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  1. I did like that when he appears as his alien form, he wasn't deadpan. Especially his fun conversations with the kid(s).
  2. Yes, but it was wonderfully enjoyable dogshit. Season two was boring, confusing dogshit.
  3. I really liked this, and enjoyed it for what it was. Looking forward to a second season of it.
  4. @smithstock, I've probably already asked you and you've told me, but my memory is really bad for things like this these days: Is there PVE Co-Op, or is it all PVP?
  5. I'm going to give it a go on PS5. It's cheap for current game prices (hopefully the content will be there), at £25 for the base game, and £40 for the Year One DLC complete edition. Certainly better than the £70 rrp of games this gen. It's been described to me as a co-op PVP heist game, though I'm also hoping for it to have a co-op PVE option and some sort of worthwhile single player experience. One of the devs is quite active on here, too. Perhaps they'll make themselves known if not already.
  6. I'd say if you have any appreciation for 80's action films, then this will be a fantastic first watch. There's not an ounce of fat on it, it has great one-liners, it has terrible one-liners, it has great stunts, it has terrible stunts, it has great editing, it has terrible editing. Basically, it has the best of 80's action. Plus It’s a wholesome film about the bond of love between a father and daughter.
  7. Boom! Added to Disney+ now that the Stars channel is on there. Streaming any time, all the time.
  8. First thing I looked for when I got the email that Stars had been added. Watching it now. Standard. He's on the island, man! Time to call in Kirby. I forget the call sign though...
  9. The optical cable can't carry the LPCM signal, so it's not getting to the Sonos anyway. You could go optical from your motherboard straight to the Sonos? Granted, this is assuming you have an optical out on the motherboard and you are willing to accept stereo PCM for games (though you seem most interested in surround sound for games)... Compressed AC3/DD+/DTS work fine over optical. Using an external DAC or internal soundcard that can take the LPCM and encode it to AC3 and spit that out via optical is probably going to be the easiest/most cost effectiv
  10. This is currently free on the Epic Games Store: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/star-wars-battlefront-2/home
  11. That's not set anywhere near christmas though, sadly. However, Lethal Weapon is, so watch that instead.
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