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  1. And mission payouts will only be 75% of what they are now.
  2. Bookmarks are fixed on PS5. ️️️
  3. Here you go dude: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/The_Disc0/jobs?dateRange=any&platform=ps5&sort=date&title=gtav Some I'm pretty proud of, and some I'm not.... A lot of them are on both PS4 and PS5. If you want to really good creations, check out these two guys stuff: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/benstorr/jobs?title=gtav&platform=ps4 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Box007_/jobs
  4. Probably not, but then again being able to do it in an invite session would negate that problem anyway (unless you really want an extra few thousand for doing sells in a populated public lobby). The only stuff they add in updates and don't mention seem to be the odd glitch/exploit fix. I hope they don't fix any of the glitches in the creator.
  5. From the Newswire link above: The points highlighted in Bold are most welcome. It's a shame that the prop limit hasn't been raised and access to the arena props is still limited to arena races, though.
  6. I have the bug where, because I created another character on a different platform, my original platform character now has a left chest badge saying "Vice President" no matter what I'm wearing. It's not that bothersome for me, because for years my free roam outfit has been short shorts, topless with shaved chest hair and a white cowboy hat.
  7. If they make the MK2 as accurate as the Buzzard is now, then they will be as useless as each other and everyone will go back to using the deluxo. Still, they can all get in the sea, now that all money making business stuff can be done in invite only lobbies. The only stuff I'm interested in this update for (aside from the aforementioned invite only lobby business stuff) are whatever new vehicles come out and, fingers crossed, they finally fix the broken bookmarks on PS5.
  8. Not according to this Radio Times article from last year, but they seem optimistic. I certainly hope so as it's very much worthy of more seasons. Certainly it's as good as other shows that get very high season numbers. It might not be as big budget as Game Of Thrones, or as good as most of it but each season so far of Briattania has been better than the last few episodes of Game Of Thrones. And @Festoon, the article I linked to puts it at around 40AD currently. It's only been a few years since the invasion started in earnest.
  9. I watched all three seasons over the space of three weeks very recently and loved pretty much every minute of it. It's all a bit batshit mental and plays very fast and loose with speech manerisms, but I like that and the use of music was also refreshing to me. I don't know anything about the history or Rome's invasion of Britannia, but I read that it lasted for hundreds of years before they got fucked off back to Rome, so I've no idea where the story can go Season one's Hurdy Gurdy Man and season two's Season Of The Witch theme tunes were brilliant choices, but season three's Children Of The Revolution was a bit premature I think. Nikolaj Lie Kaas's Divis and Mackenzie Crook's Veran are brilliant, imo. Damn shame it's going to be a long wait for season four and I also suspect that it will not be supported long enough to make any sort of satifactory conclusion to whichever part of the story they want to tell.
  10. It's about fucking time we started to boycott series that don't end each season at a finish point - just in case they get cancelled. Too many shows end their seasons on cliffhangers all the time, like this did. As it is now I don't start watching a season of anything from America until it's finished (Game of Thrones was the exception) in case it gets cancelled mid season.
  11. The Pentaverate is really good. Mike Myers on brilliant form.
  12. Those 109 Days equate to 2616 hours, and 41 minutes... Only 469 hours, 15 hours and 47 minutes have been in the creator, though.
  13. GTA Online in the creator building race tracks that only ever get played by three people.
  14. Aye, but mostly done better imo (though I loved the Vulcan bits of Thunderball. I think because, for me, overall it has a lot more going for it than the rest. It has better action than any other up until Goldeneye, I think Connery is on great form physically (or if not, the action is directed a heck of a lot better than other Bond films), I first saw it at a time when I was a lot more impressionable than I am now and I got a lot more enjoyment out films then than I have for around 20 years now. Before I started the rewatch though, I would have said You Only Live Twice was my favourite Bond film. That might have been mostly Rose Tinted spectables and that fact that The theme song by Nancy Sinatra is up there in my top three Bond tunes (For Your Eyes Only and A View To A kill also being in there).
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