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  1. Not just films. Most action TV shows are doing the same. The amount of flashbacks in general in TV shows is insane.
  2. Well I for one will miss it and am very sad there won't be a finale season. I thought the last two seasons in New York were a refreshing change and breathed new life into the show and dropped some dead weight along the way. This last season especially was fantastic and I think Liv Schreiber's performance was easily as good as Jon Voight's.
  3. You can buy Airwolf: The Movie from Amazon and it is still rated 18 by the BBFC apparently. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airwolf-Movie-Blu-ray-Alex-Cord/dp/B004IZDV90 https://bbfc.co.uk/releases/airwolf-video-4 I'm sure I remember Battlestar Galactica in my local video shop back in the day had an 18 certificate on it, too. It was in the Betamax section.
  4. Bridget & Eamon Never heard of this show before happening across it this week, but it's fairly hillarious. It's an Irish sitcom made by (or at least originally aired on) RTE and is all about an 80's catholic husband and wife (with their six to eight children) living in southern Ireland. Certainly has plenty of laugh out loud moments, for me, due to it's over the top nature and everybodies over reaction to everything. There are four six-episode seasons on Prime.
  5. The A-Team Battlestar Galactica Airwolf Knight Rider Streethawk
  6. Yeeeeaaah! Five years later and it's nearly there thanks to Amazon. No tits yet (it's been close), but the swearing and budget have certainly got there now. I've really liked the show since the first episode, too - just so you all don't think I'm a complete degenerate philistine.
  7. Two of my favourites not found on comercial radio playlists: Sigh... Sarah Cracknell is so dreamy. And a guilty favourite that no-body else ever seems to like, but I love:
  8. Watching the first Ghosbusters now, as this thread together with watching the Ghostbusters episode of The Movies That Made Us on Netflix tugged on the nostalgia feels a little too hard. I've just noticed something that bugs me everytime I see it used in films. It's the bit when the Ecto 1 pulls out of the station house during their first call to the Sedwick Hotel. They used the comedy speed up technique. It's so stupid and sticks out like a sore thumb. Movie ruined. Not really, it's still so good.
  9. I love this show. Let's hope she blows herself up.
  10. I'm in! When is it out on Blu (Oyster) Ray?
  11. The Disco

    Far Cry 5

    @Thwomp I reckon you'd love New Dawn then. As you max out your own stats pretty quickly, you can then use your abilities to constantly break down your liberated bases and re-liberate them again and again to get materials to pump into upgrading the guns. Gold and Purple tier weapons are mostly all you want to be concentrating on leveling up, but once ytou do, you can get soem crazy damage out of them. I have a pistol that does over 700 damage which destroys pretty much everything in one shot (bar the top tier enemies). Gun damage and upgrades work very differently in New Dawn compared to 5 too, in case you werent aware. Try using bogo level guns against mid-end game enemys and they're useless. Enemies are very obviously tiered compared to 5, also. I realy enjoyed it for the 20-30 or so hours it took me to pretty much 100% it.
  12. The Disco

    Far Cry 5

    I loved Far Cry 5, so much so that I completed it three times - one of them on insane difficulty for the trophy (and I care little for trophies usually). Made it a bit easier by doing the insane difficulty run through as New Game+ for a second time so I was fully beefed up on all skill points. Feeling like a proper ninja using the Recurve Bow skipping through encampments and clearing them out undetected is brilliant. Player movement, gun play and camera movement is all top notch imo, and something other games should take inspiration from (looking squarely at you, Rockstar!). If you like collectathons, then Ubisoft have you covered here, but there's not a great deal that feel like a chore to get even after completing the story line - except maybe the whiskey barrels quest (but there are some funny moments during it). Although I didn't get any of the expansion packs, I did play tons of Arcade maps and some folks have done absolute wonders with the creator and made some massivly enjoyable sole and co-op maps. Also, as it uses the same engine, it made Far Cry New Dawn mega enjoyable to play. New Dawn really shakes up the upgrade tree structure and is consequently a lot easier than 5, due to you basically becoming super human fairly quickly from around a third of the game onwards. I'd really recommend New Dawn if you liked the upgrade structure of 5 and want more of the same. It's also got a pretty good story in its own right, and makes fantatic use of characters and a cut down (and fairly altered) version of the same map from 5. Deffinitly worth getting on the cheap. I'm going to buy the shit out of Far Cry 6 when it's released.
  13. I fully agree with you, but yet I still find it highly enjoyable. Perfect to watch on a Saturday morning.
  14. I didn't mind the boss fights, though the scripted ending of most of them annoyed me. I played the whole thing on Story Mode (as I'd rather not get frustrated with games these days) and just finished it. Took about 20 hours I guess (though the credits are still rolling, for what seems like an eternity, so can't tell yet). So how did you 100% Bogano then? [edit]Ignore bit in spoiler, I found out how - though it didn't lead me to where I thought it would[/edit]
  15. This runs extremely well on PC if you meet the recommended specs. I've had zero playability issues and everything looks great. The only thing I've had is that the ship you have doesn't load in to the customisation screen if you enter it by pressing the relevant button at the prompt after picking up a customising bit from a crate. If you close that out and go through it yourself from the pause menu, it loads just fine. Overall I think the game is doing well, but it's a little soulless for me. Not a lot of interaction with anyone in the levels bar a couple of characters I have met (been to three worlds so far and have now just got to Kashykk). Guess that's because I have been mainly playing open world games for a very long time.
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