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  1. There's an iPhone apps thread in the OT forum...I'm sure that's pretty commonly read.
  2. Was just going to ask if it had a note / pattern editor as I'm far too clumsy to go without... ...and then I checked the video.
  3. Real Racing on an iPhone 4 = Seriously impressive. I recall it being good looking when I tried the 'lite' version on the 3G but the full version is pretty fantastic with the most recent update.
  4. If anyone has Streets of Rage hanging about (perhaps most likely not on the phone itself, deleted due to the shoddy emulation) it runs pretty much perfectly with the latest update. On an iPhone 4, anyway. Can't speak for the others... In fact, most of SEGA's Mega Drive stuff seems to have been updated, judging by the dates in the store. Only they could take so long to get such an emulator running properly.
  5. Cool...I bought it last night and am just about to sync it to my phone for the trip to work. Glad to read more positive impressions.
  6. To be fair, it's a bit more of an upgrade than that (improved visuals, controls and the addition of seasons, etc) but removing the orignal from the store is a shoddy move whichever way to slice it. I'm kind of tempted by the new one, but £3.99? Hmm...Thought needed.
  7. Excellent. I bought it yesterday and have been enjoying it greatly other than the fact that the cannon seems to default to aim behind you when you first touch it. That it's being addressed is pleasing. Well worth the money, regardless. The visuals make great use of the iPhone 4's display.
  8. I hope that is the nearest Tom Waits and James Corden ever get to each other.
  9. Well, my second PS3 has effectively died today. Shuts itself down after a few minutes of use, and this despite being well kept and dusted regularly. Awful workmanship. The Blu-Ray drive conked out on my first unit after about 15 months of use (luckily I had Continuous Play membership for that one) and the current one is a Slim which I replaced the replacement unit with in September of last year. Needless to say, Sony can go and fuck themselves if they think they're giving me anything less than a 12 month warranty on the incoming console. With their quality control I highly doubt it will last more than 13 months, but at least cheap replacements will be more plentiful by then.
  10. The main event was an entertaining bout, although it did reignite some of my frustrations with some of the more 'excitable' ground and pound artists. Most of Carwin's shots were sloppy arm punches, so it's pretty amazing that he managed to punch himself out by throwing them...I supposed training wasn't high on the agenda. Being a big boxing fan too, I wouldn't expect anyone who doesn't have, objectively, a glass jaw to be in serious trouble after taking them either. They just didn't have an awful lot of clout, though obviously being a big MMA puncher is very different to being a big puncher in boxing where the focus is very different, but even with that discrepancy if he'd just picked his shots more carefully he could have done much more damage with far fewer punches. He should have had Lesnar out of there but ended up doing more damage to his own tiny gas tank.
  11. And following up... I took the plunge and am really impressed with this - there is a propensity for slowdown on my 3g (especially if I've been busy doing other stuff with the phone before playing) but when it works it's excellent. The d-pad works pretty much perfectly.
  12. I enjoyed it and don't regret the purchase one bit, though I know a lot of people feel differently.
  13. Interesting. And Mastertronic work with Rising Star Games ( https://www.mcvuk.com/news/28090/Mastertron...r-form-alliance ) hence all of RSG's stuff being under their category on HMV's website. It's certainly the best sign yet....
  14. So Microsoft have confirmed that currently, it doesn't work sitting down. But they're sure it will by launch. I find it hard to believe that anyone who likes games beyond a very casual level will be tempted to buy it (before it hits £20 a few months after launch, anyway)unless they have a lot of disposable income and a fervent desire for an unquestionably doomed yet intriguing Virtual Boy-esque device. It's anathema to the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' - a flakey equivalent to the Wii remote, with its ONLY conceivable use being for the party / mini games so roundly detested by said group and substantial software like Mario Galaxy an impossibility for the bold new world of "hands free" control - and it's too costly and far too late in the 360's life to really catch on with the oft-sneered at 'casuals', Microsoft's new primary focus. First we hear of the specs being significantly scaled back, now it's facing a race against time for it to be possible to use menus while seated. They should have waited - By not doing so, they've probably killed the credibility of more developed tech of this ilk for next time around, too.
  15. I'm intrigued by the 3DS - portable, no glasses. An interesting experiment, and one I'll almost certainly buy. Having to put 3D glasses on to scramble your brain and play every single game or watch every single film "as it's supposed to be" would, inarguably, be a nightmarish scenario. Detail and clarity fall by the wayside but hey! you have "depth" and things "jumping out at you".
  16. There's next to no chance of it being region-free given the "DSi specific" lock-out.
  17. Realistically, this thing only has a future as part of a more substantial set-up. The "holding thin air to simulate steering" Forza catastrophe is the most hilarious and flaky game-control related thing I've ever seen by miles. You need some feedback, something to give you a guide to make the finer movements. I maintain that a big part of the Wii's success is because it's very simple but it's also very tactile - people are holding something and they have a button or two and they know what they're doing with it. It seems to me that having nophysical controller is going to make it harder to pick up. You're going to feel entirely disconnected. The Wii remote succeeded because it combined a fancy new way of control games with a TV remote form factor, a device with which almost everyone is familiar. Waving around thin air just doesn't have the same impact. I think camera based tech can play a part - combined even with a simple remote and / or nunchuk style device, there are ample possibilities for it to play a peripheral role in the wider scene. As it is, it's an ill-conceived attempt to capitalise on the Wii's success but with oodles of patented Microsoft naffness. It was the same when they tried to compete with the iPod (although I hear Zune was by no means a disaster functionally, having never used one myself). It just seems stilted in comparison and as a result simply won't resonate in the same way.
  18. But it probably is the case that England has the largest number of football fans who would also be interested in the A-Team. I mean, it was pretty huge here once upon a team. Under normal circumstances I have no doubt the film would do substantially better here than in most of Europe. With the delay, it's hard to say....
  19. New Mexico. In the US. Yeah, it's a border state but it does snow there.
  20. Either roll, roll and roll again (and get out of the way when the floor beneath you is bright pink). Or...be cheap and change your weapon just as the dragon first emerges (the part rife with most potential damage).
  21. http://www.unthinkable.biz/home/article/15...%5Cs-airport-51
  22. I've got to disagree....NSMB Wii features some wonderful level design. The DS game was good, but the Wii iteration was on a different level. Not that of Mario Galaxy, but excellent all the same.
  23. Fuck! It's a steal at that price. Part of me now wishes I'd waited, but, unfortunately, I'm cursed with a terrible impatience when it comes to stuff I really want.
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