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  1. We were almost always top 3 under Evans, to be fair to him. This is more late-stage Houllier.
  2. Zavvi, like Play and indeed many others nowadays, send from Jersey, so it can be a bit random. The majority of stuff, I find, arrives in 2-3 days, but a 5-7 wait isn't out of the question. I think the longest I've ever had to wait was around two weeks for a Jersey-sent item.
  3. I haven't ventured online yet (I think I'll give it until Sunday to get to grips with the game properly )...but how does it work with regards to username and adding, etc? It doesn't seem to be friend code-centric...?
  4. Played about 3 hours last night and really enjoyed it...just getting into the swing of things having never played anything from the series before. I think it looks nice although it improved considerably when I upped the sharpness (I'm used to having it on 0 as is sensible for HD sources and for some reason had it set to this for the Wii, too) and downed the contrast somewhat. It looks fine, exactly as it does in screenshots. I can see that it would look horrendous no matter what if, say, you were using composite cables though. Not Mario Galaxy wonderful, but good all the same.
  5. The simplist way to improve Wii visuals is to not sit too close to the screen. I know, I know, it's obvious and all but I didn't realise how much of a difference it would make until I tried it. Short of using an SD set or indulging in a top of the range upscaler, it's the best option going. Sit two feet away and, well, it will look as shit as any SD source on a HDTV. And as MH3 runs at 360p in widescreen, if that is bothering you, you'd probably be best changing the aspect ratio of TV and Wii to 4:3 to ensure the impact of the visual assault is blunted.
  6. It's not quite 540p. Well, it is in some respects...but it's also 720p in some respects. It would be fair to say that, effectively, you'll be seeing more of the former. Which is disappointing.
  7. I'm looking forward to this, I hope it delivers. A bit disappointing that the resolution of the final game is more 540p than 720 but hopefully it won't impact too heavily upon it.
  8. I'd add player instructions to that - I don't want PC depth, but a little bit more to play with would be nice to ensure that tactics are bit less rigid. Just to bring it closer to what is in the PSP version. At the moment it's a case of selecting from about six team instructions and that's not quite enough.
  9. I like manuals when they're done well. Nintendo's, for instance, are usually nice colour things. And then's there's stuff like GTA and No More Heroes. Lovely. The thought of an entirely digital future remains something I'm not keen on at all. I like tangible product, I don't like thinking that I might buy something and then find out that it's not compatible with this or that down the line so I have to pay a ridiculous amount to borrow it again. Downloading via subscription through Emusic has been amazing for helping me find new music, but the thought I could only 'own' a new release by one of my most cherished artists sends a shiver down my spine.
  10. http://www.destructoid.com/review-sonic-th...ne-171311.phtml As far as the quality of the port itself goes, Sonic 2 on the iPhone fails to meet standards, it pains me to say. Sega notoriously ports its games without any changes at all, leaving age-old glitches completely intact. However, Sonic 2's iPhone iteration seems to be even more buggy than the original game, with Sonic clipping through platforms even more frequently. I have never fallen through the floor in Aquatic Ruin Zone in my life until the iPhone version, where it happened on more than one occasion. The music also seems to lag out, skipping briefly at various points. While it's infrequent and doesn't impact the game very much, it's very noticeable when it happens, especially to fans of the game's excellent soundtrack. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a functional, playable port, but it's clearly the worst version of Sonic 2 to have been released. With a less suitable control scheme, a higher rate of glitching, and the missing multiplayer mode, you're getting less bang for your buck than ever before. Even worse is the fact that Sega still insists on charging upwards of five dollars for these old games that are widely available for far less elsewhere. At a dollar, Sonic 2 might be worth owning just to have it conveniently stored on your iPhone or iPod for a rainy day. For anything more, however, this relatively slapdash port cannot really be recommended.
  11. Apparently the controls are pretty shitty on the 'next-gen' version in comparison.
  12. Chaos Rings is coming tonight, it's already out in the New Zealand store at a price of $16.99. So, £7.99 over here. http://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/chaos-rings/id365678365?mt=8
  13. I know I'm not Strider, but from what I've read from a few sources, you'd probably struggle horribly against the game's more challenging monsters.
  14. As far as I'm aware, it runs at 480p if you play it in 4:3. Widescreen is 360p.
  15. So, Martinez outboxed Pavlik impressively. Bute stopped Miranda in 3. And Edwin Valero murdered his wife.
  16. Next Saturday...if Froch can get there in time (Volcano related)! And it's on Primetime PPV - http://primetimelive.co.uk/
  17. How did you get to the future and how can I get there too?
  18. Downloading now. I was tempted by this a week ago with some iTunes credit so I'm pleased to have waited now.
  19. Fair review. Especially... "it's hard to escape the feeling that Football Manager Handheld could have given us more in the team and player tactics departments. Your limited strategic options include the ability to define your team's formation, line-up, mentality, passing and tackling styles and overarching tactical ethos, for example counter-attack, or getting men behind the ball. While such a basic breakdown may work well for a more casual audience, it just doesn't feel adequate for a game carrying the Football Manager emblem. Now I'm not suggesting I'm expecting anywhere near the level of depth of the PC version, but a few more tactical options and a little more control over individual player tactics could have made such a difference." If the bugs are ironed out and that ^ style of tactical expansion is offered this will be indispensible.
  20. It's running fine on my 3G. Match highlights are a bit jerky, but it loads quickly and runs well. Still, there are plenty of things to iron out and an update is on the cards for the near future. I suppose it wouldn't be a FM game if it weren't fucked up in some way on release.
  21. It is fan-art. http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2010/01/neogaf...blues_europ.php
  22. To those with FM problems - are you restoring your manual save or using the auto? I've heard reports of people having issues with the auto save, while solely using manual seems to be a bit more stable.
  23. I'm playing it on a 3G (albeit 16gb) and it runs nice and quickly. The match highlights are always a bit stuttery but they're pretty sparingly used, to be honest. As an aside for anyone who's playing it, the developers suggest completely turning off the iPhone/iPod before playing if you haven't done so in a while as the game can be a little bit unstable ('run out of memory' messages) on heavily fragmented drives. It'll usually let you continue playing after the message though.
  24. It's very much a streamlined version - As far as I can tell, it's even simpler than the PSP version in that respect. I'd like a bit more control tactically. On the iTunes synopsis it says player instructions are in ( http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/football-ma...d364658388?mt=8 ) but I can't find them so I'm wondering what's up there. All in all it's proving enjoyable thus far, just expect earlier CM rather than modern day FM. Player instructions would, on a tactical level, make it close to perfect for me - It wouldn't need to be as indepth as the PC version.
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