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  1. Cancelled my Amazon order for the code and went with SimplyGames last night and it's been dispatched this morning Man I am fucking hyped for this. I haven't been this excited for a game since Super Mario Galaxy! Also, how the fuck has it been 10 years since Galaxy came out?
  2. So I completely forgot I pre-ordered this way back in 2015 which I only remembered when it turned up on my doorstep this morning! What's even better is that I had somehow got it pre-ordered for £24 odd - And it includes the Stick of Truth code! Result!
  3. If you've got Prime there's now the £2 discount applied to the digital version making it even cheaper! I spoke to someone on the live chat yesterday about the possibility of swapping my discounted pre-order for the physical version to the digital - Without any hesitation he cancelled the original order and gave me £5 promotional credit which I've then used to get the digital version for £35. Well happy with that!
  4. A Pokestop has appeared right next to my office. Today is a good day.
  5. I don't blame you, I normally fall asleep straight after as well.
  6. Literally seconds after posting that I got my dispatch email! What a roller coaster of emotions.
  7. Same here - they took payment on Tuesday but no word from them at all since then
  8. Still nothing from Smyths and I pre-ordered from them as soon as they came available. Is now a good time to start worrying?
  9. Mine hasn’t even shipped yet. I don’t know which is worse
  10. I've had no emails but they've taken my money....which I guess is a good sign?
  11. Is anyone still after a pre-order? I've got one on Amazon that I completely forgot about that I don't need - I was able to get one at Smyths as soon they went up Assuming that I can change the delivery address I'm happy to get it delivered directly to you (Although I won't take any money 'till it's dispatched just incase there is any stock issues)
  12. I had forgotten just how good this show was - After finishing S4 and went right back to S1 and watched it all over again. One of the best shows around at the moment without a doubt. "Okay Todd, it's time we learned about auto-erotic asphyxiation." "HOORAY!......question mark?"
  13. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Shill
  14. Sorry, forgot to say - I'm on disc! Although I think I've sorted it. There was an extra update on top of the 5.9 GB patch that downloaded when I first installed.
  15. Anyone got it early on the Xbone? I'm trying to play but all I'm getting is a message saying that this version of Destiny 2 is no longer available and to stay tuned for updates. Anyone got this and been able to make it work?
  16. Jimmy Shedders

    Yakuza 0

    Getting Kiwami through the letter box has made me get my arse in gear and get this finished Halfway through chapter 7 and I've only just figured out that you can run faster by holding down X Also, GotY without a doubt.
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