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  1. No captain selection either, as far as I can tell. Otherwise, it's looking really positive.
  2. Football Manager is up and ready for iPhone owning insomniacs. Downloading now....
  3. Yeah, I've read up a bit and it seems to be near identical to the PSP version, which I've seen plenty of favourable comment on (but have never played). As the PC versions usually end up with me bogged down and frustrated, perhaps this is worth a shot. I think I may buy it tonight afterall.
  4. Football Manager review: http://www.videogamer.com/iphone/fm_handhe...010/review.html Sounds...like I'll be waiting for a bit more feedback before I make a choice one way or the other.
  5. I've been enjoying Action Hero - It's free at the moment and is essentially an auto-moving, side-scrolling dodge/punch/jump score attack game. Very simple, but rather moreish. Looks nice, too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO2JqbpF-K4
  6. I've been enjoying Noby Noby Boy and am looking forward to stretching him via GPS more than I probably should be. Other than that, as a newcomer to this particular realm of gaming, Zombie Smash is an early favourite of the numerous games I've already downloaded, and 59p very well spent.
  7. I'm sure it'll look fine, they'll stick to the Apple-style aesthetic with their stuff now. It hasn't done them badly.
  8. One thing that has been bothering me about this, great as it is....
  9. The price has been removed from the item now. It simply says that you can asked to be notified when it becomes available. Cancellations to follow!
  10. There isn't for you, surely. Most other people seem to be perfectly adequate at beating that section. Online FPS games are completely unplayable to me but I'm sure that's more down to me being shit than all of them being broken.
  11. I passed the battle last night. Absolutely fantastic. I have a phobia of so that bit was probably the most gruesome in the game for me thus far.
  12. Oh well, I'm enjoying it still. It's nothing new, but hey...neither is each successive Halo and they're generally worth a play. If the quality is there and - minor foibles aside - I think it is with this, I'm happy. Not everything needs to reinvent the wheel.
  13. The thing is, 99% of the time it also works without a hitch even if you press it towards the end of your initial jump. It only seems to fail in that situation when it's a vital leap. It's a bit of ahoddyness which I'm surprised made it into the final game, but, as you said, an instant second tap will see it pulled off without a hitch every time, despite feeling a bit unnatural.
  14. I'll keep trying that, as it seems promising so far. It is odd though and feels a bit unnatural. The thing I find strange is, as I said, the jump was working 99% of the time by pressing a split second later, only to fail on certain parts. I think could have been tightened up (it feels glitchy and a quick Google reveals a lot of people have assumed the same) but if double tapping gets me through the game I'll be happy enough.
  15. This is still mostly great but I'm astounded that the double jump made it through testing because it's extremely unreliable. It's just bizarre, because it works 99% of the time but the occasions on which it fails to register are usually those in which you need it most. It's pretty clear that this needed a bit more polishing before release, but I suppose unfinished games are to be expected nowadays. Hopefully a patch sorts it out.
  16. Warszawa

    Alex Chilton RIP

    I almost bought Third/Sister Lovers a few months ago, and would like to do so in future. However, I still feel like a bit of a fraud for Mark Linkous' passing being the catalyst for me to buy the only Sparklehorse album I didn't already have (Vivadixie...) so starting from scratch with a band right now under these circumstances would probably be too much for me.
  17. Yeah, the various iterations of the first boss gave me a lot of trouble too. Still, got there after about 10 goes, just needed optimum concentration (although I feel some of his attacks are still a touch unfair). Anyway, it's very enjoyable so far. Controls are as fiddly as ever, with the wings being particularly unreliable at times, the lack of a free camera a hinderance in places (though I understand why it is as it is) but the epic scale soon has you forgiving its faults.
  18. The demo made me feel sick for some reason. I haven't really suffered from it since the N64 days (and then I generally kept playing regardless until it reached breaking point) but I recognise the feeling a few minutes after giving this a go.
  19. I got an email through saying that it will be dispatched tomorrow. That said, I've had mine pre-ordered for a while so I'd guess they'll be handling existing orders first. I've no doubt you'd have it by Friday though, and very possibly before.
  20. The visuals are just astounding. I didn't expect the final game to look that good after playing the demo. If only Sony could devise a console which, as well as being clearly more powerful than the competition when fully utilised, wasn't a bitch to develop cross-format games for.... Anyway, Shopto are sending out tomorrow. Thursday, can't wait!
  21. Single platform games almost never are, especially ones like this which are big but hardly, say, Halo-esque. Maybe £35 at a push.
  22. Easy win for Pacquiao. Clottey was just too scared to engage, even more than usual.
  23. Warszawa

    NBA Jam

    Full trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/exclusiv...t-nba-jam/63073
  24. This is going to be my last post in the thread, at least unless I buy the game at some undetermined point in the future. It was never going to sell - Supermarkets aren't stocking it, and it's three days after FFXIII and a week before God of War III. SEGA sent it out to die, don't be under any illusion that Yakuza 4 is ever going to be brought over uncut because their handling and positioning of this game has been awful in every way. The ONLY people they've aimed this at are the hardcore and they've fucked them off by cutting a significant portion of the game, all while charging full price. There are so many great games out there and I couldn't possibly play them all so I'll play one of the others vying for my intention instead of something which has been treated shoddily. You obviously have the money to buy games at will, I don't and therefore I must be selective. It was always going to be really hard to choose this month but the cuts made that decision a lot easier.
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