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  1. Well, given the amount of responses, I can see that this much-delayed PAL release is going to go down a storm in sales terms... Anyway...I'm enjoying it so far. It's still funny, the boss battles are still good, the mini-games are pretty amusing and the combat is generally improved, albeit with one caveat: the removal of camera control. I find this a bit of a pain, to be honest. I understand that solutions are tricky given the Wii setup, but there have been a few nuisance moments thus far.
  2. Ahh, just run out of the town, as soon as you're far enough away you can save with your camp (by pressing the back button to bring up the consumables, kit and provisions menu). That can be done whenever you're in an open area.
  3. Push the back button and set up your camp, and see what option is presented to you...
  4. It's not a new album I bring word of, but it is Tom Waits news: http://cover.mojo4music.com/Item.aspx?page...3&year=2010 Should be out within the next week or so!
  5. Warszawa

    Eels - End Times

    New album Tomorrow Morning arriving in August: http://www.eelstheband.com/main.php
  6. So...rather like in future EA Sports titles, multiplayer is only available if you buy this new, courtesy of an in-box code. It'll cost you 400 MS points or equivalent if you rent or buy used.
  7. There're more comparison shots at Neogaf now. The 360 version is very clearly superior in terms of resolution, shadowing and so on (and apparently suffers considerably less pop-in while offering a superior framerate), while the PS3 is also forced to render less grass in order to help it keep up in more open scenes.
  8. Well, I've just finished Episode 3 and I'm liking it greatly again. I can't recall a game which has had my opinion veering so wildly in contrasting directions so often.
  9. Coming to the end of Episode 3, my opinion of this keeps changing. I'm finding the combat a bit of a slog at times, and kind of wish it was less of a focus. I just wish they'd kept some of the sandbox elements. Let me explore the town and fill in blanks by talking to the residents. I don't need to be lavished with side missions, I don't need hidden packages. But I find myself enjoying the little bits of daylight while wishing they were less barren in terms of activity, hoping that the current one will go on a bit longer and tell me a bit more. Then, predictably, the darkness, telegraphed like a slow, looping punch from a crude slugger, comes again and I'm being spammed with axes. Entirely different game, but I'd prefer a Silent Hill: Shattered Memories type of balance, wherein exploration is the bulk and the 'nightmare' sequences are used sparingly.
  10. To be fair to Meh, while perhaps not as uniformly dreadful as he suggests, I've seen more than a handful of dire textures under the flashlight at night. They're not hitting the Ghostbusters PS3 benchmark of textural shit, but they're more Wii than God of War III.
  11. So, I thought I'd give this a shot. Initially, it seemed the height of tedium - disappointing for something which, until recently, had been hovering near the top of my wanted list - but I'm liking it much more now (just finished episode 2). It's mechanically sloppy - dodge / run being on the same button, and an awkward button at that, is a catastrophe of a design choice. Just appalling. Combat is 'ok' but little more and the whole thing is pretty obviously a big compromise, with remnants of a more ambitious project gone awry lingering in the background. That said, I'm liking it. I'm not going to slam something for feeling dated. God Of War III is dated, but it's also a really good game, even though it too features some massively questionable mechanics. Alan Wake is a good looking but serviceable game wrapped in a great big cloak of atmosphere and a great setting. An excellent soundtrack doesn't hurt.
  12. As they're both Golden Boy fighters, it might not be until another couples of fights, I'd imagine. However, Amir talked a good game post-fight. You know, I really hope that now he's matured physically and is at a weight more comfortable for his frame, he can take a better punch. It would be almost a cruel joke for someone with his natural ability to be hindered his entire career by an almost complete inability to hold a decent shot. It's really hard to say given that he's been pretty carefully matched (in terms of power - he's thought some pretty decent boxers though) since his loss, but we shall see.
  13. I don't think, 32 or so fights into his career, Mitchell will ever reach world class but there's no reason why with a bit of adjustment he can't be a top European level operator for an extended period. There's no shame in that. You could tell that Warren was hoping to 'Hattonise' him with the big home stadium treatment and all that, but he's just not on that level. He needs to work heavily on his defense before anything else. Unless you have an iron chin, you can't let yourself be found that easily (well, unless you're fighting a pillow fisted Malignaggi), and tonight showed most assuredly that Mitchell doesn't have an iron chin. I hope he recouperates and does well in future. As for Katsidis, he's a very likeable fighter and I hope he seizes the opportunity and beats the past-prime Marquez he's likely to face next. So, Khan soon. I suspect he'll win impressively, but with THAT chin you cannot rule anything out. If Willie Limond can have him on the brink, and a Breidis Prescott jab hurts him badly (before the KO punches) even Malignaggi has the power to end his hopes inside the distance if he lands perfectly. Khan's chin isn't even china, it's egg.
  14. The way I see Khan is that he's a young man who has been told the world is at his feet since he was about 17 years of age. Considering how many young talents in sports more tightly managed than boxing have completely derailed at the first hint of fortune, I think he's done well. Yeah, there've been some silly comments, but that's to be expected. Finally, as tasteless as his Twitter mocking of Froch was, don't forget that the 30-something Carl told the world that the then 21-ish Khan's career was over following the Prescott loss. That Amir hadn't a hope of finding a way back. I'm no Khan fanboy, but I wish him well - He's got a lot of talent (and a chin which, until further evidence, is as solid as an egg) and has done brilliantly to recover from a humiliating defeat.
  15. Here's the Mario review: http://www.edge-online.com/magazine/review...-mario-galaxy-2 Oh, so near yet so far away....June...The early stages of the World Cup won't even be worth looking at.
  16. FUCK, I'm not sure I've ever encountered an AI character in a beat-em-up as cheap as E. Honda in this. Everyone else I've met in the single player, Seth included, has been comfortably dispatched but Honda is impossibly bastardly. I'm shit online, but at least it feels relatively fair....
  17. The IGN UK review of this is really all that is wrong with the idea of review scores in this day and age. http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/108/1087833p2.html I mean....The first half of the game is apparently patronising shit, the voice acting is atrocious (for something which fancies itself a TV show, this is a bigger deal than in your average Resident Evil game) and then, half way through it becomes really good, not perfect, but really exciting. So it receives an 8/10.
  18. I'm loathe to go by one review, but the Eurogamer offering has, almost to the letter, described the game I feared Alan Wake might be and not what I hoped would arrive. More worryingly, plenty of review sources who'd generally lavish 9 and 10s on anything with a little bit of hype behind it, are going down the grudging 8 route. If this were a less anticipated game I'd be expecting great things, but experience has told me to tread carefully around massively hyped games which recieve less than rave reviews (even that's no guarantee though...). I'm currently a strange hybrid of pleased / disappointed. Pleased because I can't opt for this and Red Dead Redemption (pleased be great...) this month, and disappointed because the nice special edition had me hoping for an unmissable game to go with it. One had to go and Alan is up for the chop.
  19. Mosley stops people through attrition, with most of his victories inside the distance coming late. At the highest level, he's not a one punch knockout artist. Miguel Cotto, Margarito and many more took plenty of Mosley shots early without wobbling badly. I think Mayweather is an incredible boxer, but combined with the Corley fight, I don't think he could take the level of punishment of an iron chinned guy before going down. He doesn't have a Khan Jaw but I would say his chin is questionable - I think he'd be more Roy Jones than Bernard Hopkins if he fought on too long after his reflexes had slipped.
  20. It could well be an easy decision for Mayweather, or it could be that if Pacquiao hurts Mayweather he has the stamina and the volume today's Mosley doesn't have to finish him off. We know that Mayweather has a shaky chin - not glass - but after seeing Cotto and Margarito take a lot of hard shots from Mosley before showing signs of hurt we know that one punch can, potentially, spell the beginning of the end for Mayweather under the right circumstances. It's not an iron chin. Whether Pacquiao could capitalise, who knows. Mayweather showed great survival instincts on Saturday night. However, Corley, Judah, Marquez and Mosley have all been able to land totally clean shots on Mayweather and all, other than Marquez, have hurt him. Pacquiao will land and if he gets him going, I think Mayweather will be heading to the canvas at the very least.
  21. Mosley is looking as he has tended to in recent years - Way past his best. The Margarito fight was a one off throwback, but here we have the old, old Mosley who struggled with the mediocre Mayorga.
  22. He's a couple of classes below Haye but the Afolabi KO, while brutal, occured in a fight he was actually winning comfortably. He got busted up but didn't go down against Lebedev. He's not elite, but I'd like to see him do well. If the cards fall correctly, well, worse boxers have won world titles.
  23. It was actually the EBU title. 'The' European title, for lack of a better term. Winning it will usually get you well ranked with the major world bodies.
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